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Israel Steals Gaza’s Offshore Natural Gas: $15 Billion Deal with Jordan

by Julie Lévesque, Global Research:

While Gazans suffer from daily power shutdowns, Israel is signing an important deal to sell gas to Jordan, gas which, researchers say, was stolen from Palestinians.

In addition to confiscating Palestine’s energy resources, Israel has destroyed Gaza’s only power station in its latest military offensive.

On July 29, 2014, RT reported:

Over a million people in Gaza could be without electricity after Israeli tank shells hit the fuel depot of the enclave’s only power station, causing it to shut down. Its director, Mohammed al-Sharif, said, “The power plant is finished.” (Gaza’s only power plant shut down by Israeli shelling, RT, July 29, 2014)

The Middle East Monitor reported September 4, 2014 that a Memorandum of Understanding ”is due to be signed between Israel and Jordan in the reservoir of Leviathan to export Israeli natural gas to Jordan during the next 15 years with a total value of $15 billion”. (Jordan to buy $15bn of Israeli gas, Middle East Monitor, September 4, 2014.)

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49 comments to Israel Steals Gaza’s Offshore Natural Gas: $15 Billion Deal with Jordan

  • Jacobson

    Israel is selling gas to Eygpt too and bought from Eygpt in the past .

    What’s the difference between Eyptian , Jordanian and Palestinian ?
    They are all arabs and muslims .
    The difference is attitude (Of the regime and what it tells his people) .

    • Eric

      Who did Israel steal that gas from?

      “What needs to be understood from that declaration is that Israel will not allow Palestinians to have a viable economy by exploiting their natural resources. The “terrorist threat” is just a pretext to maintain Palestine under military occupation and continue to steal its land and resources.”

      Just attitude?

      • Jacobson

        I don’t know about any other state in the middle east that has the technology to drill for gas .
        Turkey is furious beacuse they can’t and they see themselves as a regional empire .

        The question is WHY U.S stole the oil for printed money while you have enough ?

        Palestine is Jordan . Open the map .

        • Eric

          I didn’t know having the technology automatically translates into having instant property rights.

          If you are accusing the U.S. Corporation of stealing oil, it might have something to do with how it has been controlled by dual US/Israeli Zionists.

          If Palestine is Jordan, are you saying that Israel is selling Jordan’s gas back to the Jordanians? Just like a money changer.

          • Jacobson

            Property rights ?
            So why you americans are so worry about latins who cross the borders ?
            Is the land yours ? does the sun shines from your asses ?

            Keep blaming the dual citenzship guys , the rest of the world doesn’t care , they see you and them as americans .
            I’m not speaking about the pleasures of american people while the rest starve .

            Palestine is Jordan , the question is why Jordan doesn’t care about the palestinians ? or why Eygpt doesn’t care about them and trade with Israel ?
            When Israel signed peace agreement with Eygpt , the Sinai penisula returned to Eygpt and there’s alot of gas and oil which Israel later paid for it .

            The “money changer” you spoke about is one of the roots of hatred that was designed by the early christians to justify their new religion .

            • Eric

              If it appears we are worried, it is because there is a deliberate plan (by Zionists) to flood the welfare rolls causing the debt to explode and the financial system to crash, but more importantly, because the MS13 gang members, drug cartels, and violent extremists are entering with a welcome mat. Property rights has little to do with it. It’s a deliberate attempt to bring America to it’s knees and yes I blame the Zionist Rothschild banking cabal.

              I think I’ll end here. You keep asking the wrong questions trying to prove a point. I’m not interested in debating a fool.

              • Jacobson

                So your starting point which is obvious to you is that the “american” land belongs only to you .
                Good joke !

                So the zionists are sitting next to your borders and send latins to enter u.s.a ?
                And I thought it is poor people who want to live better when they see on TV the wealth and pleasures of americans .

                For you , it is about money , as always .
                Even the “american dream” is about money and living good .

                You are the fool , open your eyes .

                • Eric

                  Only you could try to twist this conversation into something completely different Jacob.

                  When did I ever mention American land? Or how it only belongs to me?

                  It’s the Cloward Piven strategy. An intentional plan to collapse America. It has very little to do with poor people looking for a better life.

                  I’m not sure where you get off assuming that for me it is all about money while Israel continually steals land, homes, gas, etc. That seems rather spurious.

                  Eyes wide open. Have been for 6 years. Why do you keep making assumptions with no evidence to back up your claims and twisting words into alternate topics? This is illogical. When are you going to see the big picture? If it goes bad for us over here, you can assume it won’t be going smoothly for you over there.

                • Jacobson

                  No twisting , just logic .
                  YOU wrote about “property rights” and I’m asking you what gives you the property rights that the latin don’t deserve ?
                  Is this YOUR land ? who gave it to you ? just beacuse you born there it makes it yours ?

                  If you preach about property rights , you better learn again the american history and how your “founding fathers” took over the lands.
                  Founding Fathers – what have they founded ?

                  If Israel is a “stolen land” , U.S.A is a stolen land too , it just was stolen earlier so we don’t have any youtube videos that shows Old-Hikory smashing the heads of indegnous people .

