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What is “Supreme Excellence”?, Pt. 2

from The Wealth Watchman:

Stackers Love Company. Not only is Russia’s perennial gold-buying a conscious effort, rather than a happy accident, but they’re most certainly not alone in their tireless quest for even more of the yellow metal. If you thought that Russia’s policy of gold accumulation was “over the top” though, then you haven’t seen anything yet.

Very shortly, you will realize that this focus on gold as a key element in strategic policy is being duplicated by many others, specifically in the Eastern world. Russia has some rather large bedfellows in the gold-stacking game, and it’s one party in particular that we’ll focus on today.

Gold Rush: Made in China — Many are still unaware that the Chinese have been in a gold-buying spree for the last decade or so. It wasn’t until the last several years however, that this thirst for gold was kicked completely into overdrive. They are buying so much gold, in fact, that the world can barely produce enough to satiate just this one country’s demand.

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