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John McCain’s Whoops Moment: Photographed Chilling With ISIS

by Brandon Walker, Mad World News:

Does anyone remember when I wrote an article last year about John McCain being a traitor? Does the man in the red circle look familiar? Everyone put on your shocked face for John McCain’s whoops moment. It seems the Arizona Senator that is upset at Obama for the mess in Iraq was photographed chilling out with ISIS terrorist leaders in Syria!

Senator John McCain is making headlines but not for saying he was happy Eric Holder is persecuting illegal aliens or his lie about Holder investigating the VA, even though Eric Holder doesn’t have plans to prosecute people in the VA. He even seems a little hot under the collar about losing Iraq, but that isn’t why he’s in the headlines today.

He seems to forget that he was photographed, and those photographs were broadcast world wide, with the same individuals that are causing the trouble in Iraq and Syria and deemed too violent to represent Al Qaeda.

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4 comments to John McCain’s Whoops Moment: Photographed Chilling With ISIS

  • Sam

    Why Insane McCane isn’t sitting in QBay on Treason charges is beyond me 8-0

  • Travis

    No, no, no! You got it all wrong… These are the GOOD people that kill people. We support the good people that kill people. It’s the bad people that kill people that we’re fighting against. It’s simple, really.

  • monica

    am I wrong or isn’t that picture considered evidence of consorting with the enemy? isn’t that treason? wouldn’t any one of us “common” people be immediately jailed for this? I think of Edward Snowden… who didn’t consort with any enemy but brought to the American publics attention the fact that the filth layer of our government was/is abusing the rule of law in this country against it’s citizens and he was exiled…the filth wanted a price on his head…and here’s McCain – garbage – consorting with the enemy and nothing is done, nothing is said. he probably became a “bride” to the leader of the group he’s standing with, to boot.

  • Eyes Rolling

    Perhentian Island? Is he Malaysian?

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