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Islamic State jihadists planning encryption-protected ‘cyber caliphate’ so they can carry out hacking attacks on West

by Corey Charlton, Daily Mail:

  • Islamic State boasting of its plans to create a sophisticated cyber army
  • Plans to use ‘cyber caliphate’ to launch attacks on banks and governments
  • British hacker once jailed for cyber attack on PM thought to be involved
  • Comes as President Obama announces air strikes will extend into Syria

Islamic State militants are planning the creation of a ‘cyber caliphate’ protected by their own encryption software – from behind which they will launch massive hacking attacks on the U.S. and the West.

Both Islamic State and Al Qaeda claim to be actively recruiting skilled hackers in a bid to create a team of jihadist computer experts capable of causing devastating cyber disruptions to Western institutions

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11 comments to Islamic State jihadists planning encryption-protected ‘cyber caliphate’ so they can carry out hacking attacks on West

  • Paul Prichard

    Are these guys kidding ?

  • Jim

    Somebody, soon is going to figure it out. They don’t need an army or a hacker. If somebody dumped $20B into a buy order for silver and took delivery, the entire quadrillion dollar derivative market would collapse.

    • Hannon

      Not going to happen, the folks with that kind of cash are going to keep milking the subsidized prices for as long as possible. Why crash it now, when they could take delivery of whatever is available and cut deals on what’s not there. As much as I want to see the banksters crash and burn, if I was sitting on billions of dollars I would take advantage of this as long as possible, time is on there side.

  • Angel

    They must figure they can still feed an addled, neutered and medicated population such swill, and even offer them desert to boot. After all, most gorged on the 911 sham without a second thought.

    But it seems that they’ve become SO over-the-top with the dramatics that the believability and shock factor is beginning to wear a little thin. Hence, they now risk running out of options.

    What next?

  • Stefan

    This is a typical BS headline. All these MSM imbeciles do, is spread fear, and here is the give away lines, and (a photo op?) that betray the fear pushers.

    A sophisticated cyber army?

    Really? From where? the desert!? From the depths of nowhere comes a tech savy sophisticated cyber army.

    Protected by their own encryption software.

    Ya don’t say. And who is supposed to be attacking them? Ya mean the all powerful NSA is just a bunch of useless tit suckers. (actually, it true they are. You really can write encryption software that the NSA cannot crack. Ahhh, good time! Turns out the NSA can only crack RSA based encryption, and the rest of the world now knows it.) They are the ones who will supposedly be carrying out an attack. There is no such thing as a cyber shooting war where they fire attacks from behind fortified encryption positions. Ha! What a laugh these Keystone Cops are!

    The only ones who will be conducting phony baloney cyber attacks is the banks themselves, helping themselves to their cash. Yeah, their cash.

  • CalSailX

    LOL… OMG… I’m so afraid of the cyber caliphate I’m about to fill my pants. OPPS I forgot a moment, I did have to secure a network for years… what can I say but we were but a unpaid training target. The Chinese I could understand, hell even the Russian’s, but damn it when it was my own government that just pissed me off!

    Making a old man get off his bottom, and go back to work after all these years is just cruel. Can we just follow the traffic, money flows to a choke point, and be smart. It truly isn’t rocket science. In America if we are spending what is claimed on the books… sorry even the worst I could ever hire could only spend so much time looking at porn, hell sooner or later enough of those kids have to get bored enough to at least try to do the job they were hired to do.

    I can’t believe anyone smart enough to get into the NSA… doesn’t get it. Really the excuse this is all incompetence isn’t flying. Why the hell did you get hired if your incompetent.

    Good luck kids… hell I got my years, always figured I’d end my last days killing Russian tanks on the Plains of Germany. I guess God does have a sense of Humor!

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