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Despite Drop, Gold Coiled To Break $2,000 & Silver Above $70

from KingWorldNews:

Below are the two spectacular charts sent to KWN by David P. out of Europe, along with his brief commentary.

As we close in on the final bottom in the gold and silver markets, the more important the following information becomes. I have already discussed what happened to prices the last time they where as oversold as they are today. And since we are very close to a major bottom, today an update is due. Here is a look at how prices should move after a bottom is in place, based on the historic moves in gold and silver….

Back in 1982 gold rallied a staggering 70% in just 3 months. If gold were to repeat a move similar to that of 1982, the spike would take the price of gold over $2,000 and look like this (see chart below):

David P Continues @

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3 comments to Despite Drop, Gold Coiled To Break $2,000 & Silver Above $70

  • Gnostic

    I got all excited by the title….then I saw it was KWN

  • Angel

    “Oversold” is simply a politically correct way of saying MANIPULATED. Came on David, call it what it is!

    And what’s up with the “As we close in on the final bottom in the gold and silver markets” baloney? How many times have we seen the “final bottom”? Let’s be honest, considering how long the metals have been “oversold”, nobody but the “sellers” know what the final bottom will be.

    Hey, I’m not complaining, I love a perpetual fire sale, but it’s amazing how some analysts (if this is what David P. is) refuse to be forthright about what is ACTUALLY occurring, and take the rest of us for complete idiots.

  • chris

    Kingworld Charting. Take any chart and add an arrow point North North East… to the moon baby. Buy my silver and gold. I need to buy a crayon.

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