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Precious Metals LIQUIDATED To Make Room For Alibaba, Silver At Four-Year Lows, BELOW $18

[Ed. Note: If you’re going to take advantage of the latest ‘silver price fix’ manipulation, please give our trusted sponsor Provident Metals a try.]

from ZeroHedge:

Precious metals are under pressure once again this morning led by Silver which just hit its lowest since August 2010. It appears investors are liquidating precious metals to make room in their ‘safe haven’ portfolio for precious Ma’s Alibaba IPO… because what could go wrong there… (Russell 2000 is also seeing notable liquidation)

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21 comments to Precious Metals LIQUIDATED To Make Room For Alibaba, Silver At Four-Year Lows, BELOW $18


    What happened to $50,$100,$200 an ounce Silver from the Experts? LOL

    Yes,it’s Manipulated…but it’s also a Business GAME.Apparently,most “experts” have metals to sell you

  • rich

    Alibaba IPO and the 40 Thieves

    Published on Sep 19, 2014

    Wall Street says open Sesame during a highly orchestrated show of theater and money is magically handed to them without a single machine tool having to be built in the process either not or in the future. In old days markets were used to raise money to build things and today it can be used as a way for folks to extract money for personal use without having to build anything new. Everyone in collusion has his hand out for a payoff on this one from Wall Street to Chinese officialdom (which was not mentioned for brevity). It is enough to say that no value was created in the process of this IPO other than to enrich a few in a rigged game of theater.

  • NIX

    Pharmaceutical Giant Dumps Live Polio Virus into Belgian Water
    Health authorities claim incident poses “negligible” risk

  • Troy

    I was talking to a recycling guy when I dropped off aluminum cans and we were talking about metal prices. Turns out he also is a silver investor, but he bought silver in the 1990’s and is holding onto it. He seems to think silver will get down to $12…then he is buying “a bunch of it”. I don’t think silver will get to $12…$15 maybe, but not $12. Wouldn’t aluminum be a better investment than silver? The government needs lots of aluminum for the geo-engineering that they are doing. Got Aluminum?

    • STEVEN

      My Coin Dealer told me $15 Silver….no money to be made then 😉

    • Eric

      I was looking at a chart of aluminum a month or two ago and it looks like it should be more like $1.20/lb. from all the Fed’s printing. I’m hanging onto my cans for a while.

      $15 silver is possible but unlikely. When you think about it everything is possible but unlikely. Everyone could presto wake up tomorrow and the horror would be over, but that’s unlikely.

      I still think physical silver coins in your own possession is the most undervalued asset out there. Uranium is cheap but you can’t take physical possession of it. Lead and food you can.

      • Eric

        One more thing in regards to aluminum, I will be adding to my stack, but that just means there is more beer to drink. 🙂

        • Troy

          I just invested in a 12 pack of aluminum. Tonight I may get drunk, toss a silver dollar in the air, and try to shoot a hole in the middle of it with my revolver…most likely I’ll build a pyramid of empty beer cans and put an eye on the top can and blast it with my shotgun.

          • Angel

            Here’s an idea: use your television as the backdrop when you let loose with your shotgun. Better yet, switch on your “favorite” propaganda channel first.

            Adds another meaning to “Kill Your Television”.

    • johns

      Aluminum ???????

      4 MILLION 680,000 TONS…. from 4 MILLION 860,000 tons in 30 days… ????

      How much do you want?

  • Bobby

    There will be blood Monday, September 22nd 2014…

    • Eric

      There’s supposed to be a portal opening up again on Monday Bobby. You may be right.

      • lastmanstanding

        To where? or should I say where to?

        I’ll be going to a gun show, canning more tomatoes, planting my fall garden and a bit of firearms practice…ntm pounding a few brewski’s in preparation for Monday.

        Let it flow.

        • Eric

          Not sure. I’ve just heard it is a key date and not just because of shanghai.

          It might just mean a wave of cosmic energy is coming through. Hopefully, snaps some morons out of their slumber into a higher consciousness.

          I’m getting tired of waiting for everyone to play catch up.

  • Angel

    The blatant, off the charts manipulation of the PM market and ALL things economic, financial and political, should absolutely cause us to put aside our normal modes of thinking, and view the current environment from outside the comfort zone.

    Add to that the global pandemic scare (whether real, engineered, or hyped), evermore horrific terrorism (again, whether real, engineered, or hyped), extreme weather, drought, earthquakes, volcanoes and environmental catastrophes, and one cannot help but to notice the acceleration in progress. Or can they?

    Things are not at all what they seem, as perception is also being rabidly manipulated in what appears to me to be an absolute frenzied assault by TPTB. I’ve never quite seen it at such a level, nor have I ever quite felt the level of wickedness emanating from these beings.

    I cannot help but to believe that we are fast approaching an historic time, yet one that will amazingly catch most completely by surprise, as normalcy bias will likely win out. “Hey, the stock market’s looking great and the dollar’s strong, how bad can things really be? We’ll get through it, we always do.” Sound familiar?

    Yes, the markets are being prepped in advance, the numbers cooked like NEVER BEFORE, and the lies more numerous and outlandish. They are in absolute overdrive, and this simply IS NOT SUSTAINABLE for an extended period of time.

    So, anyone who lets their guard down now and decides to follow the advice of the mainstream charlatans and black magicians have only themselves to blame for not being more astute at the very time that being on top of their game was most necessary.

    You are being lured to the edge of what may as well be a bottomless pit. Once you go over, there’s no getting out.

  • Mike

    I have been buying for almost 30 years now, I feel bad for those that continue to only see “working man’s money” in dollars. In a very short time, people will be clamoring for items of intrinsic value, those that stack, regardless of dollar price, will be ahead in the game as much as possible.

    For those that read this looking for a “blanket of comfort”, this is not it. I will not pretend to have any inclination of where the price of silver is going, up or down. BUT I do know this, those that trust the system, are setting themselves up for a huge disappointment. Those that see the opportunity in this manipulation, are hedging for the future. Me? I will continue to stack each month, if for no other reason than to get my hard earned dollars,(my time which is irreplaceable), out of the system.

  • Gerald

    If everyone will watch the price of oil,they will see that silver follows it up and down.

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