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‘ISIL Is Not Islamic’? Is Obama Completely Insane?

by Michael Snyder, End of the American Dream:

During his nationally televised speech on Wednesday night, Barack Obama told the entire nation that “ISIL is not Islamic”.  Well, then what in the world are they?  Atheists?  And what is Obama going to try to convince us of next?  That the Pope is not Catholic?  Of all of Obama’s lies (and there certainly have been a lot of them), this one might take the cake.  Of course ISIL is Islamic.  That is why they call themselves The Islamic State.  The stated goal of these religious radicals is to establish an Islamic caliphate which will be governed by a single supreme Islamic leader known as a khalifah.  The law in the caliphate will be Islamic sharia law, and anyone not willing to convert to the form of Islam practiced by the Islamic State will be either killed or persecuted intensely.  But because of Barack Obama’s extreme political correctness, he simply cannot admit that the Islamic State has anything to do with Islam.  As a result, he continues to pursue policies that will not solve anything in the Middle East and at this point our foreign policy in the region is a total joke.

When I first heard Obama say that “ISIL is not Islamic”, I thought that I must have misunderstood something.  But he actually said this.  The following is an excerpt directly from the transcript of his speech…

Now let’s make two things clear: ISIL is not “Islamic.” No religion condones the killing of innocents, and the vast majority of ISIL’s victims have been Muslim. And ISIL is certainly not a state. It was formerly al Qaeda’s affiliate in Iraq, and has taken advantage of sectarian strife and Syria’s civil war to gain territory on both sides of the Iraq-Syrian border. It is recognized by no government, nor the people it subjugates. ISIL is a terrorist organization, pure and simple. And it has no vision other than the slaughter of all who stand in its way.

And below I have posted a YouTube Video of the section of the speech in which he makes this statement…

The rest of the world is laughing at us today.

When Obama said that ISIL is a “terrorist organization” with no agenda “other than the slaughter of all who stand in its way”, he made it sound like this group has absolutely no ideology that is driving it.

But even ultra-liberal NBC News understands what ISIL really wants

ISIS’ stated goal is to restore the “caliphate” — an Islamic state under the rule of a community of religious scholars guided by a supreme leader, the caliph or khalifah, which is generally taken to mean the successor to the Prophet Muhammad.

ISIL itself has publicly stated that the new caliphate has been established “for the purpose of compelling the people to do what the Sharia (Allah’s law) requires of them.”

What about this is so hard for Obama to understand?

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of the Islamic State, is calling himself “Caliph Ibrahim” these days.  And his public statements leave no doubt about what the group is trying to do.  Here are just three examples…

#1 “Allah likes us to kill his enemies and make jihad”

#2 “The establishment of a caliphate is an obligation. The religion cannot be in place unless the sharia (law) is established.”

#3 “God gave your mujahedeen brothers victory after long years of jihad and patience… so they declared the caliphate and placed the caliph in charge”

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41 comments to ‘ISIL Is Not Islamic’? Is Obama Completely Insane?

  • Jenn

    I think this has to do with the whole hide the truth in plain sight “protocol.” Since ISIS really isn’t an organic terror group and they’re not genuinely islamic, you have to say this stuff in public.

  • chris

    Even if it is playacting, a sideshow, it won’t help anyone if Obama takes an entire religion and places them at odds with us. I think it’s a charade, but they can’t be stupid about it yet. That’ll come when everyone believes the beast.

  • Abby

    Well… I have to agree with him. It isn’t.

    Most Muslims around the world are horrified at what ISL is doing and they will tell you that this is not Islam.

    We all know that ISL has been trained in Jordan by the CIA, is funded by Saudi Arabia and in recent disclosures, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is a trained actor and is actually an Israeli agent.

    As a number of people have pointed out, ISL attacks Christians and there is a deafening from Christian communities in Europe and in the USA, and it does not attack Israel.

    More recently is it being revealed that the Muslim Brotherhood and their attempt at over throwing Egypt is in lock step with ISL and Saudi Arabia. They were going to hand over the Sinai to Hamas, which in turn was started by Mosaad. The Muslim Brotherhood was also being funded by Obama and Clinton.

    The objective is, the creation of Israel from the Nile to the Euphrates River, including Syria, whilst Saudi Arabia will head and Islamic Caliphate across North Africa and the southern regions of Iraq and Iran.

