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Obama’s Forged Birth Certificate & Selective Service — Sheriff Joe Arpaio

from BirtherReportDotCom:

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3 comments to Obama’s Forged Birth Certificate & Selective Service — Sheriff Joe Arpaio

  • Rodster

    The system (Govt+Media) is too rigged and flawed for anything to happen. The damage has already been done and it started decades ago. So it doesn’t matter if he is a US citizen or not.

    • ellen

      Obama is both a US citizen and a NATURAL BORN US citizen since he really was born in Hawaii, as shown by his his birth certificate and the confirmation of the officials of BOTH parties (including the former Republican governor of Hawaii, a strong supporter of Sarah Palin) and the Index Data file and the birth notices in the Hawaii newspapers that could ONLY have been sent to that section of the papers by the DOH of Hawaii, which only sent out birth notices in 1961 for births in Hawaii).

      And there is no indication whatever that Obama’s mother even had a passport in 1961, and very very few 18-year-olds did at the time, and EXTREMELY few women traveled abroad in the last few months of pregnancy. Yet birthers hope a few GULLIBLE people will just assume that both of those happened and that Obama’s birth certificate is forged and that the officials of both parties are lying, and that the Index Data and the birth notices are forged, and that the INS inspector made an error in his “one child, born in Honolulu” note, and that the teacher who wrote home was lying. But you’d have to be terribly GULLIBLE to think that all of that happened.

  • Hannon

    Here’s my play write version of this in a condensed format:


    Scene 1

    Sheriff’s team: It’s coming.

    People: When?

    Sheriff’s team: Soon.

    People: How soon?

    Sheriff’s team: Next week or in ten years, but we have concrete proof.

    People: What kind of proof?

    Sheriff’s team: It’s copy righted.

    People: WTF kind of criminal evidence is copy righted?

    Sheriff’s team: We are professional investigators.

    People: That wasn’t the question.

    Sheriff’s team: Mike Z and the Sheriff’s voluntary team is working hard.

    People: You said that years ago, where the eff did our donations go?

    Sheriff’s team: We are working on solid evidence.

    People: You said you already had it, and it was copy righted. Are you guys shills, WTF is going on here?

    Scene 2

    (super crappy radio host takes over and constantly takes about investigator Z’s honesty for 45 mins but without really saying anything, except for “on this show only, on this show only, on this show only)


    No, I didn’t watch it, I couldn’t bring myself to.

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