                • Eric

                  Were you born in Gaza? Is that your gas?

                  I’m perfectly content with my tiny little plot as long as no one tries to steal it from me. The Latins you are referring to are welcome to come here and make a better future for themselves as long as they behave,, though I would rather they went through the legal process and weren’t given free goodies paid for by me.

                  It didn’t quite happen the way you think it did Jacob, but I wouldn’t expect an Arab Israeli to know the history of America. Nor can you compare one to the other. These are complex issues.

                  I don’t remember old hickory smashing indigenous people. I do recall him tossing out the Rothschild bankers though.

                • Jacobson

                  In fact , I have far relatives who lived in Gaza before Israel was established . They left Gaza after the clashes of 1929 .
                  My family lives in Jerusalem for more than 250 years .

                  Haven’t you heard about Indian removal act and the Trail of Tears ?
                  Andrew Jackson had a black salve too .

                  Yeah complex issues only when it comes to american history ,
                  Very easy to explain what happend :
                  Mississipi rives = water = livelyhood
                  Whites are genociding others eventhough america is HUGE place .

                  1830 was before the zionist movement was established so you can’t blame the zionists in this case . ooops .

                • Eric

                  Okay I would love to go back and forth with you all night on far off tangents that have nothing to do with Israel stealing Palestinians energy, loved ones, homes, etc. but it really is a waste of my time.

                  I hate to break it to you, but your far off relatives who no longer live in Gaza don’t have any right to the present day resources there anymore than I have a claim to the silver mines in Mexico or the oil in Norway.

                  Yes I am familiar with the history of America. If you would like to discuss that, we can do that on another occasion. I didnt say it was justified, just complex, but certainly not as simple as you make it out to be. I didnt have anything to do with it, nor did my ancestors.

                  Okay so they weren’t called zionists in 1830. They were just Jewish bankers and Freemasons. Semantics! It’s the same bloodlines. The same families pulling the strings of power from behind the scene.

                • Jacobson

                  Wait a second …
                  Are you the boss who decide who have the rights ?

                  You wrote that my family have no right beacuse they left Gaza (they were forced to leave due to their life was in danger) .
                  But the palestinians have the rights over the land of Israel even if they left to Lebanon or Jordan ?
                  I didn’t say that I have any right over the gas or gaza but since you are the boss , please explain me who have the right …

                  I am much more educated than you think and I know alot about wars and american history too .
                  Wars were always about territory and resources and that’s the reason americans genocided the natives – they lived next to the mississipi river (natural resource) and beacuse of the train rails .

                  Ok Ok , jewish bankers , not zionists .
                  It’s not you and your leaders…even the black slave of Andrew Jackson was beacuse the bankers told him . yeah right !

                • Eric

                  How is being educated any different than being indoctrinated? Who educated you?

                  Think for yourself!

  • Eric

    The Shocking Real Face of the Zionist State of Israel

  • Sam

    Nutter and the blind sheeple Israeli liars crooks murderers and thieves are worse than Hitler’s Regime in that thier Genocide Campaign is one for PROFIT 8-0

  • Jacobson

    50 people aren’t the “face” of Israel .
    Or maybe the KKK are the face of U.S.A ?
    Maybe ISIS is the face of the arab-muslim world ?

    Anyway , the guys overthere scream against parliament member Akhmad Tibi and Khanin Zoabi :
    The first was a consultant for palestinian president Yasser Arafat and he said that the kidnapping and killing of 3 innocent children is act of defense .
    Khanin Zoabi is a bitch which arabs hate too , even her family said they wouldn’t let her enter the village (Her cousins are judges) .
    Have you heard about Muhammad Zoabi , her cousin ? take a look :

    • Eric

      Is this the face of Israel Jacob?

    • Eric

      The KKK is more the face of the Zionists actually. ISIS is too.

      I’m not sure about the guys in the street, but since it wasn’t on CNN or I didn’t have it programmer into me since birth, probably not.

      • Jacobson

        So all the KKK and ISIS members know that they work for the zionists ?
        Or they are just radical racist bastards who found consolation with others ?

        Keep blaming a small group of people while the sheeple people join the evil .

        • Eric

          Well you joined up! The small group of 1 million or so Zionists. Take my word for it. They will toss you to the dogs before you realize it. Actually they already have.

          One thing I have noticed a lot lately. A lot of people like to throw around the word “sheeple.”. A lot of people just don’t know enough to know that they just don’t know enough. Leave emotions out of it.

          • Jacobson

            I don’t care about the “zionists” and even if you’ll kick ’em all you still have a long way to go .
            I believe that someone else will take their place .

            Even if there isn’t one single zionist or jew in the world there will still be troubles and wars .
            Don’t call it “assumption” , just take a trip to places in the world which aren’t connected to the troubles of the western world and the jewish-christian-muslim world .

  • Sam

    “Lest We Forget” has been forgotten, more specifically ignored for the Zionist PROFIT in GENOCIDE!

    • Jacobson

      From what I know , most israelis don’t want to genocide any arab or muslim .
      20% of Israel are arabs .

