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CENTRAL BANKER’S PROPAGANDA: ISIS Establishment In Libya, Lebanon and Yemen Is Now Imminent

from X22 Report:

Episode 459

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14 comments to CENTRAL BANKER’S PROPAGANDA: ISIS Establishment In Libya, Lebanon and Yemen Is Now Imminent

  • paw

    Sean and others at SGT, your site has gone way down hill in terms of reliability and standards from several years ago. You had a good run with the gold and silver bull run, but now it’s over. Keep peddling your UFO stories and Chemtrail stories so you can pay your bills. Keep exercising your own version of Priestcraft and decieve the masses. Alternative Media is just as corrupt as Mainstream Media. All you guys want is money.

    • Gnostic


      I go between 2 sites SGT & Grizzom’s site Mami’s Shit,

      Somewhat Similar diverse content, The later has no ads which is nice because it loads fast. Visiting these 2 sites offers me a good balance for news.

    • J

      An astute observation…

    • SGT

      paw, that’s rich, You don’t like this particular X22 Report so this entire site sucks now? Well, you’ll be glad to know that your IP address has been added to our list of trolls and since you don’t appreciate the work we do, you won’t mind. Also, do me a favor please: Don’t ever come back, we don’t need people like you here.

      • Angel

        Sean, the funny thing is, the most avid complainers keep coming back for more. Seems to me if someone isn’t happy with something or someone, you avoid it/them. The fact that they return time after time, spewing their venom at every turn, makes me believe they have more than just a personal ax to grind. We especially see this when you post something by a particular person or a particular subject matter. Then the roaches really come out of the woodwork in predictable fashion.

    • Meat Eater

      I wont click on your link, but I can sure tell you that people walking (or driving)accross the US/Mexico border carrying severed heads is nothing new.

      Far from it, the drugs cartels use this Terror tactic to intimidate. It is actually likely that the US trained AlCIAda and ISIS groups were told to use this tactic by thier American and British paymasters.

      Do an unfiltered search for mexican drug cartel executions and you will see this is Number 1 choice for them – far ahead of shooting. I have seen beheadings carried out with anything from a chainsaw, to an axe, to a machete, to a knife, and anything in between.

      Dont you find it odd that hundreds (some say thousands) of Mexicans and South Americans get thier heads chopped off every year and it almost never reaches the mainstream media, yet when one North American gets his head chopped off by a (9/11 plane flying, bearded, brown, Muslim) boogyman, the whole world hears about it?

  • InternationalChick

    Paw, ditto! Either Sgtreport is part of the misinformation, they don’t care or just want to make money so they regurgitate the same nonsense.

    • SGT

      Yes, you figured it out. Me, Rory and Peter slave a combined total of at least 14 man hours a day posting the latest real news and information because we are part of the Bankster’s misinformation agenda. Well done young Sherlock. And my 400+ videos and interviews on You Tube centered on Liberty, just more disinfo. I secretly loathe liberty, so it’s really deep reverse psych cointelpro. You are an absolute genius to have figured it all out international chick. Just pure genius.

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