    The other main objective of CIA, Mosaad and ISL, is to obliterate all Orthodox Christians from the whole area. This, under the Muslim Brotherhood when they controlled Egypt also included a war with Ethiopia, 80% Christian, Orthodox and also one of the oldest Christian communities in the world. In Iran by comparison, Jews and Christians are protected, as they are under Asaad in Syria. Iran has the largest community of Jews outside of Israel.

    Muslims , both Sunni and Shia will tell you that the actions of these people go against the very fundamentals of Islam. These people are MKULtra mind controlled and trained covert military operatives. So Obama is actually right, they are not Islam.

    • Jacobson

      The power of ISIS is the ideology and not the machine-gun trucks – they use the Quran and the name of God and interpert it the way they want .
      The Islamic State is getting power from the people who join them .
      Of course that most muslims disagree but the majority are irrelevant .

      ISIS didn’t attack officialy but they shoot from time to time at Israel , yesterday they launched rockets to the north and the israeli government announced “dripping fire” , a week ago an israeli soldier was shot in the leg .
      ISIS didn’t fight a “real army” yet , and we can see how they were stopped in Bahgdad or in the kurdish areas where real soldiers fight ’em .

      According to the Islam , the muslim chaliphate must be established before the judgement day so it looks like they want to build their empire before they fight Israel or maybe they know the risks of fighting Israel .
      There isn’t any israeli objective of taking over lands from Syria and Eygpt – these are biblical excuses and concipracy of people who want to blame the jews for a world-wide domination :
      The discussion in Israel is about the question of dividing the country to 2 states .

      The Eygpt-Ethiopia conflict is over the Nile’s water ,
      In Eygpt they don’t have forecast , 98% of Eygpt is dry deseret and they have less than 200 mm of water in a year while Ethiopia has more than 2000 mm of rain and yet the ethiopians are building dams who stop the water .
      The Eygptians have control over 40% of the Nile since the brits “gave” them the rights but there are 10 nations around the Nile and they want rights too !

      In Iran jews and christians are protected but in the academic research they name it “belittled tolerance” :
      According to the Shiite Islam , christians and jews are infected and they name them “Najas” = In arabic = filthy .
      In a hot day christians & jews aren’t allowed to get out of the house beacuse their sweat is filthy , they cannot shake hands with muslims and they can’t even give water to shiite muslims .
      I know people who came from Iran/Iraq and lived with shiite muslims and they confirmed what I wrote – when there is business no one cares but in the everyday life you will still be a NAJAS .
      Protected as second class citizens : Ahal Al-Dhimma (=protege in Islam) .

      • Abby

        The zionists have the same program. Their Messiah will only return once the Temple is rebuilt in Jerusalem. One teeny, weeny problem though, there is a Mosque on the site. So they are romping things up with the ultimate aim of destroying that Mosque. They even have all the blocks built, the Priests garments ready and the fatted calf ready to go for slaughter so blood can once again drip over the alter.

        Just a point of interest, all evidence so far and after endless archeological investigations shows NO SIGNS OF THE FIRST TEMPLE EVER BEING BUILT! The stories of Solomon and the Temple and Proverbs can be found in Egyptian texts and have been plagarized from Egyptian history.

        The only evidence is of the second Temple, built after the return from Babylon and in the style of Babylonian architecture.

        According to these “Jews,” and their viws are not shared by all “Jews,” other than them the rest of humanity are mere animals to be used for their benefit. Goyim. When the “Messiah “comes, which will be a great shock to fundamentalist Christians, these Christians will be treated like an inferior species and at best they will be allowed, in an Apartheid type structure to worship form outside of the city walls. They are too impure to enter the city. This also means that all Christian sites within Jerusalem will be destroyed as they are progressively destroying Bethlehem which now has a Wall around it. Same concept.

        • Jacobson

          Abby , let me correct your mistakes :

          1. The “zionists” or the israeli government doesn’t allow jews to enter the temple mountain . Only muslims can enter .
          Even when jews are allowed it is 4 hours in a week with dozens of policemen and jews aren’t allowed to pray (!!!) or to sing or any kind of worship .

