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Forget the “Taylor Rule”; End the Fed Instead

from TomWoodsTV:

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4 comments to Forget the “Taylor Rule”; End the Fed Instead

  • Joe

    The Fed will be ended but it’s wont be the ending like most people want. For the last 3 years, the Jew Zionists have been shifting their entire operation into the Us Treasury. Their Federal Reserve served them well. It allowed them to power grab for the last 100 + years. it’s dead along with the FRN.

    Now watch as the con is played out to the people. You wanted the Fed to end, and your voices have been heard. We will now transition into the constitutionally mandated US Treasury creating our coinage. Yippee, awesome, we are free….NOT! You have been suckered again!

    Operations have now been deliberately shifted to the BRICS nations with China leading the way. We are now morphing into the SDR based global system with a collection of many currency making up the value basket. China will NOT be the new world reserve currency like so many economic mainstream wizards have predicted and propagandized.

    Eventually, they will be morphing out of the SDR system in a full one world currency, then a cashless society. The SDR, OWC, and cashless will happen in relatively short order. It will not take anywhere near 100 + years to transition in and out of them.

    …and to all the metal holders ( that would also include me), you will NOT be seeing enormous profits for holding metals. Metals will be reflected in price comparative to the current economic situation. The only way you will $500 + oz. for silver, is if the cost of a loaf of bread in $10 ( figuratively speaking…you get the point).

    We will see a crash but crash doesn’t mean a full collapse of our system. A full collapse will NOT happen…as many of the same mainstream and alternative economic wizards have predicted and propagandized.

  • long john silver

    Joe, what credentials do you have, to give us this forecast? I don’t think anyone has the foresight to see how this plays out, you are just making guesses.

    You make it out that there is no hope, I on the other hand think that there is an awakening, and good will prevail.

    • Joe

      My credentials? Before I answer, ask yourself, have you ever posted that question in a Jim Willie topic thread or any of the other countless wizards out there? I don’t follow anyone. Neither should you. You should lead the way for yourself. Nothing wrong with reading or listening to what others have to say but you have to do the work, that way you know what plans are being laid out to further corral humanity.

      My credentials are I am a very alert person and well read. Much of what I laid out above comes from IMF and BIS reports and white papers. On the Zionists Jew switching operation to the Treasury, I have been writing about that here for at least 2 year or more. Again, it’ all based on actual documents and credible accounts of what is really happening.

      I’m not stating there is no hope, although hope is very bleak at this point. There is always hope that there will be a HUGE wake up from the general population immediately to set the cabal back. There is nothing out there showing such a huge awakening though. Just the oppsoite in fact. Most of the muppets/remote control clickers have been trained from cradle to grave to get their information from cabal owned propaganda outlets like MSM news, radio, sports entertainment, movies, tv programming ect. ect. ect.

      ljs, you may think that there is an awakening and to a very small extent, there is but facts are, 90% of the US population is more interested in reality tv than the operation of their own government. All by design and it gets worse as we are further diluted with illegal Mexicans coming in by the 10s of millions, spitting out babies like watermelon seeds while most legal Americans are straddled to perhaps one child if they lucky do to economic restraints.

      I don’t want you read what I have written as gospel. Instead read what I wrote and start researching it. I know its truthful but you need to find this out for yourself. Lead yourself!

  • long john silver


    I did get your reply, thanks. I will respond to your comments on an other thread, I’m limited in time at this moment.

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