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SHOCKER: Silver Manipulation Story Held Back By Andrew Maguire??

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by Bix Weir, Road To Roota:

Here’s a strange one. It turns out that Andrew Maguire is NOT letting Bill Cohan publish his silver manipulation story!!! This is totally insane and it can’t be tolerated!

My friend Dave Janda has a great interview posted with Bill Cohan where they talk about it here.

I have been putting everything on the line for these FACTS to come out for over 10 years. Silver prices are 100% manipulated by computer programs at large banks trading back and forth with each other to set the price. I’ve shown how it started, when it happens, who is doing it and how it will end…and yet the CFTC does NOTHING.

Just read this article I wrote in January 2008 and sent to the CFTC at the time: Who’s the Little Man Behind the Curtain?

*Note: EWT, LLC is now called Virtu Financial and had to withdraw their public offering early this year because the NY Attorney General questioned their involvement in COMPUTER MARKET RIGGING

I blew the whistle on Vincent Viola and EWT, LLC 6 years ago when I discovered they were a little known “Authorized Participant” in the iShares Silver ETF!!! I personally emailed all this information to Bart Chilton and Gary Gensler at the CFTC and they did NOTHING.

Now we have confirmation from Andrew Maguire and two other traders that the big banks rig the silver price by using secret trading programs that tell their co-conspirators where the prices are going to be set and when.

THIS 100% confirms the Road to Roota Theory and can EXPOSE these BASTARDS once and for all yet Andrew Maguire refuses to let Bill Cohan publish his story.

WTF Andrew???

Who’s side are you on anyways???

May the Road you choose be the Right Road.

Bix Weir

PS – I am appalled that Andrew Maguire, Bart Chilton and the CFTC have been sitting on this important information since the CFTC hearings on March 25, 2010. They are now part of the conspiracy and all to blame for these past few years of suffering that honest silver investor have had to endure.

Shame on all of you.

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39 comments to SHOCKER: Silver Manipulation Story Held Back By Andrew Maguire??

  • matt

    99% of humans are corruptable and the other 1% I’m not sure about

    • tomche

      Gold and Silver will never, ever be allowed to be money again. Paper money put there is a waste of time and effort.
      Very soon TPTB will commence their world war and the wings of freedom will be clipped. Marshal law will be implemented and the rise of the 4th reich will launch into the forefront. All travel will be restricted. All of those who love liberty and freedom, who have the slightest edge about them with regards fascism/socialism and the NWO – journalists, educators, activists, all web personalities, TV, radio and other…. will be rounded up and disposed of. FEMA camps will spring to life and the sounds of endless marching – of those walking to their deaths – will creak and groan, on and on until life itself has been restricted only for the elite and their pleasure. There will be no more freedom of any kind – until the elite have no fear of retribution. Everyone will be forcibly chipped. Gold and silver will be banned and confiscated.
      It is game over and we lost. Get right with God, because we will all be seeing him very soon.

      • Everything makes sense except you appeal to “god” because the God you appeal to, as described by your religious stories does not exist. If there was a god, and if it is perfect by nature, it could not allow the suffering of its creation: spirit beings inhabiting an animal body.

  • Readyman

    Bixy Baby-Why are you so surprised. How do we know this astonishment and reticence are in and of themselves an orchestrated
    dog and pony show. May you are one of the actors? Your cartoon explanation of the banking cabal is dopy. You’ve gotta be
    stoned to see the analogies and parallels. Keep playing with crayons and go back to sleep everyone. It ain’t over till martial law
    is declared, as it will be, and the Rothschilds who control the price, allow it to rise if ever.

