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David McAlvany & Chris Waltzek

from GoldSeekRadiodotcom:


  • Expect 2015-2017 to be an extremely challenging time to invest, in particular the bond / stock markets.
  • Massive liquidations by over leveraged institutions could foment financial carnage, unlike anything seen in modern history.
  • David finds PMs equities irresistible; comparable in value to gold at $271 an ounce, circa 2001.
  • One third of portfolio resources in the precious metals is adequate as insurance against imminent stock / bond market volatility.
  • For nearly 4 decades, the head of McAlvany Wealth, David McAlvany’s family has guided investors into the safe haven asset class. David and the host discuss the implications of the end of Fed quantitative easing, and concur that housing and equities will eventually suffer as a result. David says this is the most perilous time to invest in his life and perhaps in generations; he expects 2015-2017 to be an extremely challenging time for investors, in particular for the bond / stock markets, due in no small part to the margin:GDP figure which indicates greater leverage in the system that at any time in history, including 1929, 2000 or 2007. Conditions could deteriorate to the point where massive liquidations by over leveraged institutions foment financial carnage, unlike anything seen in modern history. David finds PMs equities irresistible, valuation levels are comparable to purchasing gold at $250 an ounce.

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    2 comments to David McAlvany & Chris Waltzek

    • Hondo Stalwart

      Go0d and reasonable perspective.

    • Nd60

      great interview 🙂

      the prisoner’s dilemma – you?
      and subconsciously ‘movied’ by 24 – you always get out somehow and there is always another season?!!!

      until ….. you dont! ……and didnt!
      and you blame (at your last breath last digital bits of fake money) the fed the cb the gov the ‘leaders’???
      what do they owe you? NOTHING.
      you chose FREELY to ‘get rich’ didnt you?
      and worse you have just officially been tag financial criminals
      by the ‘now baking hot in oven’ law
      (that was ‘silent’ ‘inactive’ and ‘just happen to be looking the other way’ b4)
      contributing to downing the country – you super-star trader/traitor!
      and you lost it all… physical and non-physical. ALL!
      and they? 😀 😀 😀
      you dont need to know. times up.

      so how do you get out of ‘it’ b4 the ‘movie’ finishes at its promised ending?
      do you want to? Its gonna be hard and may even cost you your life.
      or go back to sleep/ship. All you need to know will be transmitted to you from TV.

      sad so sad…. my team lost by historical margins. close but no cigar 🙁 just ashes!

      be safe n be ready


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