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OBAMA’S PLAN: DESTROY Dollar | Jim Willie – Part 2

from FinanceAndLiberty:

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14 comments to OBAMA’S PLAN: DESTROY Dollar | Jim Willie – Part 2

  • Nd60


    😀 😀 😀

    Change is EASY except in the (confused? conflicted? content?) mind.
    All wars are won and lost in the mind.

    how much time left, pls?
    or come what may?

    nah nothing will happen god will save us all… which god again pls?
    better make sure to pay mi dough to the right god n swear mi faith 😀 😀 😀

    for the non-religious-god type all of us are only saved or destroy by our own mind,
    worldview, beliefs, choices, stubbornness, willful blindness, happy medium,
    road less travel, version of reality, out of the norm/prescribed paradigm, transcendence etc.

    and for the enlightened, its all over baby… ALL OVER BEFORE IT BEGAN! AND THAT’S IS THE WHOLE HISTORY.

    be safe n be ready ppl

    if you are harboring fear
    itd be a shame to have said
    you saw it coming and it came for you… wouldnt you say so?

    do/think something different???


  • Sam

    Thank you for posting part 2…excellent analysis that we have come to expect 🙂

  • Angel

    Part 2 was even better than Part 1. Very relevant and important info.

    I especially saw value his view regarding PM storage, in particular, what to do with your metal if you decide to leave the US (which he STRONGLY urges people to do). You can forget taking it with you, as this entails many difficulties.

    Granted, most people who live in the US are probably not in a position to simply get up and go anyway, and they may also be in quite the quagmire in so far as how to SAFELY store a hoard of metal that they already own in a land that they intend to stay in, especially as conditions becomes even more unstable and oppressive in the coming years.

    Jim’s advice: if you intend on leaving the states, sell your metal, move to a foreign land, re-purchase it, but store it in a reputable vault elsewhere (as it might not be feasible to own it in the land that you move to). So this would mean going through a PM dealer that would automatically initiate the transfer of the metal to the vault after your purchase.

    As for the common Joe, this it obviously not realistic. They are likely stuck right where they are, and will need the metal close at hand to help get them through a long and difficult time period. I don’t deny that this presents many risks, and creative thinking is of the utmost importance.

  • Mark S Mann

    I don’t comment on much anymore. I like and respect Jim, but a few things in my opinion:

    1.) Some of us will NEVER leave this country. Its OUR fucking country and some of us will gladly die fighting for it rather than abscond to some South American or Central American country with our tails between our legs.

    2.) What are you going to do once you get there? Ask Bill Holter or John McAfee about this. Chris Duane just did an excellent video on this topic.

    3.) As may people have often said….if you don’t physically hold it, you don’t own it. I would rather burry my shit in a hole rather than trust it to some banker or vault storage firm half way across the world. History shows multiple examples of people being fucked out of their PM’s , cash and property via foreign accounts. The prime example are the Swiss banks during WWII. You may difficulty in getting to a certain local hole in the ground that only you may know about, but it will be harder to get to Hong Kong or where ever else your PM’s might be if the laws change or the shit hits the fan. Even if you do, how will you get it out from that location to where ever you need to go? Anyone who argues this is completely unrealistic.

    4.) How does Jim think you will get out of this country without having some PM’s to buy your way out alla the jews of WWII Europe? Once the shit hits the fan, only the Ultra rich will be allowed to leave legally. Anyone else will be sneaking out the back door, and the SHIT DOLLAR will not buy your way out.

    Again…I admire and respect Jim Willie….he provides some excellent insight, but I think he is way off on these topics. The reality is that there are not a lot of choices and alternatives to what is coming for people with limited means. I still think we have about 2-3 years before things really melt down. Make the most of it.

    • Nd60

      my greatest respect for you mark!
      and I mostly agree with your 4 pts…
      there are some movements in your country that is very encouraging
      be it a very small group of ppl doing the right thing!
      sadly this is one of those extremely tough ones…. fighting back against your own ‘democratic’ gov that control everything literally. (p/s wait until they withhold food water and god knows what)

      the war will be fierce and very very bloody
      but not impossible to win.

      i have share ref to art of war to show anything is possible in war time
      with many many moving pieces all the time.
      but you must be at higher ground – physical, emotional and spiritual ground, to have a shot of victory.

      again back to what i hv been banging on here…. all wars are won and lost in the mind.
      If you have the determined mindset, this war is far from over.
      If like others are waiting for a savior, be it god or brics or whatever then???
      what if ALL the jews fought back in WII? would we have a different history?

      i personally think JW is on but it will take 2-3 years to hit to absolute bottom total destruction…
      JW mentioned b4 that the process is likely in water-torture form except they come in water bomb and not dripping.
      The dripping/draining part is over… just check what else is the country is not sold or re-re-re-hypothetical?
      what in the country is not artificial and make belief?

