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From the Psychopathic Matrix to Culture of Empathy

from ZenGardner:

Observing the current trend in world events, from the endless Western “war on terror” which has justified the trail of orchestrated chaos, genocide and ruin across the Middle to the attempts to instigate WW3with Russia and China in a orgy of MADness; from the head-chopping, organ eating amoral ISIS entity, to the widespread geo-engineering and biocide of all living systems on the planet, one cannot avoid the impression that we live in a Psychopathic Control Matrix, a contrived, fear-based toxic reality, engineered by a small but powerful element in the society. Their mental processes differ vastly from the majority of decent humans who are generally not consumed by excessive greed or lust for power. Most human beings do not wish to harm others, and moreover actually want to be a force for good and a constructive contributor to the society.

Let us examine firstly the characteristics of the psychopath as an individual and then in a macrocosmic context of the current psychopathic matrix like reality in which we live.
A full list of psychopathic traits can be found here:

However the main agreed upon traits are listed below:

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1 comment to From the Psychopathic Matrix to Culture of Empathy

  • Eric

    This is harder than it sounds. Psychopathic behavior is all around us. It has permeated into the subconscious minds of many and at different levels. It’s not difficult to be empathetic, but it can be difficult to form this type of community when there are still so many trapped in the matrix being programmed with psychopathic tendencies and not even the slightest bit aware of it. It’s just my opinion that most everybody has to hit rock bottom first on an individual level before they can break free of their programming.

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