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Obama Says ‘We Are Not a Judeo-Christian Nation’ – But He Doesn’t Get to Decide, We Do

by Michael W. Chapman, CNS News:

Neurosurgeon and best-selling author Dr. Ben Carson said that although President Barack Obama has claimed America is “not a Judeo-Christian nation,” he is not the one to decide that point, we the people “get to decide that.”

“We as Americans have certain beliefs and cultures that led us to the pinnacle of the world,” said Dr. Carson while speaking at the 8th Annual Defending the American Dream Summit on Friday in Dallas, Texas.

“One of those things is that we are a people of faith,” he said.  “I know the president has said that we are not a Judeo-Christian nation. But guess what? He doesn’t get to decide that, we get to decide that.”

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2 comments to Obama Says ‘We Are Not a Judeo-Christian Nation’ – But He Doesn’t Get to Decide, We Do

  • Chuck

    The author has misunderstood the cause of the effects “that led us to the pinnacle of the world.” The cause wasn’t “certain beliefs and cultures” but rather the exorbitant privilege of the US dollar being the international reserve currency. He misses the relationships entirely because of his fixation on heritage belief systems, an all-too-common trap that leads to societal degeneration.

  • rich

    03 September 2014
    The US Is In a Societal Panic: Why Our Tax and Economic Debates Are Irrational

    David Cay Johnston is a wonderful lecturer, who can address economics and public policy in clear and simple statements.

    This is one of most informative talks I have heard about where we are, and how we got here, what the crony kleptocracy is and how it works.

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