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A Run to Silver and Gold unlike Anything in History of Mankind-David Morgan

by Greg Hunter, USA Watchdog:

Silver guru, David Morgan, says forget about the manipulated price suppression of the yellow and white metals.

It’s only a matter of time before the debt and derivative markets crash, catapulting precious metals prices exponentially higher. Morgan explains, “The bigger problem all exists in the debt markets, and the debt markets is where the problem is really. When that problem blows up, there’s going to be a run to gold unlike anything in the history of mankind. . . . The spillover into silver will be phenomenal, as well, because once it (debt markets) starts down, everyone that understands what’s going on, which will be very few, will be running to gold. They will try to get gold in any form that they can, and again, a huge spillover into the silver market. All of a sudden, even at the retail level, and at the wholesale level or commercial level, or the futures market or bar level—it’s over. A big ETF type or silver holding company will call up and say I want to buy $50 million of silver, or $150 million or $200 million, which is peanuts compared to the bond market. . . . The answer is going to be ‘we don’t have it.’ When that happens, it’s over.”

Morgan goes on to say, “These types of events are anomalies. . . .

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7 comments to A Run to Silver and Gold unlike Anything in History of Mankind-David Morgan

  • bob a

    yawn. Does anyone still listen to this fraud? I’m a silver bug, and just bought 10 kilos last night. But, this guy is the worst of the worst, IMHO. I still remember clear as day when he said, ‘the market turned, we will never see 32 to again,’ in one of his interviews a few moons ago.

    • SGT

      In David’s defense, he’s been wrong on how silver’s price would perform, and so has every other pundit who ‘specializes’ in this most heavily manipulated of spaces. We’ve all underestimated the relentless power and reach of the cartel and its ability to collude to hammer the price of silver via mountains of paper. So I prefer to reserve my ire for the Banking elite, and apply my disdain to the IMF, Federal Reserve, Comex, LBMA, CFTC, Bullion banks, Silver and Gold Fixing banks, JP Morgan, etc – not David Morgan.

      • Andy

        Agreed Sean…
        And I love your site, and visit it multiple times a day for upto the minute news.
        But… There are just some people in the gold and silver community who don’t cut the mustard, and Morgan is one of them.
        I understand only too well that we have all been duped by the central bankers, I for one have 50kg of silver bars bought at €35 oz
        So I am extremely pissed off at the antics of the cartel, but I don’t forget that silver is a bet against the system continuing unabated.
        So although my investment is worth less than half of what I paid for it I haven’t lost sight of why I placed my bet in the first place.
        David Morgan on the other hand blows like the bloody wind, and has constantly been wrong, and at worst misleading in his forecasts.
        He seems to not have the same geopolitical grasp on what makes silver move (outside of cartel control) which leads to his pitiful track record.
        I’m sure you will find plenty of other SGT readers with the same opinion.
        In the meantime, thank you for your great dedication and inspiration in all the other material you put out in this site Sean.

  • Andy

    Totally Agree with Bob A.
    This guy is a bloody clown, I used to listen to Morgan droning on about Silver and what it was going to be doing.
    Everything Morgan says is wrong, check his history, he has been more constantly wrong than any pundit out there.
    Do us all a favor Greg, don’t bother with this guy.
    If you want to get someone who really is interesting then get Mike Maloney on the show, because he really does know his stuff, and Morgan was just riding in his shadow.
    And a message to you Mr Morgan… Go find another job, because your bloody useless at this one!

    • matt

      indeed andy..He really has some nuts to keep coming out with his BS…Its been the bottom since 35…David Moron needs to just STFU and admit he is wrong!!!

      As for the apologists for this clown…Look at reality the WAY IT IS..not the way you want it to be.

      Grow food and ignore these snake oil salesmen!

  • Sam

    Great interview and thank you for posting Sean.

    David Morgan has offered his expertise for years and I have heard him speak on the subject on more than one occasion. He offers much for free and I for one appreciate his learned opinion.

  • Suzanne

    I’m still buying metals whenever I get some money.
    I believe that the cabal may manage to stomp the paper silver price down to maybe $5, but at that point, you won’t be able to find any physical silver.
    It will be interesting to see how the Chinese precious metals bourse effects things.

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