          2. Religious jews are against visiting the mountain due to religious restrictions .

          3. Most of the rabbis are saying the the 3rd temple will be built in our hearts so the physical structure shouldn’t be built until Messiah will arrive .

          4. I can claim that there isn’t any evidence of Jesus .

          5. The 2nd temple was built exactly like the 1st temple , all rules and sizes of the temple are in the Torah (OT) .

          6. According to Judaism , when Massiah will arrive , the message of liberty will spread all over the world , there will be no wars and people wouldn’t know what the word “war” means .

          7. The term “Goyim” in hebrew means “nations” , for example , god told to Abraham “I will make you a big goy” meaning “I will make you big nation” or after messiah will arrive “goy will not hurt a goy” meaning “nation will not fight other nation” . It seems that many people feel inferior so they took the negative meaning of the word “goy” .
          Another example : “Wisdom in the goyim – believe , Torah in the Goyim – don’t believe” meaning : If you see wisdom in non jews you can believe them but to learn Torah from non jews isn’t allowed .

          • Abby


            1. When I was a child a dear Jewish friend of mine too me to school. While we were waiting for the Rabbi to arrive, they all attacked me. Screaming Goyim and threw stones at me. Clear indoctrination. My dear Jewish friend never left my side and also got hit by those stones. “Jews” the Zionist ones, see all other human beings as cattle. no human, to be used for their benefit. And IF they make any concession at all, it is that well, they are the sons of Noah. But NOT THE CHOSEN. In reality, as God told Abraham, his seed is as vast as the stars. 75% of the world’s population has a genetic link to Israel. NOT JUDAH. Israel.

            Most of the whole world is Israel.

            The second temple is a Babylonian monster. there never was a first temple. It is the temple of Ishtar. A war and death goddess. Known in the Bible as Esther. Another plagarisim and taking another cultures religious beliefs and transposing it to their own. Joshua established the kingdom of Israel with NO TEMPLE. And NO KING.Anything that does breaks the ten commandments

            As for any evidence of Jesus, read the Dead Sea Scrolls, read the Book of Joshua/Jesus who founded Israel and read the history of Joseph. The fact is, both the Vatican and the Zionist Jews have been hiding the truth for centuries. And the biggest scare factor is this. Jesus was Yeshua Ben Joseph. A direct descendent of Joshua, Nun, Ephraim and Joseph. He is as terrifying to Zionists “Jews”- Judah today as he was 2,000 years ago, and even 3,000 years ago. Judah is a fake.

            • Jacobson

              When I was a child I lost the way and went to east Jerusalem and a crazy mobb started screaming around me , they didn’t kill me beacuse of a brave women that screamed “he is just a child” (hu’a taffal = in arabic) .

              You are falling into the generalztion again and again , good luck with that.

              75% of the world has genetic link to Israel ? the people ? or the land ?
              Tell that to Gnostic , Eric and the other fellows here they will be very happy to hear of their genetic link to what they curse .
              Anyway this “fact” never proved , at least you should provide any link to a research .

              The 1st and the 2nd temples were exactly the same and the instructions are on the Torah .
              ‘Ester’ in hebrew is “hidden” and scroll in hebrew is ‘megila’ which means “to reveal” .
              Scroll of Esther = Megilat Ester = To reveal the hidden (This book has A LOT of hidden meanings that you don’t have in english) .

              How the hell do you know if Jesus was a direct descendent of Yehooshoo’a bin nun ?
              And even if he was , is it makes him a leader or a saint ?
              “vinegar out of wine” is possible . You can’t decide if someone is rightous beacuse his father was .
              Maybe he was , it does not make him any different …
              I thought he said he is descendent of king David but never mind .
              I’m a descendant of Avraham , Yitzkhak and Yaakov and has deep roots in the tribe of Benjamin and still I have a lot of work to do and see how people hate me here LOL .

              You wouldn’t convince me that Jesus is Massiah simply beacuse I look at the world and know , like most here , that Massiah hasn’t arrived yet .
              Jesus means nothing to me , I’m sorry !
              And as I wrote , I can learn from you many things but not Torah – anyone that is changing a word from the Torah is a LIAR .
              I don’t want to be arrogant but you can’t read the Torah and you can’t deeply understand the meanings of the book beacuse you don’t know Hebrew .

