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But “Why” Are Gold and Silver Prices Manipulated?

by Bill Holter, Miles Franklin:

I promised yesterday to answer the question “why?” is it that silver and gold are manipulated. Some people say “who cares?” Some don’t believe it while others don’t even have clue that it’s happening. “Gold bugs” for the most part are angry but I sense they are angry for the wrong reasons. Many understand fiat money to be freely printable and without any real value but they are angry because “gold went down” or didn’t “go to da’ moon” yet. They should be “rich” by now …the flaw of course to this thought process is counting your wealth in dollars and wanting to, hoping for and planning to “sell” which leaves you back again with DOLLARS. My point to this paragraph is to show you how well the “why” gold and silver manipulation have worked so well! Even many hard asset advocates still deep down “want” more dollars which is why they want their holdings to “go up.”

OK, so why has it been imperative to suppress gold and in particular silver prices? Let me first say I will consider gold and silver to be the same for this exercise even though they are not. Silver is a much smaller market than gold, there are no large stockpiles held at central banks and there is much more above ground and deliverable gold available than silver which makes silver the more rare of the two when looked at from a “stock” standpoint rather than “flow.”

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