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SILVER SQUELCHERS PART 2: Assassinate Silver & Gold To Bring In Fiat Money

by Charles Savoie, SRS Rocco:

The path towards fiat is always the same. First, assassinate silver. Second, hit at gold!   Recall in the first episode of this series we documented the hostility of the N.Y. Clearing House Association to monetary silver.

Manufacturers Hanover was in on the frenzy to winnow silver coins out of the nation’s largest banking district in 1964 to 1967 for shipment to the Treasury for processing into bullion to feed to the Silver Users association in order to routinely attack silver prices—it was of course the same at J.P. Morgan under H.C. Alexander, at Chase under Pilgrims Society member George Champion, and so through the other New York megabanks and the New York Savings Banks, also run by Pilgrims Society members.

Continuing with number 2 in this series, as we progress towards the present, we will consider another 15 Pilgrims Society members from the leaked 1914 rosters. Unavoidably we will mention others significantly connected to them.

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