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James O’Keefe Strikes Again: Demonstrates NORTHERN Border is Not Secure

by Jonah Bennett, Freedom Outpost:

The annual pre-9/11 hype is getting a little out of control. The problem with these stories, in this author’s opinion, is that they provide would be terrorists with too many ideas and options. I feel the same about many TV crime dramas. There is nothing like supplying the bad guys with lots of good ideas. Nevertheless, some stories are of legitimate concern and need to be reported. James O’Keefe of Project Veritas released a video yesterday showing how insecure our Northern Border is.

Americans don’t tend to obsess as much on the Canadian Border because we aren’t really concerned with Canadians coming across to take our jobs. If the truth is told, the Canadians are probably more concerned about us coming across to take their jobs.

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1 comment to James O’Keefe Strikes Again: Demonstrates NORTHERN Border is Not Secure

  • Sam

    The vulnerability of the USSA thru the neglected and inexcusable open borders status, that is if we are to believe the “terrorists are everywhere idea,” is laughable for far too many reasons to list here. The idea of a group of 911esque’ jihadis inflicting any meaningful harm against a country that has a rifle behind every blade of grass is hilarious on it’s face for starters. Let alone the story starting all of the hoopla was that of 19 unskilled religious zealots operating out of a cave who bypassed the highest security to do what was claimed to begin with is just as laughable! The entire farce of a boogie man coming to Amerika to behead it’s citizens today belongs in a Hollywood script as a B list movie 😎

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