      I would just make another outrageous thought out loud here ahead of its time…
      by the end if you may retain the land and the spirit of the people,
      does it matter to you if it should still call america or the remnants should give it a new name?
      im quite sure if tptb succeed, the country/land/joining of land will be renamed to rothsomething…
      Just a thought in the line of country re-making…

      again the Chinese has learned they are resident of the land (native rights) but not necessary a membership of a country (artificial creation)
      but in actuality it can be hard since everything is named and tagged and patented for tax purpose 😀

      anyhow very good to have read your post
      on a selfish note, if the shit can be contained as much as possible over there
      then the rest of the world has a better chance of peace, even the mundane illusion peace

      good luck to you and may your god/force lead you to victory

      be safe and be ready


    • Angel

      Ordinarily, when someone offers the type of advice that Jim is offering, they view the metals more as an investment, rather than a means of wealth preservation and a bartering tool. I suppose their rationale (as shaky as it is) is that if you move to a “stable” country and one that is less likely to be effected by what’s coming down the pike in the US, you won’t need to have immediate access to your metals. And if you do need to acquire a portion of the hoard, you can have it shipped to the country you live in, which is often the way it works.

      But as you point out, this presents its own set of risks and uncertainties, as the shipping process may be, in and of itself, a very dangerous thing, and that’s assuming you will even have access to what’s in “your” vault comer time to acquire it. I don’t care how reputable a foreign vaulting service is, I would never sleep well knowing that my wealth is stored thousands of miles away from me, and that I may not have remote access to it should the rules change.

      If I were LIVING IN the foreign country that the metals were stored in, than I MIGHT consider the vault option, but it still wouldn’t be a sure thing. Then again, nothing is. So, in that regard, Jim’s advice may hold some credence, but depending upon various factors and circumstances. I’ve even considered doing the vault option here, but the risks of doing so FAR outweigh the benefits here in the states. So, I’ll stick to the “hole in the ground.”

      Nonetheless, I’m glad Willie brought up the subject, as it’s important that we all begin to think seriously about storage safety while we still have time. If we don’t plan on leaving, than we should put on the thinking caps and figure out the options.

      P.S.: And by the way, look what also happened to Jeff Berwick when HE moved to Chile, and at the hands of someone he knew. Everything is a risk these days.

  • Sam

    You know, one point Jackass brings up here, I was scratching my head over which was the issue of the Mexican Peso Devaluation from the 90’s as it related to banking loan rule changes…I hadn’t heard of the Mexican banking cartel changing the bank rules on loans already made to contracts post devaluation as he mentioned. In fact, in Wiemar Germany during that meltdown as well as with the more recent Argentine meltdown from circa 2000, both instances to my knowledge loan notes were honored as written. Debt, in other words, was a good thing to have if secured before the meltdowns because repayments in devaluated Marks or Pesos respectively were hyperinflated making debt or loan repayments much easier with their respective currencies.

    I did some research and found that options were made available to people in the Mexican deval, not forced upon them due to the hardships the entire country was experiencing in 1995 there.

    So, as it would pertain with any loan/s you may have thru a banking institution currently, my guess is that at this point it really will depend upon the loan contract language you have agreed to – before – an emergency event or reset decree that may come down the pike. Loans that have vague language or with variable or floating interest rate fine print, may be what our Jackass is talking about?

    If anyone knows of anything different on this banking loan reset information or following a currency devaluation and how it may effect loans, please post it if you could.

    Thanks in advance as this could be of great help to those with upcoming changes that they could anticipate one way or another and not be caught off guard with devastating financial consequences.

  • Sam

    Oh, FYI, I should mention in both cases in Weimar Germany and the Argentina debacles, debt locked into contractual agreements was a friend provided that you had the means of repaying them with assets other than those tied to the debt note obligations… That is physically owned in your outright possession that are widely recognized as highly liquid assets that rise at or above the prevailing inflation …i.e. Ag, Au, timber, farm produce, etc.

    • Angel

      Interesting that they recognized these liquid assets as a viable means of repayment. I wasn’t aware of that.

      I don’t mean this sarcastically, Sam, but I wonder how feasible this scenario is here in the US when a reset occurs. Those of us who own such assets would certainly be at a great advantage.

      • Sam

        Hey Angel,
        On the assets that anyone may hold that are liquid, people are still able to convert them to the currency of the day as needed with others outside of the banking system and then debts with the banks are then able to be paid with any trade profits. Normal business practices with a twist, that is not all 100% with cash. Example: 1 beef cow for 1 oz gold ( if values of both were even on the day of the trade ) if one was worth more than the other the balance of cash can then take place to end the trade. The one with the gold vould take that and “cash it in” for the valuation on it for the day and pay off debts with the bank.