  • Andy

    I’m not sure about road to Roota Bix, but I am sure that there are a lot of bad people out there, and there was an article on SGT a few months back questioning Andrew Maguier’s credentials. I was very dismissive of this article at the time, but I think the current situation seems to give it more credibility. All of that aside, I am currently of the opinion (rightly or wrongly) that the current silver smash maybe the last, and the reason for this is thus: we are currently well below the price of production, so this price can not be sustained for any period while expecting the physical market to stay resupplied from the mining sector. As Harvey Organ and SRS Rocco have pointed out we are now looking at a physical supply of around 80 tons of physical silver now available on the Shanghai silver exchange, historically this could be removed within days or weeks thereby causing a default. If this should happen the Cartel would have to settle in Cash for all the outstanding deliveries.
    By driving the price into the ground they can thereby settle with the minimum amount of cash at the point of default.
    Those holding physical metal can then wait for the pause while the moment of realization sets in to the market that there is NO physical metal to be had anymore and anyone holding paper claims in ETF markets are going to be left high and dry with no metal to take delivery of and a fix price of $15-17 to be settled on. This is when things are going to get interesting, and people like Andrew Maguire will fade into obscurity as the rush begins into the PM’s.

    • Silver Shield

      My 2012 Warning about Andrew Maguire

      The whole thing stinks like a publicity stunt for Andrew’s silver paper trading company.

      There is no hope in reforming the system or betting in their casino.

      Just keep stacking and eventually they will run out and we will win.

  • mac

    Hey, MSM may be better! ‘Zero’ is know for anti-establishment comments at times, so MSM revealing this may be even more of a power shot!!!

  • Nd60

    learn a new thing today….

    what if whom you accused is …. not that smart and not that evil and not… exist?
    who’s shadow are you ‘playing’ with?

    some new thing to learn if you just turn your head
    and watch in the opposite direction… its be a new view/perspective.
    the other side of your cognitive disconnect story…

    still sounds like all is possible for this human/animal nature is
    muddling in the same collective mud pool (or shit hole)

    be safe and be ready


    • Nd60

      NOTE TO SELF!!!!

      according to the interview by Davo…
      Bill Cohan DID NOT SPEAK DIRECTLY TO Andrew Maguire
      Bill Coahn spoke to the lawyers, who probably is layered up not to notice any alternative media,
      no different than you having an allergic reaction to TPTB
      even though some part of the gov is fighting for your and your children and your grandchilren’s behalf
      so Andrew Maguire may have not know about any of the phone call of Bill with the lawyers.

      why not get in touch and interview Andrew Maguire yourself
      being a proud site (inc davo + bixie pixie and others) that exposed truth?!

      BTW how do we and the sheep know you are not a double agent???
      what is your pay day?


      also what exactly do you think Andrew Maguire story can do?
      he neither have the legal power nor man power not military power nor anything
      really to make your belief come true…
      still looking to the captain american to save the day?
      what a disease of the wild wild west! some hero (loser?) that was never to be.
      WHY NOT write and contact the PBOC/putin
      and ask them to collapse ALL the fraudulent systems ALL in one hour!
      thats would make your dream come true… no?
      dont you like to see that AWESOME show?

      illusion of control freak like you are the truth defender?
      lets blame putin or make him a hero… agent detection yet?
      just need a character to play so to feel as this life/reality is… ME.

      Note to self: flowing particle only. no freewill anywhere.

      SHOCKER indeed! just keep stacking and count your blessing…

      be safe and be ready


  • Gnostic

    I noticed silver started it’s down slide shortly after Maquire came on the seen, I was a bit suspicious based on his Rothschild like King’s English accent. I bet if we dig deeper Maguire is not his real name?

    • Silver Shield

      Well we do know that he was never a Goldman Sachs whistle blower despite having that thrown in our face for years.

      And it took Jeffery Christian of all people to call that one out…

  • Bob A

    Coward. Plain and simple, Andrew is a coward. He’s not fighting for the little guy as he suggests. What a p**sy.

  • LongJohn

    Gnostic, you need better charting. I thought Maguire was on the ‘scene’ in early 2010 when silver was around 17 and before the move to 49 in silver

  • F16Hoser

    “They” got to him some how$$$$$

  • Sam

    Despite who what where how and why…even the feature story of McGuire here, the market rigging will be overrun by natural market forces eventually. The way I have been and continue to look at it is with a smile and a thank you for allowing me to participate in one of the greatest opportunities ever 🙂

  • Sam

    Maguire auto oops spelling correct…but, still the point is, it really doesn’t matter if his name were MaGoo. Physical demand will rule the manipulators one day and the curtain will be pulled back while they are simultaneously pulling on the levers.

