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9/11: AMERICA’S REICHSTAG — Why The TRUTH Is More Important Than Ever

from SGT

The 9/11 False Flag: America’s Reichtag. Chris Duane from the Silver Shield Xchange and Jeff Nielson from Bullion Bulls Canada join me to discuss the truth about the day the changed everything and why exposing this false flag for what it is, is more important than ever.

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76 comments to 9/11: AMERICA’S REICHSTAG — Why The TRUTH Is More Important Than Ever

      • DaveL

        Sean, I agree that Mossad, shadow government USA, Saudi’s, Mi5/Mi6 are very likely involved. “NANO THERMITE” IS THE “FLY IN THE OINTMENT”. Who makes nano-thermite? How much of this “rare to nonexistent” entity is manufactured and available.

        I don’t dispute that several modes of demolition were utilized in the demise of WTC 1 AND 2. WTC 7 looks to be a very standard demolition.

        Identify the manufacturer or manufacturers of NANO-THERMITE. If they don’t exist, then other conclusions must be assumed. MINI-NUKES combined with shape charges?!?

        The COMPLETE entry of the “second plane” into the second tower as if a a HOT KNIFE in butter before the “explosion”, truly unbelievable. Were planes actually used, or have WE just bought into the illusion? Aluminum aircraft penetrate reinforced concrete/steel without ANY external entry demolition of the aircraft.?

        The fact that most “gooberment hay grazers” still but this absolute B.S. is SAD!

  • NIX

    first thing on the menue tomorow morning thank’s guys.

  • AgShaman

    Truth Serum….for any hopeful sheep looking to break free

  • Windrunner56

    It absolutely befuddles me that most Americans (and Canadians for that matter), are still either gullible or ill informed enough that they believe that 9/11 was a real event. I will be glad when NOTHING happens tomorrow and we can go back to talking about current false flag events. 9/11 is the most horrible event that the US has ever endured, but not nearly as tragic as what has happened since in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Sudan, Gaza and other countries that Bush and Obomba have targeted in their search for the ever elusive bogeyman.

    But nevertheless, this is a great interview with 3 gentlemen. Let us not rest until the Rothchilds and their banksters are either in jail or better yet, eliminated!!!!


    • SGT

      It’s amazing that the illusion, the magic trick still works on most Americans. As Dave Kranzler predicts, most Americans won’t wake up until the Dollar is dead (and then it will be too late).

  • BUZZ

    One of the best interviews ever….EVER!

    As always Sean does a fantastic job keeping the dialogue of truth rolling.

    Jeff and Chris were great from different perspectives. I sure hope that Jeff keeps writing. He is one of the best technical truth tellers out there. I am not sure he understands how many people follow his work.

    I loved Chris’s final words about his hope and analogy to the book of revaluation as not the end but an unveiling of TRUTH. His awakening was similar to mine.

    I too watched loose change (created by a few kids..heheh) and that opened up the matrix. Soon I was reading about the federal reserve, taking a second look at wars, taking a second look at history, buying silver, buying gold, supporting truth tellers like ron paul, discovering a rigged electoral process, repudiating a rigged media, walking away from the banking system, and yes….timing the collapse of wtc7 with a stop watch and back checking the findings with real scientific analysis.

    For most the world is flat and it will be that way for the rest of my life, but because of people like Chris, Sean, and Jeff. I walk on a round planet. I am awake, I see the matrix code.

    And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.
    John 8:32

    Happy terror forever day to all…heheh

  • Kim

    I was reading Gold Seek and a link to “Loose Change” changed my life forever!
    So much so at a large cost sent every MP and the prime minister of Canada a copy.
    After thirteen years I feel stunned and alone in this matrix. God help us, please oh Lord….

  • Eric

    Ahhh, so good to hear from Chris and Jeff!

    Time to put this baby to bed.

    My mom watches too much Fox too. Nothin to be scared of. The matrix is about to go bye bye.

    Stay strong guys. Help out others as much as you can.

