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Why Quitting Can Sometimes Be The Best Thing You Do

from Fabian4Liberty:

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3 comments to Why Quitting Can Sometimes Be The Best Thing You Do

  • Bob Morin

    To Those that care to hear. This guy is still a materialist. Our country is taken over all ready and judgment is set in stone. I know this because at last count only 85 readers of a “who’s responsible for your liberty and freedom” That’s all, 85 people.
    I’m south of Boston and I know all the state, local and every part of society went along with this scam called Boston Bombing and it was fake (medical, judges, police, educational, lawyers, Main stream Media sold it, all went for it. Everyone but a very tiny few)

    The solution is simple, DISENGAGE. Well you might say that is economic suicide and you would be right!! you have to give up all your dreams and fed lies for the Good of the future generation. Take what you do have and run, for the good of others. For God sake the Food is poisoning and the vaccine are destroying us for Generations now!!!

    My Lord give up His life for me to live, we must be like Him or end up in a very real bad place! Take your free time and seek truth because it right there for anyone one that seeks.

    I could start a business right now that is simple and would make me tons of money I’ll give this freely, Start a trout farm and grow food from there waste!!! I could do this right in my own backyard and provide good food source for my community!!!

    However I would also supply an income stream to a very evil government ( they would most likely get half of my income) I will not supply any of my labor to a government that is a proving to killing off there own people. Its just that simple you work for them!!!!

    So do not supply them with money and we may have a chance, do not pay for your own death or the death of your kids. Understand all the promise pensions and perks are never going to be honored, they lie. The dollars your working for will not bye you anything and the pensions is an illusion

    So Doctors, lawyers, policeman, judges, teachers and construction worker…. are you going to wake up and seek truth or are you going to believe lies????

    If there is ultimate evil? is there ultimate good or HOLY? yes there is, it simple common sense!!! Seek and you will find. NEW KING JAMES version only (I have proof later version are altered) By Gold and Silver to hurt TPTB and hang on!!!! will not save you, but you will be in the fight for justice. They lose in the end and the gold and silver will be through in the street but the winners will know the Lord Jesus

    • glitter 1

      “NEW KING JAMES version only (I have proof later version are altered)”

      The New King James Version is one of the Spawn Of Lucifer.The only true translation of God’s Word to the English speaking people of the World in these last days is the 1611 Authorised KJV.All of the new Translations since the Wescott and Hort Greek Text of the late 19th century are corrupted.All are also copyrighted,why is that?The only true uncopyrighted Living Word Of God Translation is the 1611 KJV,the one that they all want to suppress and get rid of.Now you know the truth. Peace

      • Bob Morin

        glitter 1

        Thank you for your information, I will look into that information for sure. By getting a 1611 version and comparing key scriptures. I will tell you many years ago well I was in the army (84) with my army issued KJV Bible(pocket size)enough information was in there (New Testament)for me to draw a conclusion and come to a decision. IT was not easy, I tried and examined every word and book intently (compared each of the 4 gospel books back and fourth…) Almost gave up (put the Book down 3 times in frustration)One long day and pretty sure only read through to Romans or 1 Corinthians before I got the instruction and direction down, (knowing I was a sinner and could not go before a Holy God was the easy part for me 🙂 Relied on God the Fathers promise to the Son and the Sons promise to the Father plus the Sons promise of a Gift. That day I received that Gift and got justified or sealed by the Son thru and by the grace of the Father. Therefore I am comfortable with that version. I was very determined, I must stress and put those books to a very good test before it dawned on me the process of how to receive a gift from God the Son. Hope this helps others!
        I will say after drifting for 5 or 10 years saved (didn’t have formal training and really didn’t know what happen other than the Holy Spirit came into me and peace) With all the fluoride I was fed, my reading and writing skills being horrid, I was lead to and have listened pretty much everyday for the last 20 years is how I was trained up to maybe a young adult level today :)(ok maybe teenage level 🙂 Hearing the word is just as good as reading, (after simply believing @ getting saved) Getting a good teacher from there is key. Wish I new that then!

        J.V. McGee is real good old school teacher.

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