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Weekly News Wrap-Up ISIS Imminent Threat, Militarized Police in Ferguson MO, Ukraine Crisis Update and More

from USA Watchdog:

This may sound strange to you, but the top story is still the Ukraine crisis because it is far from over.

In my view, the West is still inching towards war with Russia. The building of a new natural gas pipeline through Bulgaria has been stopped for the second time this week. Nearly 200 troops and a dozen NATO F-15 fighter jets are also going to Bulgaria for more war games. Meanwhile, Germany’s Leader, Angela Merkel, is saying that NATO will defend the Baltic States, if needed. On top of that, the fighting in Eastern Ukraine is still going full force in several towns in Eastern Ukraine with dozens of deaths and wounded on both sides. I am sure there is going to be lots of talks to try to make nice between Russia and Europe, but I don’t see how this is going to be worked out without more violence. Russia does not want NATO in Ukraine, and NATO has to know this. It looks like war is intentional, or at the very least, inevitable. By the way, McDonald’s in Russia is being inspected for health violations in many locations around the country. This is just part of the ongoing financial war.

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