        A very interesting read “When Money Dies” written in the era of Weimar goes into many details involved. Also, people as you know have got along just fine without banks for eons … The people that may end up on the wrong end are those that pay no attn to what is happening and have no idea of history to fall back on. The bank loans that are written in favor of the bank with penalties for early pay off, flex interest rates, balloons due, etc are the ones that I think The Jackass was speaking of?

        Most everyone has heard of Zimbabwe’s hyperinflation issues are there are some startling vids on the YouTube where people actually dug/panned for gold to trade for bread. Those poor people really had no business sense to have loans which I believe not that much info on financing is available out from that as far as the people and the banks directly were concerned. The situation there was dire, you either had Ag or Au or you starved.

        • Angel

          O.K., Sam, I initially misunderstood you, as I was under the impression you were saying that banks would accept assets DIRECTLY to pay off loans, i.e., more as barter or trade in exchange for forgiveness of loan debt. This is why I asked how feasible (or likely) such a thing would be going forward. I suppose it makes no difference in the long run, as the assets would be effectively utilized either way.

          As you explain it, I see the relevance in so far as future conditions are concerned and how some of us will be in better shape than others. Obviously this is the very reason that you, me, and most others here accumulate PMs and have other assets to fall back on for that “rainy day.”

          I will have to check into that book, as it sounds like it might be a good read. I have relatives in Germany, and though that particular horrid period of hyperinflation is firmly etched into the minds of the citizenry, it seems that there’s now only a vague understanding of how best to deal such a thing should it ever happen again. The years have obliterated much of the practical knowledge, and the false sense of security that the Weimar period would never be repeated is a terrible indictment. The same could be said for the US.

        • Angel

          Alright am, I ordered a slightly used copy of “When Money Dies” on Amazon for dirt cheap. I’m lookin’ forward to getting it. Thanks for the tip!

          P.S.: I had to be careful. They were pushing Jim Rickards book with a similar title. Don’t want that!

          • Sam

            @ Angel,

            I wrote the above hurriedly as I had to get going outside to finish up with some end chores here, and shower, etc., so, sorry if it reads a little rushed that way.

            On the implimemation of a barter system or the feasibility of such for amicable trades going mainstream, there would still be a huge learning curve with many many many people dying as I see it for many reasons. There are the complete crazies out there presently and those that are Not able to do anything productive if you know what I mean? Also, deaths would pile up simply due to the stress and hardships of many just surviving in that scenario. I could see the hand me everything crowds demanding govt interventions, distribution centers for them with basketball courts, and a call for the seemingly haves to fork it over to the have nots…in today’s America, I would think there will be blood and lots of it, unfortunately! Perhaps, that is why there are the FEMA camps that are reported to exist? According to many and The Jackass here, the “Fascists” most likely want it that way so they will be implored to deliver the people out of the sorrows for the price of surrendering more unalienable rights…?

            Glad you were able to order up a copy of that book, it is really one that will be hard to set down until finished. Incredible really. It will give you very good indication on what it was like then in many aspects, however, it is not written as a manual on what to do, really it is like a documentary. Read it, absorb it, and then read some of John Westley Rawles books for more edification that will round off to current practical advice on survival basics. Even if by some miracle the psychopaths stop waging wars, begin to utilize honest scales and markets, and revert to the US Constitution for guidance as they should…the study is well worth it!

            That Rickards is a mystery wrapped in a riddle surrounded in darkness…he’s got creepy establishment written all over him especially on banking, the IMF, and that barrel o monkeys 🙂

            • Angel


              Regarding future conditions, I couldn’t have said it better myself. I was just telling someone the other day that it will also be the MENTAL stress that will put people in the grave, the physical stress being an entirely different ballgame that will usher in the same results. And I’m talking people who are NOT dependent upon psych drugs. Imagine those who are and can’t get them? And it won’t even have to be a full-blown SHTF situation to cause this. Even a few days without power, and the freak-outs begin in earnest, so even a moderated SHTF situation over an extended period will result in a very bad outcome for a lot of people.

              Many assumes the FEMA camps are for dissidents, but they’re likely for the purpose of what you state. They will act (temporarily) as a safety valve, but will come with a big price (as you pointed out). Dissidents will likely be sent elsewhere.

              As for the book, I’m interested in it more for the historical significance of the subject matter rather than as a learning manual, but also as a comparison to what is brewing today. Clearly, there’s many similarities, and I would like to be better educated on what actually led up to Wiemar, as well as the manner in which it was dealt with. I have a 20 Million Mark note from that period on my fridge that my relative sent me as a reminder of what happens when the money dies. Fitting, ha?

              Alright, keep on keepin’ on!

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