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NATO Dead, King Dollar Wrecked – A Jim Willie Exclusive

by Jim Willie, via Perpetual Assets:

The Paradigm Shift has reached a higher gear. The danger and risk levels have gone to critical levels. The risk of economic destruction has gone into recognizable critical levels. The source of the problem has become more easily identified. The typical tactics not only do not work, but expose the bully, the warmonger, the hegemony advocate, the wizard of violence, the imposer of self-serving rules, the crime syndicate bosses, the masters of espionage, the man with killer drone toys. The USDollar is defended by war, market interference (see LIBOR, FOREX, debt ratings), accounting rules gimmicks, rigged detonation of banking systems, pointed assassinations for heads of state, even fabricated natural events (see HAARP in Philippines). The entire system is supported by Zero Interest Rate Policy (ZIRP) which distorts asset values and discourages savings. The misallocation of resources matches the wet blanket effect (see Money Velocity shutdown). The entire system is supported by Quantitative Easing (QE) which has monetized the USGovt bond market, the US property market, the US stock market, and soon possibly the US municipal bond market. The capital destruction is rampant, severe, and entering vicious feedback loops. The entire financial and economic system was held together in 2013 by cables and ropes in grand lashing style. The entire financial and economic system is now held together in 2014 by strings and howitzers, not to mention the endless sanctions and destructive rules, even punitive bank fines. The United States seeks to remain Lord of the Flies, its domain extended over a wrecked European continent. The main question is whether Europe will sign on to make a perverse corporatist trade union with a sinking millstone.

The United States seeks to pursue the Western totalitarian state by means of pulling down the European Economy, from the broken system to emerge the reconstruction of oppressive fascism. A wrecked Western Economy is pre-requisite. The small ray of light slips through, as the Fascist Business Model has a crack in it. Usually the big powerful corporations support the government fascist dictums. However, Exxon Mobil, Dutch Shell, British Petroleum, and Boeing stand in opposition to sanctions against Russia. The game is fast changing. The Emperor’s court is showing critical internal defections. The bigger ray of light comes from Germany, which shows important signs of refusal to permit its economic destruction in order to suit the elite plans of a grander fascist state. The Germans have suffered hyper inflation before, and will not again. The Germans have suffered a national calamity from an integrated fascist state, and will not again. It is becoming excruciatingly clear that the Global Axis of Fascism is the US, UK, and its leash holder in the SouthEast Mediterranean. The entire global system has reached the critical phase. The breakdown phase is accelerating.

Recent events point to two important phenomena having occurred. NATO is undermined. The USDollar military plank is being opposed by its own US allies. This is unprecedented. The Jackass pays almost no attention to the COMEX gold price, the FOREX currency exchange rates, or the USTreasury Bond yields, all controlled corrupted and incontrovertibly wrong-footed. The entire Ukraine War has subjected Europe to severe economic damage. It will not stand. The Russian sanctions have an obvious whiplash of severe impact to the US and Europe. The whiplash impact to the US is to expose the USDollar as a corrupted cancerous currency, for which coerced war and economic suicide are the high cost of continued support. The effect is to force structural change. The whiplash impact to Europe is to cause sudden crippling economic effects, industrial output decline, job cuts, and severed business ties with a longstanding neighbor and partner. The effect is to force structural change. Witness Paradigm Shift on a global scale, the isolated party being the United States. Their NWO armbands fit side by side with the nazi symbols so easily recognized. The big victim is the King Dollar, which has been knocked off its throne. It might have been decapitated, but it surely has been wrecked. Its dying breath is venomous. Its last will is a testament to fascism and destruction, not equitable trade and fair commerce. Its last words are ugly lies.

The irony is unusually thick, but hardly noticed by the masses, as the US marches to marxist fascism. The Europeans resist fascism and isolation. The Russians seek commerce, partnerships, and constructive engagement. The Chinese seek trade and commerce, while opening gates for a sort of colonization. The British seeks a new fence on which to sit, and possibly continue to capture the finance trade (while Frankfurt cleans up in the new great RMB Hub game). The entire British Commonwealth of nations kowtows to the American self-proclaimed global lords and rule makers. Witness the friction to prevent Eurasia from forming, as the insolvent Oceania fades in power, importance, and integrity. Orwell just winked.

