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ISIS Targeting White House For The Next False Flag Event

from X22 Report:

Episode 469

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7 comments to ISIS Targeting White House For The Next False Flag Event

  • Gnostic

    ISIS is acronym for the Official Israeli Mossad Intelligence:

    Israeli Secret Intelligence Service

    Mike Rivero does a great narration. (8 min)

  • Blounttruth

    If we hurry we might be able to get all 535 plus the administration in a bunker to protect them. We promise we will let you out when the threat has passed, and we balance a budget, use diplomacy to end illegal wars in the majority of the middle east, run the bankers out of town tarred and feathered, and take away all of the militarized police toys and give them to the state militias. Just as soon as that is over we will only wait a mere 6-24 months to let them out as we end Obamacare and allow free market medical care to take hold, after we end struggling regulations and close down the IRS, DOE, and Dept. of Education. We will throw open the door after we take all foreign aid and convert it into work programs in the inner cities, giving training and incentives for those less fortunate to get ahead. immediately following signing the 28th amendment stating that those in government that violate, attempt to change the meaning of, or mislead others of their constitutional protections shall be stripped of title, passport, homes and accounts, and shipped to the war zone to earn their citizenship back. Just as soon as all our troops are back home, protecting our boarders we will let you out, we PROMISE, and just like the GOP’s “promise to America” we will not fail nor let you down and rest assured those doors will fly open and we will welcome you all back with open arms…. Oh, and so far as ISIS, not to worry, they came up from the south and made it 6 miles inland before a group of Texas mothers joined together and had them outgunned and on the run, they were last seen swimming South past Cuba as fast as they could. YOUR WELCOME!

  • Gnostic

    or monkeys fly, whichever comes 1st.

  • Anon

    Ron Paul’s AUDIT THE “FED” Bill passed the House 333-92, now awaits Senate Vote (9/23)

    There is no time to waste. Get this out to EVERYONE you know:

    Harry Reid is expected to adjourn the Senate no later than Tuesday, September 23 – so there’s no time to waste.

    Ron Paul’s C4L staff has prepared an Emergency Audit the Fed Fax Blast urging your U.S. Senators to demand Harry Reid bring Audit the Fed to the floor for a full roll-call vote.

    You can sign your Fax Blast here:

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