              You wrote before that Jesus is “salvation” .
              Does the word “Jesus” means “salavation” in english ? NO !
              In hebrew “Yeshoo’a” is “salvation” and that’s his real name .
              “Jesus” is a weird word if you ask me .
              So all the names in the Torah have meanings and every action in the Torah can be read in many ways (Read again the “Reveal the hidden”=Esther Scroll) .

    • James Burke

      Another American crackpot on SGT second to the emeritous Gnostic.

      Iran has 9,000 Jews at most!!!

      Abby and Gnostic have a fetish for Jews. Maybe a Jewish girl laughed at their ugly uncircumcised gerkin!!! Since then they have been on a Jihad against Jews!!

      Israel is .0002% of the Middle East; Vermont is .0003% of the US. But of course Vermont is responsible for all of America`s problems. lol!!!

    • Scott Wolf

      You are naive and completely wrong.

      It’s the evil Jews! It’s the evil Jews refrain gets old,man.NOOOOOOOO! Muslims NEVER commit heinous crimes, or behead Christians, or engage in inbreeding, or call for a global caliphate, or call for the extermination of jews, or kill each other over philosophical differences, or marry young girls, or engage in bestiality,or oppress women, or practice FGM. or ignore the natural laws of the universe, or HATE EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING! The muzzies are a convenient weapon BECAUSE they have no capacity for critical thought.And unlike every other religion where love exists in our hearts and souls, Islam exists in the mind of the abuser. It is impossible to find love in your heart when there’e only hate in your mind.

      Everything you have, ABBY-Railroads, oil, steel, electric, car, economy, medicine, your fancy iphone, clothes, computer, this forum, freedom of speech, separation of state,etc- ALL HAVE BEEN PROVIDED BY THE EVIL JEWS AND THE WICKED WESTERNERS!!!!

      ISIS is part of a balkanization plan in Syria and Iraq conceived by the Soros funded Atlantic Council. The goal is lucrative oil deals for the big trans-nationals in the KRG,Kurdish Regional Govt,Kirkuk Province. Exxon Mobil, Chevron, and Total(France) are already in negotiationa to get thier hands on some estimated 10 billion barrels of proven remaining reserves.Addititonally, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar,and Kuwait are working with the U.S to remove Bashar Assad from power in Syria,which is the main reason for the creation of ISIS, AN ISLAMIC TERROR GROUP, being run from the U.S. embassy in Ankara.

      The Atlantic Council is a preeminent global think tank based in Wash,DC associated with the CFR,Rand Corp.,Aspen Institute, and Carnegie Endowment, and receives money from the Ford Foundation(CIA) and the George Soros Open Society.

      CONTRIBUTING MEMBERS OF THE ATLANTIC COUNCIL: Boeing, General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin, Northrup Grumman, Raytheon, AT&T,Chevron USA, Daimler, Goldman Sachs, and JPM Chase. The ISIS plan was hatched in Nov, 2013 at an Atlantic Council energy summit in Istanbul.

      As for muslims themselves? They’re ALL FILTHY savages unable to adapt their primitive religion to a 21st century world.

      The dynamic at work here is the fact that both the moderate Muslim and the militant Muslim derive their strength from the same scripture and prophet, so you can never separate one from the other. This is an unpleasant truth for the multi-culturalist crowd. Obviously 99% of Muslims want peace, but the extremists also take root in society because political correctness allows them to. The fact that the 99% abhor violence is completely irrelevant in that they do nothing to spur cultural reform or obstruct in any meaningful way the religious persecution occurring all around them. Barbarism in the name of God is a normal, every day occurrence for them and has been for a thousand years. They are willing participants in their own spiritual degradation and clearly lack the courage to fight back.

      Once Islam has a foothold in society, attacks in the name of God will eventually occur with terrifying consequences for secular and liberal views. Moreover, statistics clearly show what happens to democracy when Muslim population exceeds 10% in a country. Take the citizens of England, for example. They’re enduring beheadings in broad daylight now with about 5% of their population Muslim. England is not even at the 10% threshold and already attacks in the name of Allah are occurring. London, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Berlin, Paris, and Oslo are being Islamized, and still the Western world refuses to confront the plague within its midst. Europe is being suffocated by its own hand and America is quietly preparing its own PC noose.

