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Silver to Become Extinct in 8 to 13 Years-USGS

from TruthNeverTold:

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5 comments to Silver to Become Extinct in 8 to 13 Years-USGS

  • Sam

    Much respect for Chris for all of his research and efforts to get the word out with the Silver Story! That said, I don’t buy the premise silver will become “extinct” and I don’t think he believes that it will either, however, it will become more precious and perhaps more so than gold.

  • Harry

    James Turk and Eric Sprott, these two have aggressively touted Silver for years!!!..all the way down to here. They are considered intelligent and Sprott is trustworthy, but I don’t know about Turk. He never shuts up , it is always gonna happen any minute etc., he says…egos like his and Sinclair’s can be a trap for investors, esp. if you respect them and so follow their advice. Many have been devastated by following their non-stop bullish aggression.

  • bob a

    Yep, just remember, Duane is a very good marketer of his product. He has a vested interest in pumping the silver extinction story. First, he has a ‘ton’ of silver, second, he tries to sell a ‘ton’ of silver. So of course he’s going to pump this B.S. of extinction. Perhaps it may become a bit more difficult to mine, but extinct, come on. Have we, as a human race looked under every nook, and crany of every square inch of ground on planet earth, and then determined that by 2020 it will be extinct? Seriously? It’s stuff like these stupid as comments by folks like Duane that bug me to no end. I mean really. Why does he say, ‘I have a boat of silver to sell you, the sheeple, and in order for me to do so, I need for you to believe the hype of this story that silver will be non-existent very soon, so hurry up and spend all your money on silver.’ What a pumptard. Chris, I’m sure you’re a good guy, and we’ve exchanged some emails, but this is just a bit over the top.

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