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by Jeff Berwick, Dollar Vigilante:

Secessionist movements have gained in popularity in recent years as the global economic crisis persists and as people awaken to the fact they are owned by people often thousands of miles away. Making headlines most recently is a movement in Scotland seeking independence from London and the United Kingdom (UK). Whatever way Scots vote on Thursday, the seeds have been sown for a Scotland that will, in the future, become increasingly independent (at least mentally).

Whether Scotland votes yes or no Thursday is still an unknown. The race is reportedly in a dead heat. The media is arguing across the spectrum that independence for Scotland would bring turmoil to the region as if the UK has navigated the economic crisis unharmed.

The media wants to drive home this following point: A yes vote will render Scotland a powerless state with crushing debt and no financial infrastructure, because all of that infrastructure will head south. The European Union will shun Scotland as will NATO and the US. Paul Krugman added to the fear: “Be afraid, be very afraid” the amateur economist wrote.

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