      You fall into the Falsetinian propaganda , they have their own crook leadership .
      Have you heard about Khaled Mash’al ?
      He is a palestinian leader who has 2 billion dollars in his bank account .

      • Eric

        Then why don’t we see “most Israelis” speaking out against the genocide rather than sipping wine watching the bombs drop like it’s a concert in the park?

        Do you actually believe the crap you say Jacob or are you intentionally lying?

        • Jacobson

          For the same reason we don’t see any palestinian majority speaking of peace .
          For the same reason we see sheeple american .

          I’m not the liar , it is you who sit very far away and preach others while your fat nation grow more and more fat bitches and shallow culture while your soldiers murdering 1 million iraqis .

          The mirror .

          • Eric

            They’re not my soldiers.

            The difference is I live in America and know first hand how they are ignorant sheeple. There’s no argument there.

            But you say most israelis don’t want genocide and yet most Israelis allow it to happen. I know there are more and more waking up and speaking out against it, but I would hardly say those are most of them.

            Every inaction is a missed opportunity.

            Yes there are a lot of fatties here. What does that have to do with any of this?

            • Jacobson

              If you think that the avergae israeli want to kill and genocide you are a propaganda machine trying to fool others .
              Most of the people just want to put food on the table and give education to their children .

              The Falsetinian have a crook leadership too , both sides are responsible and not only Israel but you never blamed any palestinian leader or people .
              While you speak against the jewish faith and the Talmud you haven’t speak against the racism in the muslim faith .
              The muslims see you as a “d’immi” which means protege now go and make peace with someone who see you that way .

              I never said Israel is perfect but it is far better than the rest of the middle east and maybe most of the world if we consider the way people live and the security or food .

              The point I made about the fatties is that the average american didn’t care much when he eats is multi chocolate snack while others starve and die by american bobms .

  • Eric

    Israels Plan To Obliterate Gaza

  • evermore

    Interesting that this man has been predicting all of this for years…..unfortunately no one in the so called Christian world will listen to him because he’s Muslim…

  • James Burke


    The Leviathan gas field is massive; a small amount is adjacent to Gaza but Palestinians immigrated there from Egypt; many names ar Al Masri ”The Egyptian ”.

    Israel owes nothing to ” palestine ”.

  • Sam

    @ James Burke,

    Israel “owes nothing” to the people they have stolen the most from, eh?!

    Righhhhht 🙂

    • Jacobson

      Sam , let the latins enter , you stole the land from them with genocide .
      You butchered ’em all and no ones left to tell the story .

      Your american hero Old Hikory who “killed the bank” also killed many native americans with a divide and conquer strategy .
      He joined one tribe to kill other tribe and then killed the tribe who helped him .
      “I killed the bank” he said , so you people won’t remember what else he killed .

  • gnostic

    The day will come when I will pull up my lawn chair spread some jelly (kosher of course) on a cracker, take a sip of cheap wine , lean back & watch as Israhell burns to a cinder. then I will go home & watch reruns of the simpsons.


    • Eric

      Don’t eat the waffle!

    • Jacobson

      Hi gnostic , I always knew that you want to see Israel on fire .
      Keep dreaming .
      You will see Israel stronger and better and from what I see , more and more arabs will join our nation .

      Europe and U.S will be on fire when the rest of the world , who holds most of the wealth will gather to stop the anglo-european who enjoy what they don’t have .

      How an english breakfast looks like without the tea ?

      • gnostic


        until then savor your blood rituals, pedophilia, organ & white slave trade, war, usury, Gay pride parades, & Jewish “master race” Zio-Fascist supremacism.

        REMEMBER……..All roads lead back to Rome >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    • Eric

      Hopefully this one will be on…

    • Eric

      This seems likely. From fulford…

      “In the Middle East, Al Qaeda, now rebranded as ISIS, a Western organization headed by an Eastern European former comintern agent, wishes to erase the artificial borders created by colonial powers during the 20th century. Their aim is to create a new caliphate ranging from North Africa to the borders of Iran. This caliphate will have a loose federal structure based on historical ethnic boundaries. There will also be an 800 years overdue peace accord reached between the Shia and Sunni factions of the Islamic world. The Shia will form part of a Persian empire that will include parts of what is now Iraq, Syria and Lebanon. The Sunnis will be divided ethnically mainly into Arabs, Kurds and Turks. Israel will become a Jewish autonomous zone within the caliphate. The borders of the caliphate will extend across Northern Africa. At least that is the plan as explained to this writer by the gnostic illuminati, members of the BIS, members of the P2 lodge and other sources.”

  • Michael

    Eric,Eric,Eric: To argue with that creature is like talking to a wall. It is there, but it does not hear a word you say. This guy is just a troll that comments on everything posted about Izzy. He is in fact the perfect representative for Israel. He ignores what you post and counters by changing or altering the subject.

    You will never hear him mention that several installed, not elected, positions in the Ukraine are Israeli Zionists.

    You will never hear him mention that the nuclear devices used during 911 were remanufactured in Israel according to a new report released by a retired FXX agent, specializing in Israeli counter intelligence. Go to for the full account.

    He is either a paid troll, or an out of work Arab to spend so much time on this site.

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