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Lavrov: U.S. fails to turn the whole world against Russia

The United States is using the crisis in Ukraine to isolate Europe from Russia economically. – Lavrov

from Itar-Tass:

The United States has failed to set the whole world against Russia, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has said in the Right to Know talk show on the TV Tsentr channel.

“The United States, which I would not characterize as bad or cruel (that country is what it is, obsessed with the certainty about its exclusiveness and there is no way of reforming it), is sending its emissaries all over the world and persuading everybody to be against us,” Lavrov said.

“That is true. But they have managed to persuade practically no one, except for the EU and some of its closest allies outside NATO and the European Union.”

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2 comments to Lavrov: U.S. fails to turn the whole world against Russia

  • Rodster

    No, Mr. Lavrov you need to characterize the US as The Evil Empire. It will not stop until it dominates the world financially and geopolitically. The problem is both your country and China are standing in the way.

  • Sam

    I am glad Sean had this posted here and it is my hope that this is spread far and wide. The Russians and thier leaders do know the difference between those deluded with thier exceptionalism BeeEss and the people, the good citizens who have been captured by them. Syria’s president Assad has stated as much also as it concerns them in similar insane foreign policies.

    Spot on!

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