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Without government handouts, 70 million Americans would be starving in the streets right now

by J. D. Heyes, Natural News:

Economic conditions in the United States have become so dire for Americans that tens of millions would literally be starving in their homes or on the street were it not for taxpayer-funded support and benefits programs, according to new data.

This comes amid endless talk of America’s “economic recovery” following the near-collapse of the U.S. economy in 2007-2008, a calamity that was caused by Washington’s ceaseless meddling and social engineering that was the subprime lending debacle.

Today, home sales — the quintessential indicator of American success — have fallen to record lows; more people are out of the workforce than at anytime in the last five decades, and consumers are too strapped for cash to spend enough money to revive the economy. By any real measure, then, the boom times of old for America are long gone and, as some pessimistically speculate, perhaps for good.

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2 comments to Without government handouts, 70 million Americans would be starving in the streets right now

  • Scott

    I’m sure there are many people struggling these days and I’m sure we would see bread lines a mile long in some places if the EBT card had not been created, which now arrives in the mail which keeps these lines out of the publics view.

    But, it’s tough to listen to all this doom and gloom bullshit everyday on these Alt. media sites. I live in an area that is doing quite well and have recently traveled to other places along the east coast and they show NO signs of any slowdown. The restaurants were full, the shopping malls were packed, the roads were jammed with traffic. To listen to some of the blogs/websites you’d think tens of millions were hiding under the bed! WTF.

    • Chad

      My wife got laid off two weeks ago. The reason I mention that, is because we never went to the grocery store during normal work hours.

      However, since the lay off, she went to the Wal-Mart grocery store yesterday, August 4th, a Monday,at around 11:00 am in the middle of the day.

      The store was completely packed with people buying full loads, some two carts, of groceries. Why were they not at work?

      She didn’t understand what the deal was until we realized most of these people just got food stamp money.

      This is a serious issue that the average Joe simply has no clue what is happening.

      I hope you are right. but I think not.

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