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Global Elites Are In CRISIS Mode

by Fabian4Liberty, via The Victory Report:

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3 comments to Global Elites Are In CRISIS Mode

  • Eric

    It starts with the individual. They need us. We don’t need them. Actually, we would be soooooo much better off without them.

    Take your power back!

  • Sam

    Wake up !

    Bitcoin is a crypto currency.

    Crypto currencies are fiat currencies.

    Fiat currencies are U.S. dollar, yaun, the pound, etc…

    Bitcoin is just another fiat currency !

    Bitcoin = Backed by nothing and created out of thin air ( digital )!

    And THAT is why it “may” be a threat to banker’s fiat currencies.

    All fiat currencies are DIGITAL CURRENCIES !

    Bitcoin is a digital currency !

    Wake up ! It’s simply greed that you’re chasing thinking Bitcoin will go up up up.

    Buy gold & silver and don’t let anyone store it for you.

  • J

    When a significant percentage of Americans can no longer identify the three branches of government (see infowars article) nor identify who the nation’s leaders are then it’s going to be a loooong time before anyone takes anything back.

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