      Forget about the BIS banksters and their petrodollar crime syndicate, the most important challenge facing the world in the 21st century will prove to be whether or not the integration of Islam into western life can be facilitated without revoking the central pillar of our civilization: separation of church and state.

      That Muslims may moderate their religious beliefs and learn to become better stewards of humanity in the modern world will prove to be an impossibility, as Islamic scripture does not lend itself to critical thought, or to the conception of what we in the west would deem a robust, inclusive society respectful of an individual’s right to worship God as he sees fit. The striking disparity between the quality of life enjoyed in secular, predominantly Christian western nations versus that of their Middle Eastern/African counterparts is undeniable proof of Islam’s intransigence. While the western world has for centuries tirelessly pursued knowledge, industry and science for the advancement of mankind- successfully extricating itself from the metaphysical tyranny glorifying the violence inherent to religious idolatry in the process- Islam has remained in a time warp, a hateful, oppressive religion concerned only with its hegemonic will to dominate the world. Forget about Oxford, forget about Yale, and forget about kindness, all the Muslim has and will ever have are his Qur’an and his Hadith. As a free man, that frightens me. It is, after all, naïve to expect civility to suddenly emerge from a millennium of inviolable religious dogma.

      Expecting a Muslim to set aside his generational tribal conflagrations in favor of love’s ambition is like expecting a hippopotamus to fly. What religion other than Islam irrigates the spiritual and cultural landscape with the blood of infidels and dhimmis?

      ISIS is the poster child for all of it. Back to sleep,Abby.

      • Abby

        “Expecting a Muslim to set aside his generational tribal conflagrations in favor of love’s ambition is like expecting a hippopotamus to fly. What religion other than Islam irrigates the spiritual and cultural landscape with the blood of infidels and dhimmis?”

        The Vatican. 1,000 years of horror. Millions burnt to death for not believing the Pope is Christ. Gaza and the West bank since 1948

        Israel. over 60 years of genocide in Palestine.

        Expecting a Roman Catholic or a Judaic Zionist to set aside their generation tribal conflagrations in favour of love’s ambition is like expecting a hippopotamus to fly. What religion other than Roman Catholicism and Zionist Judaism irrigates the spiritual and cultural landscape with blood of satanists?

        Back to sleep Wolf.

    • A real Muslim would not kill its own brothers and sisters and most of all would not burn the Quran nor bomb mosques, and that is what those fundamentalist groups, Jihad fighters and organizations do. When you hear how they talk and misuse the name (Title) of Allah than there is enough reason to consider them not real True Islamic people.

      They have the same wrong motives as the crusaders and people from the inquisition, which may have been part of the Catholic Church, but not all Catholics could be blamed are called responsible for their bloodshed. Not all Catholics are such rapists and murderers as those crusaders who also misused the name of God.

  • Gnostic

    I agree with Abby,

    The main objective of the Zionist created psyop is to have Americans disgusted at Obama whom they believe to be a Muslim, This further infuriates the FOX news crowd & brain dead masses into war. The Christian Zionists don’t need a psyop they are already deep into the mind control program of religion.

    Reality is he kills Muslims on command of his Zionist handlers.

    • Jacobson

      Muslims killed muslims more than anyone else in the history .
      That’s a fact .

      And Hussein Obama ?
      What was his book’s name ? “Dreams from my father”
      We all know who his father and thae influence over Barack .


    • Abby

      Good heavens Gnostic, you agree with me? Also not please not forget the CIA involvement here and exactly who is behind that. The Vatican Nazis. See Bush written all over that one, and the Vatican would be quiet happy to see the Inquisition continued and all Orthodox Christians as well as Protestants wiped off the face of the earth. Hence the Right Wing Sector Bandera Nazi situation in Ukraine and the ultimate aim of destroying Russia, and in particular the Orthodox Kremlin once and for all.

      • Gnostic


        I do agree with you on nearly every point, We seem to differ on the Nazi issue. My belief is that the 3rd Reich & National Socialism directly opposed Communist expansion into Europe, they have been defeated thanks to the closet Communist FDR & his handlers. General Patton recognized this unholy alliance & was killed for it. Furthermore, I believe the Nazi’s which exist today with few exemptions have no power. The rebranding of Nazism is mainly controlled opposition engineered by globalists, this is true especially in Ukraine.

