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Here’s The Timeline For The Terrifying Endgame Of Destruction

from KingWorldNews:

Eric King: “Michael, for the gold bulls who are out there I have to ask you about gold. What do you see for the rest of this year and going into next year?”

Pento: “Not only going into (the rest of) this year and next year, but where are we headed? I can’t pick the exact date, Eric, but I’m telling you and I’m telling your (readers and) listeners that we are headed in the next year, maybe year and a half, I can’t give you the exact date, only God knows, but we are headed for a coordinated sovereign debt collapse. A coordinated collapse in the bond markets of Japan, Europe, and the United States.”

Michael Pento continues @

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  • Ed_B

    “… and the ECB is now growing their monetary base again. For some strange reason they believe that inflation is what European citizens really need.”

    No, that is what the various western and Japanese governments need. Their citizens do not “need” any inflation because inflation is the annual rate at which the buying power of a fiat currency is destroyed. Do you need your currency destroyed? I don’t. I need my currency to buy more goods and services over time, not less. No, inflation only benefits the governments and central banks that implement it as a way of controlling their economies and their citizens.

    “… take solace in the fact that unfortunately the nations in the developed world have no choice, their tax bases can in no way support their debts and deficits, they must resort to endless debt monetization. And that means inflation is going to be a problem.”

    The real rub here is that this is not a solution to these national problems. It is merely a way of delaying the inevitable crash of these economies and the governments that feed on of them. This problem, like all other very large problems, will only get worse when practical solutions to it are delayed. Think of it like a meteor coming towards the Earth. When moved off its collision course very far away, it only takes a tiny nudge to cause it to miss the Earth completely. As it comes closer, this nudge must necessarily become larger and larger to be effective. Eventually, it becomes so large that we simply cannot avoid a devastating impact.

    In financial terms, we are VERY close to the point of no return, where our actions cannot solve the problem even if they are fully implemented. Time is the variable that is of critical importance and our “leaders” have squandered it and they continue to squander it. It is FAR too valuable a commodity for either that sort of incompetent bungling or planned assault on the status quo. There will be vast consequences to this, whatever the reason for it… and many of them very well might be unintended. They will be devastating, however, whether intended or not.

    Got gold and silver?

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