  • Stackers haven’t suffered, they have been able to stack for less. It has been a godsend for those who began to wake up and stack after the 08 crash!

  • BCG

    If you listen to the interview with Dr. Janda it is pretty clear what is going on.

    The only way that they want the story to be published is in a mainstream publication from a mainstream journalist. While we may find Zerohedge to be credible, a vast majority of the people who need to be convinced of the fraud do not. And even if they believed William Cohan’s story, it would only take about 12 seconds of reading the comments on his article for the mainstream to marginalize the whole thing as fringe conspiracy theory from anti-semitic misogynists.

    I’m sure that the article does not contain any revelations that people in our community are not alraedy familiar with. There is probably no advantage in releasing an article in a venue that would be ‘preaching to the choir’. Zerohedge has been talking about HFT for years, and nothing. As soon as Michael Lewis publishes a book on it though, it is big news. Same for the ‘Deep State’ and the Carmen Segarra story. Putting your name out there and opening yourself up to slander from the likes of Jeffrey Christian is a sacrifice, and probably one that Maguire is only willing to make if there is a real payoff in exposure of the fraud.

  • John

    I do not know what all the facts are but I have so many questions……..

    Isn’t Andrew Maguire the guy who has/had a trading system for Comex futures?

    Is Andrew Maquire’s trading system the one pimped by TF METALS REPORT?

    And how is it he is so successful trading the futures market?

    Why is Andrew Maguire lawyered up?

    Just Damn,….just who are the good guys and bad guys anymore?

  • Angel

    Here’s the latest KWN audio interview with Maquire, released on Saturday. Essentially, he’s saying the same thing that Organ is saying, only it’s more technical.

    After listening to this, one would never suspect that he’s done what he’s being accused of, but nothing would surprise me.

  • Wealth Watchman

    I’m seeing a good many folks here willing to stand, axe in hand, waiting to behead Mr. Maguire, after trusting his viewpoint for years.

    This is not only fickle in the extreme, it’s terribly unhelpful.

    It simply sounds as if, after all this time, Maguire and his parties don’t want to “settle” for Zerohedge.

    After all the work, sacrifice, and life-threatening postures of unnamed individuals, Maguire seems to want it to make the pages of something capable of being a market mover. He doesn’t want it to be something that a few thousand precious metals bugs see, get excited over, and eventually forget about on zerohedge’s 100th page of “older posts”.

    To condemn this ally you’ve trusted for so long, without knowing all the facts, is self-defeating.

    We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.- Ben Franklin

    • Jeff

      Well said WW. I will hold judgement for a future date and for now give him the benefit of the doubt.

    • Angel

      Valid point. This is the reason I posted the Maquire interview on KWN from this past Saturday, an interview conducted BEFORE news broke of the accusations against him.

      After listening to it, one would never get the impression that he’s attempting to deceive anyone. He sounds completely on the up and up, as he always does, and is saying it like it is. I would like to see SGT post this interview, as it contains what spme valuable insight and info.

      I also agree with Nd60 that Sean should consider inviting Maquire on for an interview. This might actually clarify some things.

      With that said, and at the risk of sounding paranoid, it IS difficult to trust ANYONE these days, even those who appear to be on the up and up. Corruption across the board has hardened many a heart, and many now almost expect to be betrayed. Sad.

      But that in no way means I’m passing judgement on Maquire. I would like to hear what he has to say on this matter.

      • Wealth Watchman

        Agreed. I wasn’t intending that post to be directed at any particular person, but was merely observing the overall community’s mood on the whole.

        I know trust can be a difficult thing to have in our time, but Andy has been there time and again, as far as we all know. Many others whom we trust have worked alongside him for years, and vouch for him as well.

        Let’s wait to see if a follow-up interview will be done with AM. I’d really be interested in seeing a 3 way call between Mr. Cohan, AM, and the attorneys once an agreement has been reached. All these men in question deserve vindication, but only from platforms they all feel comfortable with.

        • Angel

          WW, I realize you weren’t directing your comment toward me. I never once thought that. I was felling similarly and simply wanted to put in my two cents as a reinforcement of what you had stated.

