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When Soldiers Lay Down Their Arms

by R. Teichmann, ZenGardner:

But when the pawns refuse to play there will be no game. The power lies not with the plans of the rulers but with the decision of each and every one of us, especially those in the military. Refuse to fight and reclaim your birthright of living in peace.

Today it was reported that more than 400 Ukrainian soldiers refused to kill their fellow countrymen in eastern Ukraine. They “defected” across the border to Russia and laid down their arms.

One of them, Yaroslav, said: “I want to do something peaceful.”

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2 comments to When Soldiers Lay Down Their Arms

  • Scott

    Once an individual reaches the age of maturity it’s so easy to understand and accept this premise. Thousands of years of fighting has resulted in nothing but death and destruction and is a zero sum game. But how can we ever get off of this carousel when the powers that be indoctrinate and brainwash the youth with patriotism bullshit! They’re young, full of piss and vinegar, restless, anxious to be somebody, and the military/patriotism BS fills that emptiness. Is it even possible for humanity to break this endless cycle?


    Listen to the words (close) to a song 1967 by DONOVAN, “Universal Soldier”.
    God Bless the Peace makers.

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