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Former British Ambassador to Uzbekistan Says UK Rogue State, Danger to World

from Ria Novosti:

The United Kingdom as a rogue state and a danger to the world, a former British Ambassador to Uzbekistan Craig Murray said.

“The British Government is deeply, deeply immoral. They don’t care how many people they kill abroad if it advances them. Anybody who votes No [to Scottish independence] is voting to support a pathological state which is a danger in the world, a rogue state and a state prepared to go to war to make a few people wealthy,” Murray said in a speech made ahead of an historic vote on Scottish independence to be held in just three weeks.

He told an open public meeting in St Andrews that the actions he witnesses as a senior diplomat had changed his “world view” and said it was now “impossible to be proud of the United Kingdom.”

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1 comment to Former British Ambassador to Uzbekistan Says UK Rogue State, Danger to World

  • Jolly Roger

    Everything is so twisted that although this man speaks the truth, in doing so he is facilitating the agenda of TPTB.
    The UK is scheduled for demolition. This has been 40+yrs in the planning and is being executed right now in front of our eyes.
    Scotland could not have self governance without a parliament and that was facilitated by the agenda thru the policy of devolution in the late 90s early naughties. Scotland is not the only area of the UK with a parliament, and no doubt where they exist, separation will be sought – Northern Ireland (Stormont) Wales (The Welsh Assembly), Cornwall (it has a parliament and the Cornish have just been granted minority status within the last 2-3 months and they have had the fires of separation lit for a long while too), then there’s “arc manche” aimed at the southern counties of England and finally don’t forget that London is now a “city of the world”.
    There’ll be nothing left, the UK destroyed far more effectively than anything Hitler could have achieved.
    As for the Scots, I was up there in ’91-’95 and I can tell you that they have been culturally brainwashed with the most blatant example of large scale cultural brainwashing I have identified – “BraveHeart” – what’s the message, who are the bad guys? And the solution? (lol – so obvious) This toxic message has been drip, dripping its corrosion for a generation. Then more recently “Brave”, same toxins different age group – youngsters, who by now are of voting age, as they’ve lowered the age to 16, just for this election – goodness only knows what they’ve been teaching them in school. Then there’s the timing of this election following so closely on from the CommonWealth games giving the Nation a boost of pride.
    Since the opening of that parliament the SNP have simply picked off constituencies one by one until they got the majority and then headed straight to Westminster demanding a vote on separation. Cameron of course complied – no objection there. You can read it still in the text books of the day – Devolution was NOT about the break up of the union (2006 I can reference you the text) – but within less than 10 years of that publication here we are. And why weren’t the rest of the UK consulted? Ans: because it couldn’t happen if they asked us all. Lies, lies damn lies all the way.
    So it is with this article. He speaks the truth but the effect is to facilitate their agenda. The correct course of action is to vote “No”. Keep the Union together – throw a spanner in the agenda. Salmon is a crook, the police force is unitary and utterly corrupted, the judiciary complicit in the deception and the losers will be every citizen of the UK, with the Scottish paying the highest price of all. Waves of immigration to follow – they did that in England – Saul Alinski again.
    But it doesn’t matter how people vote – this has been too long in the planning to miss the goal. No one could vote and the result would be a YES vote. The voting system is owned like the rest of the charade is. The debates are false, the show is a sham, delphi technique on a manipulated and therefore receptive, yet deceived public.

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