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Military Source: Troops On The Ground In Syria ‘Absolutely Crucial’ To Defeat ISIS

by Brandon Turbeville, Activist Post:

As the threat of nuclear war hangs over the world as a result of NATO meddling in Ukraine, Russia has once again warned Washington against military aggression. This time, however, the warning comes in the context of the Syrian crisis where the United States and NATO are considering “targeted airstrikes” against what it claims would be ISIS fighters but what would actually be, almost assuredly, the forces of the secular Syrian government.

While the desire to strike Syria has publicly manifested itself on a number of occasions, Obama stated in his speech on September 10 that he reserves the right to direct airstrikes against Syria if he deems it necessary.

Although Obama also stated that the United States would not be committing ground troops, it should be remembered that Obama made the same claims about his policy in Iraq, a country that has seen 1,200 American troops re-deployed on its soil.

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4 comments to Military Source: Troops On The Ground In Syria ‘Absolutely Crucial’ To Defeat ISIS

  • AgShaman

    Here come the MSM ‘chicken-hawks’

    What do you think needs to happen General?

    Boots on the ground…..troops, coalition, ground forces….blah blah blah

    They created this mess….soze they could find a way to get into Syria.

    Now itsa pear shaped mess.

  • Hannon

    I say we just fire bunker busters at the Wailing Wall until ISIS stops.

  • Angel

    What a short memory people have. While a VERY close relative (correctly) lambasted King George during his endless Mid-East warmongering in the post-911 years, he’s not only given Barry a free pass to do the same, but has absolutely become part and parcel of the Islamophobia once again sweeping across the nation.

    Of course, he will have no part in even considering that ISIS, al-Qaeda, and other such repugnant groups are creations of the West and Israeli intelligence. But even when taking all of this at face value, he seems either incapable or unwilling to separate a common Muslim from a Muslim fanatic.

    When I reminded him that it’s not only conceivable, but likely, that his hero, Barry, is a Muslim, he denied it. After all, “how can a man who talks about God our Father be a Muslim?”, he asked. I reminded him that Muslims also believe in God, in which he replied: “Not our God.”

    What do we do with people like this? It’s ignorance to the max, and when someone is unwilling to expand their horizons and at least consider another point of view, I guess all one can do is simply walk away. They’re energy-drainers, especially if you’ve already gonna around with them about such things multiple times.

    Sadly, “1984” describes such people quite succinctly.

    • Angel

      He’s right about one thing. SOME Muslims DON’T believe in “our God”. Which makes them Muslims in name only, as they prove allegiance to quite a different entity.

      Barry is a classic example of such a “Muslim” (or “Christian”, if that’s what you prefer to believe that he is).

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