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Silver was hammered with 70,000 contracts in ONE MINUTE. That’s 350 MILLION OUNCES of silver, in ONE MINUTE.

from BrotherJohnF:

Posted for subs on 9/21/14

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11 comments to Silver Update: BOTTOM FISHING

  • andrew james

    The guy has made some good calls on modern day issue bullion with numismatic interests. I’ve been missing out on the fun though because I prefer to stack classic US coins for my numismatic pursuits.

  • Jacobson

    God bless brother John F !
    The only silver website who welcomed me with peace and love .

    As a believer to a believer – GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR WIFE !

    • Angel

      I have nothing personal against Brother John. He seems to be a sincere guy with a lot of passion. He also presents some good info and posts, though he’s a bit on the chart-happy side at times.

      The only problem is, since “finding Christ”, he’s become part of the Christians for Israel crowd, which is why he posts nothing critical of Israel on his site. A pity he falls for this.

      • Jacobson

        I didn’t see him saying anything about Israel or jews ,
        He is a true person that isn’t involved in the religion-ethnic politics …

        And yet , I didn’t see anyone here critizie the Palestinians…
        I guess concpiracy theorists are the same crap like MSM just of the other side…

        • Angel

          I’m talking about on his site, Silver for the People, not this particular post. If you haven’t seen it, check it out.

          You will see that based upon the articles and clips he posts, he DOES involve himself in “religion-ethnic-politics”.

          • Jacobson

            I spoke with him and his wife .
            They are very nice people who didn’t care that I’m an israeli jew .
            While here you can see what comments I get (SGT support it) .

            I must say that Chris Duane is a wise & nice guy too but since he critizied my people without deep research I stopped visiting his website .

            • Angel

              I also don’t care that you are an Israeli Jew. If you’ve ever paid any attention to my comments, you would know that. The issue (for me) is Zionism, not Israelis or Jews or both.

              I also know that these debates could go on for days, with no conclusion ever reached. I’ve avoided them, for the most part, but simply made a statement alluding to the fact that a certain Christian mindset refuses to acknowledge the wrongs committed by the Israeli government. I’m sure that’s all Chris Duane meant as well.

      • Gnostic

        Brother John is deeply indoctrinated into Rothschild funded Oxford University- Scofield Reference bible & John Darby dispensationalist nonsense, he attacked me with ad hominim attacks never disputing my facts, This I have found typical of Christian Zionist programming, that said I like his silver commentary.

  • ivan

    this has been a wild ride for silver. I am trying to catch lows in mining companies.

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