  • Abby

    I agree with Jeff. In 2011 when I joined this movement, and not only 9/11, but GMOS, Fracking, disinformation in the media, nobody would listen to me. I lost a lot of friends. Even my family wrote me off as a nut job. Today things have changed dramatically. When MH17 happened, those same people, including my family checked my FB page. Because, I post the real news there. And it gives me the greatest joy to now see my children reposting stuff on 9/11 truth, when 4 years ago they blocked me from their FB pages because I was a nutter. And yes, the youth have woken up big time. Especailly those in the 20’s. It is now snowballing. So much so that pretty soon I will only have to put in half the effort I have put in the last four years because it is being carried ahead like a wave. We might be burnt out SGT, and I know how you feel, but the next wave is coming, bigger, bolder, better! In the future, nobody will be able to get away with things like 9/11 lies ever again and proper investigations will be done and demanded. World wide there is already a demand for truth and transparency on MH17. Nobody is fooled, no matter what MSM tries to shove down people’s throats.

  • Gnostic

    A huge Israeli backlash is a coming!

    • Abby

      And a Bush Nazi one!

      • Gnostic

        Hi Abby, Excellent point! Please watch (1 min 22 sec video)

        Former Israeli Minister Shulamit Aloni

        “Anti-semitic”,& Nazi “its a trick we always use it”

      • Gnostic


        Bush is truly a Nazi a Zio-Nazi.

        PS- the term Zio-Nazi is now a household name.

        Thanks, good point

        • James Burke

          From the country America that exterminated the natives, members of their citizenry are too cowardly to discuss the role of its founders and soldiers in the extermination of native languages and words.

          Thanks to the Anglo WASPS -the ancestors of Gnostic who wants to send Jewish children to ovens – nobody truly knows what the words Wyoming, Missouri, Winooski, Miami, Texas, Utah, Ohio, Michigan, Pontiac, atc.. really mean.

          America, focus on your crimes first before calling Jews the Nazis.

          • Gnostic


            When you say Neocons you really mean henchmen Jews,

            When you say WASPS you really mean Rothschild henchmen for the Jews.

            The world is breaking the Zio-Nazi code.

            • James Burke

              I see.

              So the Khazarian Jews were responsible for the extermination of the native population of America???? WOW this is the most cowardly post I have ever seen on SGT Report.

              Very few Jews were in North America in the 17th century but i guess i was wrong.

              According to Gnostic, Jews discovered America!!!!!!

              Your brain justifies the belief that many Jews harbor that it was a shame that Salk allowed the polio vaccine to non Jews; still waiting for Muslim nobel prize winners – The Jews account for over 10%!!!!

              • Gnostic


                NEWS FLASH Colombus was a marrano Jew who travelled with his Rabbis, so yes Gnostic is correct.

                PS- Polio eradicated itself as most viruses do naturally in a population it had nothing to do with a vaccine but like Einstein the Jews must take credit for the lies.

                • James Burke

                  Christopher Columbus a Marrano Jew??? His mother was born in Corsica. Colombus was not born in Spain nor lived there.He ventured to Spain to seek financing.



                  Such is the brain of the typical SGT reader.

                  Sean, best to give up now while you are ahead!!!!

                  I bought 4 ounces of silver today.

                • Gnostic

                  Nutyahoo’s birth certificate says he was born in Palestine guess that makes him a muslim, Grouch Marx was an Italian Jew so was many more including colombus from a jewish source

                  Was Christopher Columbus Jewish? – Shalom Life

         – Proxy – Highlight

                  Was Christopher Columbus Jewish? Spanish scholars have concluded that Columbus was a Marrano who secretly hid his Jewish identity to survive

                  PS- comparing an organic virus to a computer virus makes you a nitwit.

  • Gnostic

    speaking truth is anti-semetic

  • Dissolution

    As I’m listening to this, I thought it appropriate to give recognition to the potential true birthday of Jesus Christ. There is a reason why 9-11 was chosen by these evil cabalists–desecration of perhaps the most important holy day in our world. Would it really surprise any of you?


    • Gnostic

      Dissolution, Makes sense especially when we understand what Judaism’s most Holy Book says about Christ. Talmud is the Hebrew word signifying “doctrine.”

      Says Jesus was a Sorcerer, Sanhedrin 43a . Says Jesus (“Yeshu” and in footnote #6, Yeshu “the Nazarene”) was executed because he practiced sorcery.

      Horrible Blasphemy of Jesus, Gittin 57a . Says Jesus ( see footnote #4) is being boiled in “hot excrement.”

