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God and Guns: Your Biblical Right to Self Defense

by TW, Survival Blog:

You have a biblical right to self defense. In a life and death situation, where you have to make a choice to defend yourself, you should know that God says it’s okay. This can prove extremely difficult for Christian believers that respect life so much that they don’t want to take it, even when it means it’s necessary to preserve it.

Survivalists/preppers have numerous creative and astounding methods to preserve their life in the event of a natural disaster or societal breakdown, including everything from food stores, clean water strategies, bug out bags full of all the essentials, hiding places, camping methods, and more. Some include hunting and fishing tools in their planning, which is taking life in order to preserve it. Even others go so far as to provide for self defense, such as with guns, knives, hawks, traps, and other tools.

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