        Scholars & historian Carolyn Yeager and Veronica Clark have done much research disputing your claims, in fact Bush was just a tool of the Zionists hiding behind Nazism.

        What you say about the Vatican & Inquisition I agree with but that is because they are satanists in line with the Jews.

        Congratulations on getting attacked by troll Burke, you must be flying over the target!


  • F16Hoser

    Insane? Probably
    Incompetent? You Bet
    Gay? absolutely
    Legitimate President? Not even No but HELL NO!!!

  • MIke F.

    Obama=Kenyan Muslim

    ISIL=CIA Muslim boogeymen-out of control of their Alphabet Govt. handlers.

  • Gnostic

    Oded Yinon

    The Zionist Plan for the Middle East Translated and edited by Israel Shahak The

    Israel of Theodore Herzl (1904)and of Rabbi Fischmann (1947)

    Rabbi Fischmann, member of the Jewish Agency for Palestine, declared in his testimony to the U.N. Special Committee of Enquiry on 9 July 1947: “The Promised Land extends from the River of Egypt up to the Euphrates, it includes parts of Syria and Lebanon.”

    AKA Jew World Order

  • Rodster

    ISIS, ISIL are not religions. They are political movements hiding behind religion.

  • jerry

    I buy that. These are agents of the CIA Mosad and all the other black op mercenaries paid by Soros and Americas military drug complex.

  • James Burke

    Israel is decreasing in size since 1976!!!! Israel returned the Sinai ( it captured it in 1967), Israel withdrew from Gaza in 2005 and Israel withdrew from South Lebanon in 2001!!11

    Gnostic can`t even tell us what he had for breakfast yesterday!!!

    Israel is less than Vermont by 1/3 relative to the US!!

  • Sam

    The words from the Liar n Thief are getting more incredible by the day…ISIS ISIL Al-CIA-duh or IS to say that they are not of the Islam anti-religion when they themselves stand by it, is the same as his claims of being a citizen on a forged BIrth Cert. hahahahaha!

  • Abby

    People need to wake up. Satanist have infiltrated and taken over Judaism, Christianity and Islam. They all work together and pit the people who are true to God, in which ever way they might worship, against each other. These Satanists in all three groups sit back and laugh. They are doing the same to Bhuddism. What as you see more and more violent acts by Bhuddist against other faiths. But, they are not Bhuddists, they are Satanists who have infiltrated. It is the same story all over, and the people who are true to the teachings in all these groups, are persecuted by one bunch of Satanists in one group against another bunch of Satanists in another group.

    Look at 9/11. Who was responsible? CIA Bush Nazis-Vatican, Zionist Larry Silverman and Saudi Arabia. If you do not “get it”by now you never will. They all have the same objective. One world religion, and it will be a tyranny, and it will have nothing to do with God. They see anyone who is true, just, honest, righteous, faithful, has integrity , morals and values as the enemy. And hating Jews, Christians and Muslims is exactly what they want you to do. They feed off hate. And all these killers from whatever side, are all Mkultra mind controlled souless persons, no matter under which banner they commit their atrocities. From the genocide in Gaza, to the genocide in Ukraine to the genocide of both Jews and Orthodox Christians in WW2. They are all evil

    James Burke, let me know when you get past grade one, we can talk. Until then stay in grade school

    • Gnostic


      I believe you are on the right track, However, I go a bit deeper, Please allow me to explain my theory. All religions especially Abrahamic were created by satan vs being infiltrated. There are many truths in the bible such as Yahweh & his racist, sexist,murderous, animal/human sacrifice/slavery, baby killing, war, land theft, rape etc.

      You are correct the Vatican, CIA, Bush’s, Zionists, House of saud, freemasons, are all co-conspirators, However, Yahweh’s “chosen” are on top of this heap of dong.

