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No More Foreplay: Russia Threatens European Gas Supply Disruptions

from ZeroHedge:

It appears Vladimir Putin is willing to hit’em while they’re down. Early European equity weakness (and safe-haven flows) on asset-freeze threats have accelerated as Bloomberg reports, Russian energy minister Alexander Novak threatens gas supply disruptions if the EU continues to re-export Russian gas to Ukraine. 3Y German bond yields have plunged to -4.1bps, a record low close and European stocks are closing on their lows of the day.

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1 comment to No More Foreplay: Russia Threatens European Gas Supply Disruptions

  • Nd60

    winter is coming… extra frost extra icicles for you!!!

    may b a good idea to take your xmas present in advance… NOW PLS!
    the day may not come…
    in glorious lights…

    looking at the piece at the board left
    there r only so many moves till the clock stops
    and everything else but the last man burns and ash into shameful non-existence
    which begs the question as in the beginning when one bang into this world called earth
    why come to earth this time? be quen/king/presid/dictator/ship/whatever else of the fake id?
    seriously??? so much clock time has passed so near to the end and still not figured out?
    cmon try hardER connect those 2 brains cells… just 2 dumb s!!! start w 2!!! 😀
    the other question where to go from here?
    you know its said a tiny little room w no windows
    can wake a person up as there is nothing else but inwards
    flip the other side is to be finished of dead stone cold for he think this is it and this is real
    well then nothing happen since there is no trace left behind no story no… NOTHING!

    CU NEXT LIFE PPL 😀 😀 😀
    if my team wins… or else i’ll be the dead one
    one of my greatest fear, yes mi 2, is… CLOSE BUT NO CIGAR!!!
    being beaten by 1/10 of second when one spend 10 f-ing yr to prepared
    is… you know… so consider/visualize when SHTF… how fast can you run Forrest?
    still one of the very best… when the shackles comes off..
    thought i leave you w warm fuzzy feeling you are programmed w…
    so you’d said im nice 2 😀 😀

    be safe n be ready


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