          Seems to me that Janda and Bix may have shot from the hip. I’m awaiting the day that we could put an end to this. (And your Franklin quote is fitting!)

    • Silver Shield

      Settle for Zerohedge? Give me a fricking break! Everyone is important reads ZH and if there was any juice to the story which by listening to the author there isn’t it would have been picked up by Drudge and that is all you need.

      Don’t forget his buddies at GATA took a $250,000 full page ad for gold out in the Wall Street Journal if things were that important…

      Sadly, sounds like someone is scheming for more business for his silver paper trading company.

      Andrew Maguire is NOT a Goldman Sachs “whistle blower” despite that thrown in our face for years.

      And we can thank the derivative paper troll Jeffery Christian for shedding light on that.

      He is just some dude that was betting in the paper silver market.

      That is it.

      He had NO “inside” knowledge.

      His “proof” is some screen captures.

      No emails, recordings or “whistle blowing” info of trade secrets.

      He did not work for any of these big banks.

      And if memory serves me right his only professional financial involvement was writing lease contracts for cars in Canada. (Not that there is anything wrong with that but certainly not a Goldman Sachs “whistle blower.”

      BTW, I find guys like this betting long just as fault for the manipulation as those that bet short.

      This is another perfect example of why we should listen to all but follow none!

      • Angel

        Chris, in the video that you posted in reply to another comment above, you called Maquire “a former Goldman Sachs metal trader.” Yet in the comment I’m responding to, you say that “He did not work for any of these big banks.”

        You were also quite complimentary of Maquire in that video, but based upon your comments to this article, you clearly express a much different view of him.

        I’m confused. Which is it?

      • Angel

        Actually, are you REALLY Chris Duane, or just giving the slick impression that you are?

        I thought when Chris posts here, he uses his actual name.

  • Gnostic

    WW, Forgive us but, In this day & age everyone is a suspect even you & me.

  • andrew james

    When I started stacking I had never heard of Andrew Maguire. All I wanted was to become a coin dealer. I learned about the establishment of the Exchange Stabilization Fund after I had become acquainted with the March 2010 story about Maguire’s testimony before the CFTC. The point is well I don’t really know. What does Maguire know about the ESF and when did he know it?

  • Don

    I could not recall correctly, but something that always didn’t add up: Maguire and wife were attacked/rammed while driving, the attacker was caught, then the story goes away? Where are the attempted murder charges? What happened to the attacker?

  • mark s mann

    This article written by Bix is the perfect example of the infighting and back stabbing that has turned me off to the “TRUTH” community. It’s rampant, its fucking pathetic, and its disgusting!

    THIS….is exactly what the “Powers That Be” want. Divide and conquer, and no one trusting each other.

    Bart Chilton and anyone that works/ worked at the CFTC are all useless pieces of phony shit that take a salary for the purpose of looking like there is some watchdog in place just for appearance sake. It does not take a genius to see that for what it is. Thank you Bix for over stating the obvious.

    However, on the subject of Andrew Maguire…. until there is actual PROOF that he is “part of the conspiracy”. If you are going to say something like this, you better have more than just your lame ass opinion backed by NOTHING.

    All Bix has done here is turn people on each other, and be another source of infighting, divide /conquer and distrust.

    What the fuck Bix?

    Who’s side are YOU on anyway?

    Do yourself and everyone else a favor and buy a few ounces less of silver this month and “invest” in a fucking mirror and look in it once in a while.

    • Angel

      Thank you for summing it up.

      Bix had daggers for Cohen last week until he heard Janda’s interview with Cohen. Then he and Janda decide to stir the pot up and make inflammatory accusations and inferences about Maquire without proof. And many visitors here ran with it because many here are on pins and needles and want to tag the blame for continued PM manipulation on SOMEONE. They’ve had it.

      As for the supposed Chris Duane posting above as “Silver Shield”, whoever it is appears to be attempting the divide and conquer strategy by capitalizing on the in-fighting you speak of. Despicable.

  • F16Hoser

    I’m done listening to Andy. Guess they offered him enough ent. FIAT to make him irrelevant.

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