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MUST WATCH RECAP: Silver Back Breakers

from TruthNeverTold:

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20 comments to MUST WATCH RECAP: Silver Back Breakers

  • Turk

    – get a gun pal…you have been screwed…silver bullets, ya , like the lone ranger!

  • ibegofthee

    shemitah this thursday the 25. 2+5=7

    • Jacobson

      Yep , “Shmita” in hebrew means “skip over” .
      The seventh year in a seven-year cycle during which land in Israel must lie fallow and debts are canceled .

      Jews know how to respect the land and the trees .

      • Gnostic

        Debts are cancelled only if you are “chosen”. Everyone else must pay shylock his pound of flesh.


        • Jacobson

          Debts are cancelled only if you live in a jewish community since jews never wanted to preach others how to live and to force non jews to follow jewish rules .

          You writed יובל (‘Yovel’) in hebrew it means “50 years” ,
          Every 50 years according to Judaism , the lands of Israel must be divided equally to the people .

  • Sam

    Interesting analysis and observations by a man who has and continues to make a lot of sense.

    “Something wicked this way comes” yes, and it has been rapidly escalating too.

  • Mike

    I know people get mad here when I mention this but it must be said. Ranting Andy even said it in the last interview that was posted by SGT. He doesn’t believe the numbers about supply. I remember when the Crush the street guy came out with the “Silver falls below 25 all hell will break loose” video. Im not a basher and believe the PMs will be the only thing left standing however the supply numbers and mining output numbers can not be correct. SRS rocco does great work with the numbers provided but all of this reporting is relying on numbers that do not add up. I would like to see people do some real reporting on mining output and real supply. That would take some work instead of saying everything is manipulated by the gov then taking supply and mining output numbers as scripture. There is obviously a lot more supply than what is reported. Sprott was telling mining company’s to hold onto production and I believe they have been doing exactly that for years and are cooking the books. If it really costs 25 and oz to produce silver then miners would be out of business and that is not happening. Supply even at these prices is not an issue….What is the issue? Miners and retailers have the most to gain from manipulation even more than the Gov. I would say go to the mines and ask them how they reach their numbers, is it all counted or is some used and sold without being reported. How is the silver institute coming up with the numbers? Are all mines reporting to them. Is there a real way to track recycled silver and gold? Someone is not telling the truth and I suspect it is more than just the gov. Retailers have an interest in keeping people interested in the PMS. Mines have an interest in keeping the price up.

    • Jeff

      Well said Mike. At this point I don’t trust numbers coming from anybody. The only numbers you can trust are the numbers that show up in your cart when you press buy on our favorite retailer’s screen. All this paper price vs. physical price bla, bla, bla is noise. The price is what I can buy it for right now. It’s not complicated.

      • mike

        Just saying you can not have record sales of PMS, the Chinese and Indians buying up world production without a massive supply problem. This stuff is coming from some where and even if it came from Americas Gold it would have been gone a long time ago. Just saying something is not adding up and the supply and mine output numbers are WAY off. I personally think the currency is going to crash at some point soon. So PMs will be great to have I just don’t think they are that rare or cost very much to produce.

        • Hugo

          Hello Mike,

          I have to say I do not trust any ”macro data”, yes including demand / supply data, both east and west based. The flow of paper is easy to follow, that of real metal way harder.

          I suggest you read the ”the art of war”” by Sun Tzu for example. Written 500ish BC in China. Or ”The Prince” by Machiavelly, 16th century EUropean thinking. You see lots of the ”mecahnics” described there in a modern form still being employed and sadly deployed.

          To not think that PMs is recognised as a threat (and deployed as a weapon) in this spirutal war by TPTB makes no sense to me. If we are honest, the dependent and not awoken ones (so to say) will keep using paper and digits since its nice and easy. I sure wont like to weight metal each trasnaction.

          The Vietnam model (I looked into it around 2009) sounds nice. When u buy a home u have to bring gold. Just as marriage to bond the families. Small transactions, like lunch is done in fiat. Save in PM, spend in fiat, fair deal to me to all that have fiat loans. Let them inflate the debts away and PM keep value. Just rememeber that central banks have the yellow metal. They will fight lots more then we see now to keep their privilege. Being able to print currency is more valuable then money in the long run….

          regards Hugo
          ps, all who did read untill here, thank you and please learn how long this game is being played we are all suffering from now.

          • mike

            I understand what you are saying and it makes sense. I am just saying there is no doubt these tactics are being employed but it seems to me its being done by the very producers. There is no shortage, no hell has broken loose. I just bought some RCM 100 oz bars and it was as easy as 1,2,3. I have tons of coins and rounds and wanted to bring down my dollar cost average and the 100 oz bars are the best for that. As far as easily getting rid of them I think anyone with 10oz gold bars never had a problem so even if silver went way up I think that would be a good problem to have. I am convinced more than ever that the gov doesn’t care at all about the price of PMs or for that matter zinc…Does the gov suppress Zinc because its worth more than a penny? No they just want to make the penny out of something else. PMs are not money anymore. The have intrinsic value but are not money. The dollar is amazing..It is backed by silver,gold,food,cars,real estate, everything on earth. You can go trade in your paper dollars for all those things but not your PMS unless someone wants them. I do think its good to have PMs for the dollar crash. I also think real estate and food are key as well.

