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65.98 Ounces of Silver Per Ounce of Gold.

from Compare Silver Prices:

That is what the gold and silver ratio stands at as Bernank writes this here piece on the Devil’s Metal. For those of you who might not know, that current AU/AG ratio is quite a divorce from history’s usual gold:silver ratio. Don’t know what I mean? Well, read on, this news is hot off the printing press.

Silver and gold have been money for a very long time. From active Silverbugs to those in recovery (come hang with Yellen and I at this weeks Silverbugs Anonymous…the coffee is hot and the T-Bills are soft!), we share a common thread: an understanding that the printing press always pales in comparison to a nice, clean silver Maple Leaf. Heck, even Milky Maples are preferable to the laser-engraved linens of the press.

As I told Mr. Ron Paul, gold is “tradition.” A lot of people say I was poo-pooing gold in the discussion, but, as they say, “Old habits die hard.” Traditions, like habits, therefore don’t go away very easily.

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