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John Embry – Silver Is The Cheapest Asset In The World Today

from KingWorldNews:

Nothing emphasized the insanity of what is taking place in today’s global stock markets more than that stupid internet company Pento highlighted called ‘Yo.’ I’m just flabbergasted that internet company has any value at all.

Turning to the propaganda in the Unite States, the GDP upgrade in the second quarter was 4.8 percent. That number is an insult to anybody with an IQ exceeding that of a grapefruit. I spend a lot of time reading John Williams’ Shadowstats, and I can tell you that the U.S. government is just making these GDP numbers up. This indicates to me that there is a huge problem in the United States. They are afraid of a major crisis that is happening behind the curtain.

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2 comments to John Embry – Silver Is The Cheapest Asset In The World Today

  • andrew james

    I think that I’m starting to get demoralized. Yes. That’s it. Demoralized. The only thing that will make it better is an espresso and a trip to the LCS.

  • Steelerdude

    Its kind of interesting how the govt is playing the PM’s out….they keep pushing the price down and you got it in your head “Im going to wait for it to go lower so I can
    buy more”

    But (IMO) in reality, when it hits bottom, there probably wont be any PM’s left to buy…I heard a target of $900 for gold…so Im looking at $850 – $900….

    Hope your able to buy it when it hits that price…I’ll give it a hell of try!

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