      • Jacobson

        Now I understand how americans worship idols like Kardeshian and Justin Bieber –
        From your birth you learned how to worship a man , an Israeli jew .

        • Dissolution


          Don’t waste your breath, little Yaakov…

        • Tom G.

          Jacobson- How many hours of your life have you devoted to examining whether Jesus was who He claimed to be? Jesus claimed to be God in the flesh. This is why the Jews of His time attempted to stone Him to death. They had to have a legal reason to stone someone. They followed the law. The only legal reason for stoning Jesus that fits the historical context is that Jesus claimed to be God. The Jews even told Jesus that is why they were stoning Him.

          I would suggest examining the historical evidence for Jesus’ resurrection. The best hypothesis is that indeed Jesus rose from the dead in space, time, and history. I have spent much time in my younger days examining the evidence for the resurrection. Even secular historians have conceded at least 4 historical facts that surround the resurrection. The resurrection validates Jesus’ claims to be Yahweh. It would be worth your time to look into this.

          • Jacobson

            Hi Tom , If you want to believe that Jesus was god that’s fine .

            Have you heard about Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem ?
            You know , the place of the jewish temple …
            So I’m just letting you know that the mosque is decorated with Quran passages and all of them are about Jesus !
            “Its not three (trinity) , it’s one (allah)”
            “God can’t be born and can’t bring children”
            “God can’t shrink into human’s body”
            “Jesus isn’t a god , he is a prophet”
            “Christianiy & Judaism are valueless since Muhammad appeared”

            Intresting ?
            All of you didn’t know about the humiliation of Jesus and his believers .

      • Sam

        Excellent discussion in looking back, at the present, and into the future.

        I pray that this may wake those captured in sleep, to be awakened from indoctrinated brain washing like Jacobson here as a primary example.

        And thank you for allowing all perspectives to be posted Sean etal!

        • Jacobson

          Americans are the biggest brainwashed nation in the world maybe except North Korea .
          The filth you spread against my people and religion will hit you back , you know , karama (comes from arabic = ‘respect’) .

          99% of the articles here are with racism against the jews and the Torah and I guess SGT like it . You can say “zionists” as much as you want but from time to time the truth comes out from your keyboard and you write what you really think about jews,torah,judaism and israeli people .

          If I was one of you concpiracy theorists , I would suspect that SGT pays me in order to inflame his website with comments and bring more traffic 🙂

      • James Burke

        Sanhedrin is from Greek; synedrion; sit together.


        Hey Sean, is Gnostic your editor??

        • Jacobson

          Gnostic is a paid troll , his mission is to blame the jews in every article
          so you will focus on jews and forget all the rest of the criminals and their crimes.

          • Gnostic

            they don’t pay people to peddle the truth, they pay people to stifle truth.

            I have many jewish friends most are secular perhaps they know deep down inside Judaism is an evil doctrine & want no part of it.

            The problem with the world is Christianity & Islam are based on Abraham……If the fish stinks it stinks from the head down.

            Who anointed Abraham? Who is Melchizedek in Genesis 14, that’s the key. Remember the anointer is always superior to the anointed.


  • Gnostic

    Max Keiser spot on!

    9/11: Put Options, Insider Trading Revisited 2013: Mike harari Mossad PLANNED 9/11!

  • Gnostic

    Ken O’Keefe really sticks it to the banksters on 911 [6 min video]


  • Angel

    Thanks for posting an interview with two reputable guys, Sean.

    Without re-hashing the “who did it”, etc, I just want to say that I appreciate the optimism that was conveyed by the three of you. Having racked my brains in the liberty movement for over two decades, I know all too well the harsh feelings of doubt and negativity, or the feeling that I’m hopelessly banging my head against the wall in my quest to help expose the lies and spread some truth and sanity.

    Sometimes we don’t give ourselves enough credit, as it’s easy to become discouraged at what appears to be a population composed of morons and zombies. But perhaps that’s an over-statement. And perhaps we give the satanic power structure TOO MUCH CREDIT, rather than understanding that people actually ARE evolving and, in their own way, are confronting some harsh very realizations about the issues that are already close to our hearts.

    Most people don’t change overnight, it’s often a slow and tedious process until they reach that defining moment when the bell rings and they “now I get it!” So the very last thing all of us should resist at all costs are feelings of defeat, or laying victim to the cartel’s psy-op that suggests that we’re all just wasting our time trying to reach people. We aren’t.

