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Man Stands Up For Constitution As Cop “Detains” Him For Sitting Outside His Own House

by Steve Watson, infowars:

A man in Youngstown, Ohio recently captured captivating video as he stood up for his Constitutional rights when a police officer began harassing him for no reason as he sat outside his own house. “I was sitting in my car in front of my house drinking a redbull around 12:30 am on august 29th 2014.” explains Hunter Sanders on the citizen-run watchdog website Cop Block.

“The police were called to a house across the road from mine. After leaving the neighbors house the two officers had a short chat in the neighbors driveway then walked up to my window.” Sanders writes. Sanders explains that he told the officer his full name, and said he was outside his own home, after the cop asked Sanders who he was and what he was doing.

When the cop asked Sanders for ID, he asked for what reason and if he was being detained. The cop then attempted to open the car door, presumably to pull Sanders out or get inside the vehicle.

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2 comments to Man Stands Up For Constitution As Cop “Detains” Him For Sitting Outside His Own House

  • S

    NDG, where are you? Another instance of citizen belligerence and obstruction. Arrest this cockroach or TAZE that cop hater.

    • NDG

      I’m here “S,” sorry I didn’t see this earlier, but been busy. The thing is, the officers may have had reasonable suspicion to detain based on the totality of the circumstances (12:30 am in front of a house; possibly recent burglaries or who knows what in that area). If this was my neighborhood, I would be thankful they were checking up on the area. That late at night most people are sleeping and most things happen at night. What if he was a prowler or something else and he was about to break into your house where your family is? I’m not saying that’s the case here, however we don’t always know what’s going on, that’s what investigating odd circs comes in such as this guy hanging out this late. All they wanted to do was make sure he was living there. I’m not saying it’s illegal at all to be in front of your house. WE all have that right. But we need all the circumstances here like I said. And if the guy was just in front of his house drinking a Redbull at 1230 am then that’s his right. But the officers were called to a house across the street (we don’t know why, maybe there was a break in).

      “S” please put yourself in our shoes for once. We are usually called to a place where a crime has occurred and we are just trying to figure out what happened, it’s not always easy because most people won’t always cooperate and tell you the whole truth. Most of us aren’t doing stuff to harass an innocent citizen and violate his/her rights. But the law does give us the right if there’s reasonable suspicion that crime has happened, is happening or is about to happen and is afoot, that we can detain. This dosn’t make us bad people, it makes us good cops. That’s part of the reason we are paid for our jobs, to stop possible crimes that are about to occur, or have done so already. So please stop the bashing until you know all the details. One these Youtube videos we only get part of the truth. You have to question everything. And please don’t tell me that this in like Nazi Germany, because it’s nowhere close. That guy can compain and it will be investigated if they are in the wrong. Once again, I am fully behind the Constitution and always to try and put myself in other’s shoes as well, but sometimes things happen. A common example on a person criticizing police officers is when someone points a gun at an officer, most people who don’t understand question the shooting and say things like, “They could have just shot the gun out of his hands or tased him. Why can’t they just shoot him in the leg.” Sorry, but if someone points a gun at me he’s done period. I’m not trying to shoot him in the leg or knock the gun out of his hand. Just giving an example of how people view things until they have been involved in something like this. OPEN YOUR MIND “S” AND ATLEAST SEE THAT THERE ARE PEOPLE OUT THERE WHO ARE TRYING TE BECOME FAMOUS AND POST YOUTUBES LIKE THIS INDIVIDUAL.

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