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Something to Consider

from Dan Norcini:

Ever since the Fed embarked on its journey with Quantitative Easing, we have all been getting an education in how the markets are responding to this grand experiment. Now that they are scaling back their bond buying program, we are also getting an education in how the markets are responding to that as well.

Most of the longer term readers here at the site will know that during the initial years of QE, nearly every asset class began moving higher. Some moved in response to ideas of liquidity injections while others moved higher in response to anticipated currency weakness.

This rising tide continued in near perfect sync until sometime in early 2012. That is when the commodity sector in general divorced itself from the rising equity markets.

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3 comments to Something to Consider

  • Fred Hayek

    Dan Norcini must watch The Sting and react with complete surprise at the end when Robert Shaw’s character, Doyle Lonnigan, gets his money taken from him.

    There’s a reason the whole commodity complex went down from 2012 on, Dan. It’s because the prices are fixed, you goof. U.S. financial markets are no more real than pro wrestling.

  • Bob A

    Yeah, but his point is those investing in metals are losing their arse, while those investing in the markets are kings and queens. Once can’t argue that fact. So, those making investments in the market, can take their profits and buy a sh*t load of PM’s.

    • Fred Hayek

      And when are those playing in the stock market going to buy that sh*t load of PM’s? When will they go for the exits and switch to PM’s? It’s not an insignificant question because when stocks crash and PM’s soar, will all the equity whores be able to jump off one train and onto another? It won’t be possible. It will be hard to get to the equities exit door and the PM’s train won’t stop to allow extra passengers on board.

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