The motives for the Ukraine War are murky. Clearly to the cynic with a watchful eye on fascism spread, the motive seems to be designed to cut off Russian Gazprom influence, even to halt its conversion of Europe to an energy vassal client. The US-EU intentions seem to be scorched earth with a genocide twist, stirred by asset thefts (see Kiev Central Bank raid). The Ukraine situation has changed the entire game, put Europe on alert, and set traps left and right. The Europeans can no longer sit quietly and follow American Fascist orders. The Europeans are forced to take action, to choose sides. The US should never force its allies to choose sides, since the US camp is so detrimental and deeply damaging. Joining the US camp means injecting cancer in finance, undermining capital in industry, and enlisting war for its destruction.

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44 comments to NATO Dead, King Dollar Wrecked – A Jim Willie Exclusive

  • CalSailX

    Nailing it… now what will peace loving men do when they understand they are being played as fools?

  • Sam

    Gotta love the “Jackass” as his ahead of curve and calling it like it is forecasts will never be aired by the Lamers of MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, BBC or any of the Presstitute mocking bird bitchez!

    • douglas

      We all know that the MSM will not pass along any part of the message of wise truth-telling men like Dr Jim Willie or Dr Paul Craig Roberts; sadly, I can understand this, after all their message goes directly against the government-sponsered MSM lies. What troubles me more is when someone apparently on ¨OUR¨ side (like Greg Hunter of USA Watchdog) interviews either of these two great men and completely supports the false Govt/MSM narrative, somehow managing to keep them silent in respect to their strong heart-felt opinions on the evils of the Zionists and how they ¨pull the strings¨. Are people like Greg Hunter and Greg Mannarino whom I support on 99% of what they do, simply mistaken? More and more I have my doubts…

  • Hondo Stalwart

    They will continue to stretch that rubber band … The IMF and BIS play their anthem each morning.

  • Frank Weber

    Dear Jim Willie,
    I salute you ! Your popularity reaches all the way to New Zealand.
    Whenever there is a new interview with you or article by you I savour it like a good three course meal.

  • Gnostic

    I agree with most everything JW states in this artice except.

    The Germans have suffered hyper inflation before, and will not again. The Germans have suffered a national calamity from an integrated fascist state.

    Historically incorrect, The Zionist Jews brought pornography, bestiality, burlesque & hyperinflation to Germany’s Weimar Republic.

    It only ended when they expelled the Rothschild Bank & subsequently the German economic miracle, Doubtful this will occur again unless the BRICS are legit & Germany gets on board, Of course they will have to be prepared to become called anti-semites, Nazis & axis of evil again.

    • Velikovsky

      You are so correct that it’s actually sad. The Zionists own and control just about everything, which is why it’s so easy to blame the Nazis, Muslims, so long as they’re not Jewish.

      • Rodster

        Do they have a command and control center? Maybe in this electronic day and age they just send out daily Zionists agenda emails to all the Banksters and Politicians before they start their day. 😛

      • Gnostic

        Perhaps the Gazans will be forced to pay the Zionists reparations for the next 100 years for scratching their tanks with their bottle rockets.

    • Scott Wolf

      I still prefer a Zionist state(a state which affords you the right to speak your mind) over an Islamic state every day of the week and twice in Sunday.

      You can have burkas, beheadings, no-go zones,prayer 5 x/day, no freedom of speech, intolerance of all other faiths, SUNNI/SHIA conflagrations, sharia law, jihad, rampant pedophilia, honor killings, hatred of science,women, art, literature, music, dogs,and segregation of the sexes in worship.Enjoy.

      It’s one or the other. Obviously, the filthy muzzies are a useful tool to propagate the move to a new world order, but that’s not my problem. Islam is an affront to the universe and has been since its inception.

      BTW-Do you which country loves porn above all others? The US? Sweden? France? Italy? No. PAKISTAN!!How’s that for muslim purity and piousness? They hate LGBTs but love their porn.

  • C.I.

    Not Really Sure If This Is Posted For Or By A 1o Year Old…….


    • MRH

      C.l. not sure why you are still hanging around. You have posted two different negative comments about the articles presented. If you are not learning or garnering anything from the work, why do you pretend to care? Why would anyone read material that goes against what helps them move forward? Why would anyone do it over and over and over and over? Makes no sense to me, but then again I am one of the people that spends hours a day to deliver what we believe to be some of the best, most trust worthy news available. Not attacking, just curious.

      • SGT

        His IP has been added to the troll list now, I’m sick and tired of people who regularly take time to “comment” only to bitch or to throw stones. Can you say, “part of the problem”? I knew ya could!

  • Velikovsky

    Amazing how JW never mentions Zionism. It’a always the Nazis. What the hell is wrong with these people? He sounds more and more like Alex Jonestein or even Bagman and Bagman. I’ve had enough of this PC bullshit.

