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If A Nuclear Bomb Destroyed Europe…

by Andrew Hoffman, Miles Franklin:

I don’t know where to start this Monday morning as potentially devastating geopolitical and economic developments are emerging so rapidly, it is difficult to give them all justice.  However, as the Miles Franklin Blog’s principal aim is apprising you of everything you need for your due diligence process.

Frankly, I haven’t got the strength to write of market manipulation today – thank goodness, Bill Holter did so already; as it has become so pervasive and perverse, that it’s the single most important factor in today’s “price discovery” process.  And as much as I’d like to believe precious metals are the “most” manipulated market, there’s really little difference in how much money printing and algorithms the government via its “TBTF” proxies commit to everything from stocks to bonds to currencies.  However, the one thing we will note is that amidst the worst economic fundamentals of our lifetimes and most dangerous geopolitical environment, equity sentiment – at least, for the “1%” still owning stocks – has NEVER been higher; whilst the world’s most under-owned and undervalued asset class, precious metals has seen sentiment weaken to levels witnessed 13 years ago. 

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