    Yes, some are likely lost for good, as a certain segment of the population continues to fall further into delusion. Forget about them. As Chris says, don’t waste your time and energy on things you cannot change.

    But conversely, there are those who are hungry for knowledge, and that one article, that one interview, that one person to person conversation might just be the catalyst to get the ball rolling at high speed.

    First and foremost, we must concentrate on own. But as human beings, it is also our duty and responsibility to go the extra mile to reach and assist others. And even if it’s sometimes unsuccessful, at least we can take comfort in knowing that we will continue to stand firm by our principles, and will forever be the silver bullet to the heart of the Beast.

  • Ed_B

    The truth is now more important than ever because it is becoming more rare all the time. It is like gold… rare, valuable, and very desirable.

  • David

    Let it be known, gentlemen that someday people of the U.S., and the World will look back upon these times, and they will want to know what happened, and they will find this documentation, and they will find it horrifying, fascinating, and puzzling all at the same time. But they will know Truth. Thank you SGT, Chris and Jeff. And I’ll go ahead and say thank you as well for the future people who will know truth because of your efforts.


    • SGT

      you’re too kind – we are but three men who learned the truth and decided to try to share it w/ others. Most don’t listen or care, but for every 100 who are deaf and blind there 8 or 9 like you and the readers of this site who have the eyes and the ears. Thank YOU David.

  • Hugo


    Thank you for this interview. To give some more hope to all, it is estimated that once around 10-15% of a population holds to an alternative view of reality the consencus view tends to shift drastically. After all, most people are trend followers!

    regards Hugo

  • leia176

    Great interview. 9-11 was my full and final wake-up. I became obsessed with the event, renting all of the mainstream memorial documentaries, not quite understanding why it didn’t sit right with me. Even my fireman boyfriend couldn’t take it anymore. What got me was what was passed off as the so-called videos. There are so many problems…aluminum slicing through steel, intact nose out, black planes, planes with missing wings, planes passing behind buildings they should pass in front of. I began to see the psyop. Coffinman on youtube (at the time) was way ahead of me. The videos of the “plane” hits are are altered at best.

  • Worried UK

    Ok, so if the Pentagon got hit by a missile, WTF happened to the real flight 77

  • Worried UK

    Ok – so if flight 77 was “hijacked” did the “hijackers” land the plane on a US military base secretly, and then kill everyone, or did they make it, and themselves dissapear, a bit like MH370 but somewhere in the continental USA? The conspiracy to make a plane dissapear, actually inside the USA, must be a lot bigger than it would first appear!

    • Dissolution

      I have to say that Mike Rivero’s page somewhat altered my perspective:

      LOTS of eyewitnesses. Dunno if this has been rebutted, but worth consideration.

      And a resounding “The Pentagon was hit by a plane, end of story.” at the bottom of the page.

      • Worried UK

        Well to me, that link has given me more proof that a plane did hit the pentagon, than what the conspiracy theorists and what all the implications of it being something other than a plane have done – as to whom shall we say “came up with the plan”, and funded it, that is perhaps the correct place to look for false flag evidence – isn’t it normally a case of getting someone else to do the dirty work!

  • Aziz JAAFAR

    Hi Sean,
    I’m a Tunisian citizen and I’d like to thank you because when I listen to you (and your guests)I realize that the American people is not so stupid.There are many honest persons who aren’t brain-washed by their government and who are looking for the Truth.Now,these persons must do everything to avoid wars,especially against Syria,Iran and above all Russia.Because Russia is a nuclear power !! And millions of persons can die by the fault of the fools of Washington !! I know there were good american leaders like Dr Paul Craig Roberts or former Senator Ron Paul but most of your current leaders are crazy !!
    So once again,thank you for what you are doing and don’t give up !

    • SGT

      Thank YOU Aziz, it’s so great to hear from you.Most Americans are decent people. But a great many are woefully uninformed – but the true evil comes from the Pentagon and Washington, DC – the belly of the Beast.

