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Stories the U.S. Gov’t & the CIA Don’t Want Told [Part 1]

from SchoonWorks:

Dollars and Sense Shows 86 & 87: The media suppression of reporter Gary Webb’s expose of CIA involvement in US drug smuggling is not the only instance of the media blackout of news the US doesn’t want told. Darryl Robert Schoon tells the story of Howard Hughes’s banker and the Republican skim of a $500 million fund solicited from the Saudis to aid the Afghan resistance, funds that never reached them.

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2 comments to Stories the U.S. Gov’t & the CIA Don’t Want Told [Part 1]

  • Anon

    I cannot emphasize enough, the fact that a DEEPER KNOWLEDGE of the JFK Assassination provides a “window” into what has happened to America, as does the History of the foreign-owned, foreign-controlled “Bank of the United States”. Jim Traficant said it himself – the Mafia had the CIA-contract to take out Castro. (RFK, as Attorney General was going after the Mafia. It was RFK (Bobby Kennedy) that the Mafia was after. There was a deep resentment growing within the Mafia, over their treatment, by the Kennedys, after they’d basically handed JFK – the additional 1 Electoral Vote he needed to win – the Presidency. Carlos Marcello said: “If you want the tail to stop wagging (meaning RFK), you cut the head (meaning JFK) off the dog!” After the JFK Assassination, he also said: “We should’ve killed Bobby.” Johnny Roselli and George de Mohrenshildt were “collateral damage”. Johnny Roselli was the Chicago Mobster, who got his start there, in the days of Al Capone. He was the Mafia’s point-of-contact with the CIA, in the JFK Assassination. Just before he was to testify before the House Select Committee on Assassinations, in 1976, his body (having been cut to pieces by a chainsaw) was found stuffed in an oil barrel, floating off the coast of his Florida home. George de Mohrenshildt was Lee Harvey Oswald’s CIA- “handler”. He, too, was found dead (of MULTIPLE SHOTGUN wounds), just before he was to testify, in 1977, before the HSCA. His death was ruled a “suicide”. Lee Harvey Oswald was CIA! At some point, he was also an FBI Informant. Lee Harvey Oswald, just as he STATED ON CAMERA, in the wake of the JFK Assassination, was the PATSY. The JFK Assassination was an LBJ-CIA-MAFIA HIT.

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