      • Abby

        I disagree with you on the Bible and the “Abrahamic ” being Satan. It has become so due to , as always, “infiltration.” IF you study the Bible you will eventually realize that there are two stories for everything. The one story is righteous the other is not. Most people do not realize this and get stuck in a quagmire of cognitive dissonance. Oh gee, now where have I heard that before? Basically a good idea, a just idea, a movement is infiltrated to corrupt it. Surely we are all familiar with this by now? And you think it is a new thing? Nah! As old as the hills. I will take YHWH as one example of many. You have given the brainwashed interpretation of this tetragrammatron.It is far from racist, sexist, murderous etc…. all that you have listed. The name when properly pronounced is is Yeshua. It means “generous saviour.” It was a term that referred to Joseph, who even after Judah and his brothers threw him in a pit and left him for dead, “rose”from the dead to become a great leader in Egypt. And when these same brothers were suffering from starvation, through is generous spirit he saved them. YHWH , the unspoken word for “God,”is Yeshua, if pronounced properly. NOw, in the New Testament we get another “Yeshua,” he says, if you have seen me you have seen the father. And guess who betrays him? Judas. And what happens? He leaves him for dead and… he rises from the dead lol lol lol and is the generous saviour of the world! You need to understand that “Judaism” has perverted itself, and the whole way through the Biblical texts is a war going on, between Joseph and Judah. All the things you attribute to Yahweh, are Judaic-Zionist. And they do not automatically mean that the whole of the Abrahamic heritage falls into the same pot of filth. Same story, different day.

        • Jacobson

          Let me correct you once again , as a Torah reader in the source language .
          YHWH = HAYA , HOVE , YIYE = past,present,future .

          When you read the word YHWH it will be pronounced as : Yehova .
          This word has nothing to do with “Yeshoo’a” which means “salvation” (Jesus’s name was Yeshoo’a , like Joshua which is similar world with same meaning) .

          Judah and Benjamin weren’t part of the throwing of Joseph into the pit .

          There isn’t any conflict between Joseph and Judah in judaism .
          The conflict is between Jacob and Esu .
          Jacob’s name is Israel , Esu known as Jesus and christian world .
          “And Esu hates Jacob” , was proven here more than once .

          • Abby

            Go read your Bible. Judah threw Joseph into a pit and left him for dead. They took his coat of many colours and dipped it into the blood of a sheep, the sacrificial lamb, and gave it to Israel, telling him his most beloved son was dead.Ring any bells? It was Judah in the OT and Judah in the New T. Same story. And BTW, Israel blessed Joseph’s son as the firstborn, which means two thing. a) All his descendents have title deed to the land of Israel b) Any “king”or “Messiah” would come from the family line of Joseph, Ephraim, Nun, Yeshua. Not Judah.

            • Jacobson

              You should read the bible .
              He wasn’t there and the other brothers kept it in secret beacuse they knew he would save him .

              “Yehooda” in hebrew has many meanings , here are two of them :
              1. ‘Yehoo’=god , ‘da’=to know
              2. ‘Y’=god , ‘hoda’=acknowledge

              There are TWO Massiah , the first one is “Bin Yossef” which means “the son of Joseph” (descendent) .The first one will fall !
              The second and the REAL Massiah is “Bin David” … you know …
              Good luck with the first .

              Why am I talking with you about that , you can continue with you learned good luck american fella .

              • Jacobson

                David was from the tribe of Judah .

                The tribes of kingdom are Judah , Benjamin and Levy .
                The other tribes mixed with the “Goyim” = the nations .

      • Eric

        To your points of being created or infiltrated… I prefer the term ‘infected.’

        Humanity wasn’t meant to live this way.

        I thought this one was worth watching with an open mind. That leaves Jacob out.


  • Michael

    ISIS: The Islamic state of Iraq and Syria. Sunni owned and operated. ISIL: The Islamic state of Syria and the Levant. If you look at the ancient region known as the Levant it comprises Cyprus, Jordan, Israel, Lebanon, Syria, and what was once Palestinian territories before they were stolen. What if ISIL gains any footing? Fear not, we will send AMIT: American military Intervention team. In 1972 Our boys in Langley cam up with al Queada. They must have been to tame so ISIL was born. Next we will see MEFA: Muslim Extremeist Financed by America. That will work until the dollar is garbage. Then we see SSOA Shekel save our ass formed.

  • Daniel

    Obozo is clueless. I wonder what color the sky is in his world.

  • Slvrizgold

    Don’t worry Owebomber wont fail his masters and he will preside over ww3. He’s playing coy, and needs to look reluctant, but his masters have their tricks up their sleeve. The current $1-2T a year bleed will accelerate sharply.. But that’s ok, sovereign bonds are a safe haven. rofl

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