    • Meat Eater


      Jim does mention Zionism, most interviews in fact, but he NEVER uses that term. He prefers to use clever code words, and he most certainly will never say ‘Israel’ in any of his talks.

      In the article above Jim states, “It is becoming excruciatingly clear that the Global Axis of Fascism is the US, UK, and its leash holder in the SouthEast Mediterranean”.

      That is as close as Jim ever gets to using the terms/words ‘Zionism’ and ‘Israel’.

      He has been called out on this in a previous interview, and he responded that as he already had so may enemies that he needed to move to Central America, he didnt want to create a new set with ‘that bunch’.

      • hal

        From this artice,

        “It is becoming excruciatingly clear that the Global Axis of Fascism is the US, UK, and its leash holder in the SouthEast Mediterranean.”

        A slight nod to Israel anyway.

    • Angel

      There’s really no need to mention Israel/Zionism by name in order to get the point across. Granted, some of us prefer to use it in our comments, but there’s other ways to convey the message.

      If the listener/reader is astute and paying attention, they will get the message loud and clear. If they’re not astute and not paying attention, than Willie will likely be over their head anyway.

      In virtually every audio interview in recent times, he’s referred to the “tiny country in the southeast Mediterranean”, and he hasn’t exactly presented it in a very good light. He even has me saying that now during my conversations. It’s usually a good way to gauge whether or not people TRULY understand what’s up. Most don’t get it, and after I end up telling them what that country is, they cannot understand why I would be so critical of America’s “friend”.

      Also, Alex Jones does his fair share of criticizing Israel, but he doesn’t make it the cornerstone of his program. Frankly, I was disappointed by what I consider to be his lack of criticism of Israel over their recent unbridled massacre of innocent people in Gaza.

  • iO

    Nice article, pretty much sums up where were at. My only question is how much longer can they hold on the the dollar fraud? Sure would be nice to see some of these crooks in jail for crimes against humanity and treason.

  • Dean Tucker

    Can anyone tell me what he means when he states “monetized the USGovt bond market, the US property market, the US stock market, and soon possibly the US municipal bond market” as most of these are already semi-monetary instruments. I listen to Jim Willie all the time but this and another audio where he stated this confused me. Thanks!

    • Scott Wolf


      Yes, it’s very simple.

      Every time the Fed(or any central bank for that matter) pumps stimulus into the banking system, it is creating money out of thin air to prop up the economy-monetizing old debt issuance with new debt issuance. QE is really nothing more than bubble preservation with newly created currency driving the current asset bubbles. This, of course, is incredibly shortsighted and extremely dangerous because the desired effects- CAPEX spending,inflation,job creation, and consumption- have not materialized per the Fed’s mandate. This money is sitting idle,enriching those at the top. The problem moving forward is two-fold: the debasement of the currency destroys the actual function of the dollar, and the lack of money velocity distorts the stock market, bond market,and real estate market. This new, risk free ZIRP money is going into stock buybacks, mergers and acquisitions, leveraged,rehypothecated derivatives exposure, and global currency carry-trade(buy USD to trade in higher performing sovereign bonds/foreign currencies).

      The central pillars of the free market:capital,competition, and labor, serve no purpose in the current environment. Think about how much easier things could be if you could just go into your basement and print some dollars every time you needed money for bills. You would be monetizing your debt just as the Fed is doing now.

      Hope this helps you out.

    • MRH

      Dean, when the Federal Reserve purchases bonds or securities from the too big to fail-jail banksters the banksters get digital dollars and the Fed places those bonds-securities on their balance sheet–the banks get money, through QE, for something that is going to mature 10 or 30 years from now. One of the major signs of a dying economy and dying financial system. Think of it as snake eating it’s tail. As you stated already a semi-monetary instrument. This just takes trash and turns it into cash–kinda like the “cash for clunkers” deal that Obomba tried when he was first elected.

    • johns


      “monetization” occurs whenever anything, cannot produce the price desired by the current paradigm, through a free market mechanism, to continue that paradigm.

      In a debt based paradigm, whereby, debt must continually be created to support the debt based paradigm, it becomes necessary for the “creators” of the debt based paradigm, to continue the debt based paradigm, through “monetization” of the debt… i.e., PRINT MONEY to BUY the crap that the “free market” doesn’t want anymore,….. to keep the paradigm going.

      Ge it… 🙂

  • Johan

    ECB cuts intrest rates by 0.1%

    Another step towards hyperinflation

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