    • will

      All you need it the SI report, there is WAY too much excess from the HUGE drop in industrial and photo demand to ever be eaten up by investors. Miner are in overdrive creating new blogs and personalities to push PMs.

      • BCG

        Don’t be silly. Growth in solar panels and water filtration alone will eclipse photographic demand. On top of that precious metals are one of the only major assets classes that have just been pummeled the last few years. When savvy investors rebalance they won’t have many places to go and silver is such a tiny market that your ridiculous assertion that there’s no way investors can make up the difference is just insane. Even if there was ZERO industrial demand and even if silver was $20 an ounce that is less than a $20 billion physical market.

        Speaking of photography you might want to investigate the correlation between silver’s run up in 2011 and Kodak’s bankruptcy.

  • Gnostic

    Are the numbers correct for oil? We have an abundance yet prices rise,

    My theory is price control on PM’s especially silver is necessary by the banksters for psychological reasons.

    The miners are subsidized with fiat & they love it less labour greater profits. Reminiscent of the farmers back in the 80’s. Can I prove it no but I would bet that’s how they do it.

  • Joe

    This article has perspectives relative to those that may have boarded the precious metals train with a misconceived premise of amassing inordinate levels of wealth.

  • The Truth

    I wrote this on the SRSROCCO “The Chart Every Silver Investor should see on 09/20/2014. Then today got to see this video. Wow talk about confirmation!

    The Truth
    September 20, 2014 at 11:24 am · Reply

    Hey Gnostic, Nix, Angel. I found this article by Art Cashin to be very interesting because of the numerology of 7′s, Christine Lagard spoke about. Many of the years of major crashes totaled to 7. E.g 1978=25=2+5=7..same as with 1987 which is a reverse. The date 09-22 also seems to come up. But the month 09 always is in the mix as a reference point. 2014= 2+0+1+4=7 also. It is also 13yrs from 911. )9/29 also =911(i.e 9(9+2=11)=911. The crash of 1929 was also on a Tuesday and 9/29 is a tuesday. This statement below is taken from wickedpedia(lol) on the 1929 stock market crash.

    The Wall Street Crash of 1929, also known as Black Tuesday[1] or the Stock Market Crash of 1929..(the numbers 9-29 are also in this year of 1929)

    “Despite the dangers of speculation, many believed that the stock market would continue to rise indefinitely. On March 25, 1929, however, a mini crash occurred after investors started to sell stocks at a rapid pace, exposing the market’s shaky foundation”

    Wickedpedia Link

    Art Cashin(Very good history read)

    I am just sharing this information because I saw videos by MrCati on youtube and the Autumn Equinox leads to a solar eclipse on October 23 exactly 1month from the Autumn one. Also there is a satanic ritual on 09-21-2014 at 7pm in Oklahoma with 88 people when the house sits 92. 88 billion is what Obama just asked for to send 3000 troops to fight Ebola and EBOLA=8 when you add the numerical value of the letters. The Ebola strain also looks like an 8. The crop circles also have 8 in them, along with other time modules showing something looking like a solar alignment coming in October.

    P.S Silver always has a bad week before all market crashes. Just something I observed. I guess that is why they call it the devils metal. However, in Hebrew silver means money. So if you don’t have silver(money), then what do you have?

  • The Truth

    Now watch this video with information on what George Soros said in 2012. What he said is very interesting. He said gold “Used to be the ULTIMATE safe HAVEN, but some investors had to liquidate their holding to cover losses from the 2008 crisis”. So why would you have to liquidate money from a safe haven? Is it because of massive over leverage? Hmm! There is always a silver smack down before something goes wrong in the financial markets. So just like after every crisis, silver and gold rises, this could mean that those same people who left the market will come back in an even bigger way because now they have trillions of dollars they made over the past 5-6yrs.

    There is something wicked coming and the TRUMPET will sound on 09/26/2013 to begin whatever is coming. I will keep the feast of trumpet as I am required and will blow my Shofar all day on the first day of the 7th month. Happy Yum Teruah to those that keep it!

    P.S for anyone who believes they have made a bad choice in getting silver and gold, please allow me to have it as I do not have anymore cash to trade for ounces. I will gladly accept your donations and can and will accept any form of coins, bars,jewelry etc. You can let me know if you are willing to donate it to me here on this post and I can get your email from you and give you my address. I am sure Sean will be willing to receive some of this as a gift for this transaction. Only serious comments needed from serious people willing to donate. Thank you in advance..!

  • As someone who has been stacking all the way down, I still can’t get past the worry that any benefit from same will be taxed away by TPTB.

  • Slvrizgold

    Photo use for silver is barely neglible for silver now… Has been for years and years. Solar demand is popping, almost exponentially. Industrial demand isn’t falling off a cliff as you say, it’s stagnant, like the rest of the economy. Investment demand will easily take care of the millions of ozs coming to market. Hell at $18 you can actually get over a TON and still have almost half a million dollars left over, you know, pick up a few hundred ozs of gold, platinum, and palladium.

    I’ll leave you with this, all of the silver in the world has a market cap of less than half Alibaba. That’s right, when Alibaba farts 25% that represents enough money to buy every oz of annually mined silver and more. Or a couple days of new debt issuance by the Parker Bros Banking Corporation of America.

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