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ISIS…The Latest Zionist Bogeyman — Texe Marrs

from Rense:

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5 comments to ISIS…The Latest Zionist Bogeyman — Texe Marrs

  • Gnostic

    Israel is the most racist state on the face of this earth. Soon all Americans will learn the truth about the stench of Israeli master race & their hateful supremacy doctrine.

    • Jacobson

      Stupid gnostic , americans had slaves …

      There are much more racist countries in the world …
      Saudia Arabia doesn’t let non muslims enter Mecca ,
      India has the cast system , a fate according to background ,
      Europe allows only immigrants that will be useful for them ,
      I can name you at least 50 countries who are more racist .

      Arabs in Israel now know more than ever which side is the light .
      Goooood Luck !

      • Eric

        Do those countries have tentacles that try to control every corner of the globe by deception?

        I haven’t heard about India bombing and exterminating an entire people lately.

        There is plenty of racism to go around. But those countries didn’t make a deal with the demiurge to destroy all life on this planet.

  • Gnostic

    “Israel/Pharaoh let our people go”.

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