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JIM WILLIE — Critical Geopolitical & Monetary Update: NATO is Falling Apart & Germany is Breaking Away From the U.S.

from Paul Sandhu:

Dr. Jim Willie presents some important recent developments that bode ill for the dollar as Germany, France and other former allies and partners of the US are now aligning themselves with Russia, China and the BRICS bloc. Also, Willie’s source claims Blackwater mercenary group has been captured in Ukraine. “NATO is dead.”

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22 comments to JIM WILLIE — Critical Geopolitical & Monetary Update: NATO is Falling Apart & Germany is Breaking Away From the U.S.

  • Rodster

    OMG, it’s my hero and savior JW. I definitely need to buy his newsletter.

    • SGT

      Here’s an idea, save the sarcasm and don’t press the play button.

      • Bob A

        Good one SGT. :-)) This is one where I won’t press the play button. LOL. But on a serious note, you guys do rock with your news updates.

      • Rodster

        I didn’t push play but just wanted to say how much I luv JW and The Voice. 🙂

        • SGT

          thanks Bob – and my bad if I misunderstood your comment Rodster, but I can tell you guys this – for as much as people claim to not care what Willie has to say, interviews like this one that we post gets 20-50X more traffic than the average post. This one has 850 “views” since I posted it a few hours ago. My own interview which I posted on Saturday has a total of 940 “views” on this site. The Greg Hunter-John Williams interview that posted early today, 170 “views”. People like to listen to Jim Willie interviews no matter who conducts them.

        • J

          You mean to say that Willie doesn’t walk on water…?

  • jerry

    I don’t see JW discussing this if he didn’t have good intel. Now how will MSM handle this news is my question? If this awakening of the Ukrainians can cross over to the US populist this could derail the globalist agenda and maybe start to clean house in DC

  • Sam

    Great information as usual from the Jackass, now, if we could only get the other jackasses websites who critique like they have a clue…

  • Hugo

    As an human and not what they like me to see myself as, (European) I like to add these two things mr Willie underestimates in my opinion. Miss Merkel is an ex communist and has (had?) big links whith them. Hence good relations between Putin and her and now the are going down the drain so fast? Her not being blackmailed seems unreasonable to me considering the strange moves Germany made. Ofcourse it is still an occupied country by the USA.

    France under Sarcozy joined NATO and NATO gotten stronger. After all, France still has many colonies. The French destroyed the Bretton Woods system (or they were blamed like blame is still passed around today). Sarcozy is running up again. And dont forget, the French Cental Bank still has a Frank currency block running in Africa. Called the FCA Frank. That it exists is sure, but ”no doubt” links are scarce;

    A bit over a 100 million users of that currency. That same central bank runs the Euro for France… Ofcourse no conflict of interest, even if exluding EU stuff.

    Anyway, rant off, look in on all them EU ”games and learn about the players”. I really enjoy the information in this interview but the EU politics and the persons behind it require digging deeper in EU stuff. Just as I needed in USA stuff. There is a reason why mr Tusk from Poland gotten the position new head of the EU. Hint totally anti russian.

    regards Hugo

  • Angel

    This one was pretty hard-hitting.

    Will Germany actually let its economy go down the shit hole, considering the thousands of German companies conducting business with Russia? I cannot for the life of me imagine that continuing, especially considering the damage that has ALREADY occurred to the German economy due to the sanctions.

    And what of Russian energy supplied to Germany? 40% of their oil and 30% of their gas is supplied by Russia. Is Germany willing to allow this supply to be compromised, and is a claim or promise from the lying Beast in Washington enough to ease Germany’s fears? I think not. They know all too well who (what) they’re dealing with, and it seems inevitable that they will have to part ways in due time.

    As for Ukraine, with each passing day it appears to be shaping up to be another massive blunder, as the power-mad demons have, yet again, underestimated the will of the resistance there. You could definitely feel the tide turning, and any sort of military intervention by NATO (beyond the capacity what likely already exists) will prove to be disastrous. Poor Hunter Biden.

    Speaking of NATO, there’s a report that’s claiming six NATO officers were blocked by the separatists in the Ukrainian city of Mariupol. Maybe these officers are the same “Blackwater” people that Willie claims were captured by separatists.

  • Meat Eater

    Confirmation is beginning to come through that the Russian airforce have destroyed 2 Ukrainian Government coast guard vessels that were attempting to rescue suspected American personal pinned down near the coast in the Sea of Avoz close to the Russian border. (Earlier footage appears to show 2 jets firing upon the vessels).

    Both Coast Guard vessels have been confirmed destroyed with the loss of all hands aboard. One ship sunk straight away, the hull section of another reamins afloat.

    Ukrainian TV is broadcasting footage of the remains of one ship – nothing left but the main hull, all deck sections, con, comms, and gun dstroyed:

    Also, the official Itar-Tass news agency is reporting (with an unconfirmed disclaimer) that ‘NATO’ personal are pinned down and trapped in Mauriopol:

    Also, there is speculation on other sites that the ‘NATO’ officers/personnel are American nationals. If they are captured and confirmed as coming from NATO, they could be arrested and tried for facilitated War crimes (by taking the side of Kiev in a civil war).

    Also, other Rebel sites are stating that anti-aircraft teams have shot down 2 helicopters carrying a special forces rescue team tasked with getting the Americans out. The missile crew are also claiming to have destroyed one of the 2 jet fighters providing support for the helicopters.

    It will be a race to rescue or capture these Americans whether they be NATO or Mercinary. At least one special forces rescue attempt has failed, lets see how this one develops.

  • Angel

    The top ten ways you could tell if Russia has invaded the Ukraine:

  • PaulC

    Re the US / NATO mercs – I hope at least some of them are captured alive and taken to court for war crimes in Russia, of course, as they will be exonerated in any Western court. The evidence that they have been involved in war crimes is quite extensive, and the embarrassment that this will cause the neocons will be priceless.

  • For what it’s worth…to try to pinpoint any given leader with a hard and fast label is to miss the point. Most of them, like us, are trying to read the tea leaves….and some of them have not yet sold their souls to the highest bidder. I’m pretty sure Obama sold out long ago, but Merkel…let’s keep the door open. Putin, well, he seems to me to be the one with the most evolved soul/intellect…and is therefore able to exhibit self control and patience. Don’t expect any of these guys dealing with high-stakes international politics to fit into some messiah type mold. NO. They have to be able to utilize deception and stealth with the best of them…but that doesn’t make them evil…just street…(globe) wise. We have to get a bit more sophisticated in our reading of people and the world, and get out of this pollyanna mind set. Those who are willing to play in this arena have to be willing to get a little dirtily…so forget it if you want lily white purity. You will be clueless, you will be easily misled.

    • Angel

      Excellent points and well-said! There’s more to this than meets the eye. And we must be willing to look beyond mere appearances, prejudices and indoctrinations.

  • Sandy

    “Dr.” Jim Willie is so full of shit it`s astonishing.If Alex Jones had any credibility,he would be like Alex Jones without the credibility.Seriously Jim,shut the [email protected] up.You have yet to be right about anything!Can someone here prove otherwise?

  • Michael

    Thank you Sandyhook for the detailed analyses of what Dr Willie said. He predicted Lehman brothers two weeks before it’s collapse. He predicted Central bank QE forever in 2009. He predicted Russia, India, and China would form a Bricks bank before there were Brics. He told his subscribers to get out of Mining shares before they sunk. Subscribe to his newsletter, there’s your proof.

  • hal

    Wow he’s predicting Putin going public about US involvement in 9/11. That would be pretty huge, whether “part of the script” or a more genuine move by Russia….bold prediction.

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