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LIVING Life & Overcoming Depression [Featuring Joe Rogan, Adam Carolla, Duncan Trussell]

from tbone11193:

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9 comments to LIVING Life & Overcoming Depression [Featuring Joe Rogan, Adam Carolla, Duncan Trussell]

  • Antony

    Hey! That was pretty good and on time 🙂 I needed that 🙂

  • Antony

    …get busy living or get busy dying – Shawshank Redemption

  • Bradley

    Hey Thanks!! I have been depressed lately. I connect to this message.
    Thanks so much…totally correct. Get up and LIVE!! None of us are alone.
    Breath my friends. Take in the air deep into your lungs…feel life.
    It is wonderful if you choose it to be…my belief anyway. To feel victory we all must understand first failure. Failure is strictly a lesson on the path to Victory.

  • rl

    Well done SGT. Well done!

    • SGT

      THANKS FOR WATCHING GUYS. I started running again 2 1/2 years ago. I run 3-4 miles a day, six time a week, usually on a tread mill at the club. Average 7.5 mph, 8-minute miles, 450 calories burned, then I hit the weights. Like Joe Rogan talks about a lot, it makes ALL the difference. The stress melts away and you end each workout feeling great & recharged. The hardest part is getting started. Start today.

      • Angel

        Yep, getting ready to hit the resistance training myself in a couple of minutes, followed by a variable intensity elliptical workout. I do various versions of this routine 6 days a week, as well as an intense heavy bag workout when I have access to the bag at a family home I caretake from autumn into the spring.

        As far as I’m concerned, exercise is the NUMBER ONE stress and depression buster, not to mention enabling clearer thinking, increasing efficiency in everything you do, and, of course, all of the physical benefits that you accrue.

        One thing I learned from taking an interest in prepping is that times are likely to get MUCH tougher in the “days” to come, and the importance of improving ones health and conditioning cannot be overstated. It might not keep us alive indefinitely should things REALLY deteriorate and we find ourselves in some sort of violence-plagued environment, a war zone, or if we’re exposed to bio-terrorism or a contagion of some sort (which I’m sorry to say is very possible for some of us), but we will certainly have an advantage over those who are sedentary and practice unhealthy living habits.

        Realizing this has added an extra incentive to working out, which I’ve been doing in one form or another for 30 years anyway. My advice would be to start making changes NOW.

  • MrPappaFace

    Thanks SGT for the insightful video. I’ve been watching your youtube videos since you started many years ago. Never really commenting much but always reading and watching your sight. Over the years has been such a ride from feeling that “this day would be the day of collapse” to “I’m must be crazy to think this depressing and doom shit”. So that’s why I started a new project that gets me out of the house (I was sick and needed surgery and now I’m unemployed). I think thats what this video is all about. Not letting life and all the shit that comes with it get you depressed.

    So this is my new project

    Hopefully it will help people get out of the house and kick some ass…

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