    • Jacobson

      Ah ya azizi ya rukhi 🙂
      allah maak ya sadikna !

      bitmana lak a-saada wa a-sakha !
      min al kuds ,
      Iben Yaakoob

  • Aziz JAAFAR

    Hello to everybody and especially to the whole team of SGT which is doing a great job and to Jacobson to whom I wish PEACE: salam âla Falastine wa âla al âlam.
    I’d like to add to my precedent post that the SGT team is contributing to the reconciliation between the PEOPLES (unfortunately not yet between the States) so thank you for that.About the 09/11,in my opinion,a coup d’Etat did happen that day.Indeed,after that,the Congress voted the so-called “Patriot Act” which is in fact the begining of the settlement of a Police State in America and can explain what’s ongoing in Ferguson and elsewhere(of course it’s also the pretext to loot the Arab oil).That’s why the American people MUST know the Truth bout the plot of 09/11.Finally,I’d like to add that even inside the Pentagon,there are many good guys(I’m convinced THEY avoided a war against Syria on september 2013).The real problems,as you know,are:
    -the “Federal Reserve”(that is not federal nor a reserve).The American people must make it National and not let to private groups,
    -the MainStreamMedia (that are owned by the same private groups)and which are spreading lies 24/24.
    Anyway,I enjoy having American friends as Sean and I’m happy to communicate with you.Sorry if there are some mistakes in my text.We are basically a french-speaking people in addition to our arabic tong.

    • Gnostic

      Bonjour Aziz,

      What is your thoughts on Israeli genocide of Palestinian people? I can not speak for all but the world is getting very upset with this evil little bully Rothschild state who stole this land based on the lies of the holocaust. The holhoax was perhaps a bigger lie than 911, which set the stage for today.

      Most people want to live in peace & raise their children, this is not possible with Israel & their puppets in US.


  • Aziz JAAFAR

    Salut Gnostic,
    it’s obvious that israel is a threat for all its neighbours.But it is more and more evident that it’s a tremendous threat for the peace of the whole word.A little event in the Midle East may lead to a World War.And I am very worried about the american provocations against Iran,and Syria with this so-called war against ISIS, a CIA organisation,as everybody knows.
    In fact,the War is already here.We’ve got this unfair sanctions towards Russia:this is an economic war.Then you will have attempts to overthrow the russian government through provoked demonstrations (and maybe some violence).And it if doesn’t succeed,we may have a “metal vs metal” war.I hope that the dollar will collapse BEFORE that stage…

    • Jacobson

      Please explain what is the threat in Israel’s existence .
      What do you think of the peace agreements between Israel to Jordan and Eygpt ?
      I would like to hear from you what is your opinion of the arab spring ?
      And why the Tunisian people speak french ?

  • Aziz JAAFAR

    First of all,the Tunisian people speaks french because it was a french colony until 1956.And thanks to our great former leader,Mr BOURGUIBA,we obtained our Independence without too much blood and violence.
    Concerning the “arab spring”,let me be direct:it is bullshit less or more provoked by powerful States lead by the american leadership.To be honest I thought it could be a good thing but I’m reealistic.After more than 3 years the results are terrible for Syria,Yemen,Libya.Hopefully,in Tunisia,we have a long tradition of peaceful traditions that made us avoid a civil war.In Egypt,the people and the militaries managed to overthrow these criminal and dangerous “muslims brothers”.They are neither muslims nor brothers.They are a danger for the peaceful real Islam.In fact,they are the puppets of foreign States.
    As for israel,like I told you,it’s a threat to all the neighbours because of the US unconditional military,diplomatic,economic and political support.(Jordan is too weak to stand against israel or the US orders).

    • Jacobson

      Shukran ya sadiki !
      So from what I understand , in the begining you had some hope for more freedom but from today’s perspective you see it as a failure ?
      Tunisian people indeed have a tradition and deep culture that helped you to manage through your indenpendence and the arab spring without clashing and loosing control !
      Muslim brothers are really stink , thank god the eygptians kicked them out after Mr.Obama supported them .
      Jordan is fully supported by U.S & U.K from it’s first day …

      I really enjoy the discussion with you ,
      Your perspective is important and intresting !
      Thank you ,
      إِبن إسرائيل

  • Aziz JAAFAR

    To “jacobson”,what do you mean by “son of israel” ?

  • Aziz JAAFAR

    It would be better and more honest to write everything in English so that everybody can understand what you’re writing.

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