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PA Cop Killer An Actor! Russian Spetsnaz Link Found!?

from All News Pipeline:

What we have uncovered about alleged Pennsylvania cop-killer Eric Frein in the last few days should be enough to make anyone question what’s really going on in the Poconos Mountains in Pennsylvania. It first needs to be said that we don’t condone ANY violence against the police, nor anyone else, but after checking out Eric Frein’s IMDB actor’s page (the 3rd video below called ‘Lustig’ features Frein acting as a Nazi soldier!) and visiting his MySpace page (which has since been deleted but saved in screenshots and video below!), we see that there may be MUCH more going on with this horrible incident than meets the eye.

The first video I created below outlines everything, including a picture of Frein with an individual who is wearing a Russian Spetsnaz patch and contacts on Frein’s MySpace page that paint him a Communist sympathizer rather than a ‘Patriot prepper’ as the mainstream media is trying to lead America to believe. With MySpace contacts ranging from Che Guevara to the 13th Guards (a ‘Soviet Red Army Rifle Division’), we have to wonder what they are trying to hide in deleting that page? Fortunately, they were too late! What do they have planned for Frein, if this is a false flag? With recent security lapses at the White House, we can only think in horror of one such possibility if Frein is truly another CIA-run mind-controlled patsy playing a role to help take away the 2nd Amendment in America.

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