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Cartel Suicide

by Andrew Hoffman, Miles Franklin:

In recent years, the vast majority of Western denizens have been so worn down by economic failure and so dumbed down by socialism the will to reason has been irreparably damaged.  Sadly, even the impetus to try has been disabled; subsequently, fostering a “bread and circuses” culture where intellectual thought – let alone, common sense – has on a widespread basis been all but eradicated.  True, most aren’t even paying attention to propaganda of “recovery”; as frankly, their decaying lives are not impacted in the slightest.  However, the fact that the few that are cognizant don’t speak critically of – or even question – the lies is what terrifies us most, as we become a “bread and circuses” society that hopefully, doesn’t morph into something vastly more sinister.

I mean, how can anyone believe the propaganda of Ukrainian “peace treaties” whilst aggressive warfare is ongoing both militarily and economically?  Or administration guarantees of “no boots on the ground” as it sends hundreds of “advisors” to Iraq and Syria?  Or the “brilliance” of hedge fund managers when institutions are dropping them like hot potatoes?  Or economic “recovery,” when even Goldman Sachs’ indicators are flashing global recession – and Caterpillar, the world’s largest industrial equipment manufacturer, posts its 21st straight quarter of declining revenues?

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