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He’s Wearing a Wire! Eric Holder’s Moles on Wall Street

by Jason Simpkins, Outsider Club:

Eric Holder said something interesting during a speech he gave at the NYU School of Law a few days ago.

Holder was discussing an insider trading case when he said:

“It was only because the government had a cooperating witness inside the company – a witness who had agreed to wear a wire – that the department was able to record a verbal account of these actions, to illuminate other obstruction, and to uncover illegal conduct that otherwise might never have come to light.”

That’s right. The Department of Justice flipped a snitch and got him to wear a wire.

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2 comments to He’s Wearing a Wire! Eric Holder’s Moles on Wall Street


    HOLDER IS LEAVING!!! Looking for a replacement. Problems? Ya think??? LOL

  • Hannon

    Wearing a wire??? Thanks to the NSA, any place on the planet with electricity or cell phone service is a wire. Sounds like a fake story to me.

    I think what Holder meant to say was, “We are using moles on Wall Street to figure out who to throw out of windows and aid us in our on going cover up of LIBOR rigging.”

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