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Rebuttal: Here’s Why I Do NOT Believe American Soldiers Will Fire on Protesting American Citizens

by Daisy Luther, The Organic Prepper:

Last week, Dave Hodges wrote an article called The Psychological Reasons Why American Soldiers Would Fire On American Citizens.  Mr. Hodges used experiments by behavioral scientists to support his hypothesis. His evidence was the Asch experiment, the Milgram experiment, and the Stanford prison experiment. All of the experiments proved one thing: under certain circumstances, people would perform acts of cruelty that were aberrant to their normal behavior.

Let me preface my argument by saying that Dave Hodges puts out some great information – none of this is a personal attack on him or his work.  This is a rebuttal to a specific article he has written.

Are American soldiers the bad guys, the new tools of tyranny, ready to coldly spray a protesting crowd with bullets?

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